30+ Wedding Wishes for Best Friend

Wedding Wishes for Best Friend: Best friends may be closer than siblings, why? Because they know our darkest secrets, and they are like a copy of oneself. A best friend’s wedding should naturally generate an uprush of excitement in you, and you will surely need to find the best words to congratulate them and wish them a happy married life.

Happy Married Life, best friend.

Choosing a special day such as your best friend’s wedding day is a great opportunity to show every good feeling you hide. Pick out a message from the following wedding congratulations to show your support to your best friend’s marriage.

Wedding Congratulations Messages for Best Friend

  • My best friend, congratulations on your wedding! I’m really surprised.
  • Wishing you the best married life for being my best friend all that time.
  • Hey bestie! Congrats on entering the cage.

Hey bestie! Congrats on entering the cage.

  • A special shout-out to my best friend for getting married today.
  • Most heartfelt wishes to someone who never talked about marriage before, and today [he/she] did it.
  • First, thanks for being my best friend. Second, Happy Married Life! Finally, I love you.
  • Happy Married Life to my best friend across all the planets, I’ve waited a long time for this day, and it’s finally here. Enjoy God’s bless.
  • Your happiness is my joy, so at this moment, I’m one of the happiest people in the world for witnessing that big ceremony.
  • I can’t believe that my bestie got hitched. I wish you the best of everything as you’ve taken the step that’ll change your way of life forever.
  • May this day fortify you with all you need to enjoy a peaceful and excellent married life. Congrats, my best friend!
  • What a coincidence?! The best [groom/bride] ever is my best friend forever. Congratulations, love birds!
  • Seeing you as a [groom/bride] is mind-blowing, I hope you find a real friend in your partner to build a strong home.
  • You’re a good friend who deserves more than words can express. Congratulations on your marriage!

It's a touching moment seeing my best friend getting married. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations, bestie, on your new home. May you experience the dividends of marriage.
  • If getting married can have such a positive impact on my best friend, I feel I’ll be arranging mine soon.
  • I missed many occasions in your life such as your first birthday, but thank God I won’t miss the wedding of my best friend. Congratulations!
  • Despite various disappointing relationships, you finally found the perfect person for you. I wish my best friend an outstanding married life.
  • Wishing you a joyful ceremony with abundance of lovely and endless memories! I’m so happy to be sharing this day with both of you. Congratulations on your wedding, my best friend.
  • You know what! It was fun having you around, but today you are somebody’s property. Happy Married Life, Buddy!
  • I have been eagerly waiting for this special day to come. Don’t worry about me, true pals don’t say Goodbye. I wish you a happy marriage.
  • Buy 1 get 1 free. Yes, you are the best package that ever happened in the history of business. Congrats!
  • Best of luck for your marriage. You both truly deserve each other and I’m lucky to be part of this wonderful day. Enjoy, bestie.
  • Congratulations on one of the most special days of your life and my life too. I’m really proud of you for the great step you have taken. I wish you a happy marriage.
  • Have the greatest times of your lives, my dear friend. Love has found you and it’s my deepest wish that you love each other forever. Congratulations!
  • My best friend, I’m happy for you and wishing you have a wonderful future with your soulmate.
  • May your home be filled with a content [wife/husband] and beautiful children. My best wishes to you on your marriage, bestie.
  • May your lives together be filled with respect, trust, understanding and timeless love! I know that you are going to be a successful [family man/house wife]. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • With warm congratulations to a very special couple, may you both fall in love again and again like it’s your first time. Happy fruitful married life, my friend. You deserve it all.
  • Congratulations on your wedding, my sweet friend! On this beautiful journey of love, hold each other’s hands to the end.
  • May God’s love and mercy shine upon your hearts, so you live your lifetime together in happiness.
  • Do you need a piece of advice from your best friend? Never forget to let your love flames keep burning. Congratulations!
  • How wonderful it’s to see God’s plans for both of you come into reality! I wish you a happy marriage, best friend.
  • May each day of your life together be as the first day of your marriage! May your home be blessed with kids. Congratulations, friend!
  • Now that you’re finally married, I hope you’ll still have enough time for me. Promise me.
  • Everyone kept reminding me that I’m next in line. I guess I’ll use your experience as a blueprint because everything looked so perfect. Congratulations on your wedding, my best friend!
  • May the only disturbance you experience in your marriage be the ones of your kids just as we did to our parents. Welcome to the bandwagon of married people.
  • May the vows you take on this day be everlasting just as the blessings that accompany the day. Happy Married Life, my dear friend!