30+ Belated Wedding Wishes and Messages

Being late to wish the newlyweds a happy marriage or congratulate them on their wedding is not a problem; it happens to everyone to miss something or forget it. Due to many unmentionable reasons that you have for not attending the wedding or even sending a congratulation message, showing that you were with the happy couple in spirit can really go a long way in making it up to them.


We have made work easier for you by writing down a special list of belated wedding wishes that you can send to the bride and groom, just pick one.

Belated Wedding Wishes

  • Missing your wedding is one of my life’s biggest mistakes. However, my heartiest greetings to both of you.
  • I wanted to say sorry for being late, but I know much about your flexibility. Congratulations!
  • Belated wedding wishes to both of you. Enjoy your new life together.

Belated Congratulations on your wedding.

  • I didn’t attend your wedding day, but you were in my prayers and thoughts. Wishing you a wonderful married life.
  • Happy married life to an awesomely amazing couple! Extremely sorry it came late.
  • Maybe these wishes are late but still work; may your life be filled with love and happiness never leave your home. Congratulations to both of you.
  • It may be coming late, but I want you to know that it is coming from my heart with love. Happy Married Life to you, lovebirds.
  • Sorry for being late, but it’s actually better, because it’s only now that you will have time for everything like this. Happy married life, my dear!
  • Happy belated wishes to this exciting couple, nothing looks better than you, not even mac and cheese. Really wish I was there. Enjoy your home, and make plenty of babies.
  • Please forgive me for not wishing on time, and I will forgive you for getting married.
  • I’m really very sad for missing the moment of seeing the best [bride/groom] on [her/his] wedding day. My deepest wishes for your marriage.
  • Best belated wedding wishes to a superb [guy/girl]. Enjoy all the love from each other.
  • You both must have had a lot of wedding wishes yesterday, so I had to keep some more for you today. Happy belated wedding wishes, my great friend. All the best.

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Belated wedding wishes to both of you. Enjoy your new life.

  • Happy belated wedding wishes to the coolest [man/lady] I’ve ever known. I really hope there is something I could do to make up for my delay. Enjoy your home in the best way.
  • Missing your wedding day hurts me, but knowing that you will forgive me pushed me to send this. Happy Married Life!
  • Your wedding is something I have waited for, but it came when I got so busy. I’m really sorry if you expected my attendance and by the way, congratulations!
  • Sending my sweet congratulations to a sweet couple and wishing them a sweet married life.
  • Everyone said your wedding day was fantastic; I hope your new life together will be as fantastic as your wedding.
  • Sorry I couldn’t attend your wedding, but I was thinking of you and how wonderful your wedding must be. I hope you accept my apology and my late wedding wish; may your life together be wonderful.
  • I admire any young couple that decides to share the rest of their lives together; it’s both bold and admirable. Wishing you a happy life as one as my belated wish. Sorry for being late.
  • You are definitely a blessed and loved couple; I regret not being there to witness such marvel and love. Have a happy married life and sorry for not being able to attend your wonderful day.
  • Love perfectly shines when two people stand at the wedding hall. Belated wedding wishes to both of you, that love keeps shining between you.
  • Belated congratulations on the wedding of two persons I look up to. Happy Married Life, Dears!
  • Love is for those who believe and because of you, I now believe that love is out there and it’s a beautiful thing. Belated congrats on your amazing wedding!
  • As you need every second to enjoy your first days together, I made my wishes late. Best belated congratulations on your wedding day.
  • Photos show how wonderful you were as a couple, I hope I was there to see that amazing scene. Happy Married Life, lovely couple!
  • Sending the best belated wedding wishes and the greatest congratulations to the bride and groom who will create billions of happy memories together.
  • First, my sincere apology for not attending the wedding party. Second, my sincere apology for being late in wishing


Belated wedding wishes won’t fix the situation, but will give you a good chance to say your apology. The newlyweds need to feel happiness in the hearts of their close ones, and this comes by wedding wishes, greetings and congratulations even if you’re late. Wish them a happy married life, congratulate them on their wedding, and don’t forget to say your apology if it matters.

Last Updated on January 10, 2024


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