Thank you Messages for Coming to our Wedding

Thanks for Coming to Wedding Day

The success of every wedding is not only dependent on the intending couple, but also reliant on a lot of factors such as love, commitment, and support shown by family, friends, and well-wishers. A lot of marriages got truncated because of the action and inaction of people close to the couple; it is thus important to recognize the effort and commitment of all that made the ceremony a successful one and the numerous messages sent to congratulate you on achieving excellence. It will serve as a form of encouragement to them to do more in future times. We have a load of messages that you can select from showing how grateful you are for their participation during the memorable occasion.

Thank you Messages for Attending My Wedding

  • I felt so honored after seeing the massive turnout at my wedding; I never knew I was that important to many, thank you for gracing my wedding.
  • Irrespective of your schedule, you took a timeout to make our wedding a glorious one, we are indebted to you for this and appreciate your presence.
  • You were terrific today, and I felt less tensed by your presence during my wedding ceremony, the whole process was more comfortable and relieving while you around.
  • Our wedding ceremony has come and gone, but your impact and commitment towards its success will linger, we appreciate you for your vital role and numerous contributions towards its success.
  • As we celebrate love today through the institution of marriage, may grand celebrations like this never cease to exist in your life.


  • Thank you all for being part and sharing in the experience of establishing a new family, we could not have done it all alone, your presence was imperative.
  • I never knew my family and friends care this much, your love and support was overwhelming and it feels nice to see that one is loved.
  • The selfless attitude showed today by you confirms the undying support and loyalty I have for you. You did everything humanly possible to ensure its success.
  • Even though you had a choice not to attend our wedding, you chose to devote your time and resources towards helping us take a new stop in life.
  • I understand further the benefit and importance of friendship today, the love shown to me today at my wedding is the type that only exists between real friends, you were beautiful today.

Thank You Messages for Attending My Wedding

  • Our wedding was such an experience; we want to use this medium to appreciate you for making it memorable and beautiful.
  • Thank you for believing in our dream of being a happily married couple, and we also express undying gratitude for presence. Words cannot describe how grateful we are.
  • Your presence at our wedding lit our hearts; we never expected the high level of positive energy that flowed through the event. Thank you for adding light to the occasion.
  • As I walked through the aisle, I noticed a lot of beautiful faces smiling and genuinely happy for us; I want you all to know that you are cherished and appreciated for coming.
  • A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, thank you for being at the inception of this trip with us.


  • With an empty reception, today’s effort would have been futile, thank you for making our dreams come to reality.
  • We will still thank you in individually, but we deemed it exigent to reach out to all that attended our wedding immediately, we say a massive thank you.
  • We were highly favored by God and men such as you for the unification of our love affair. Your showing up alone is dear to me and would not be forgotten a very long time.
  • With a broad sense of gratitude and appreciation, we thank everyone that came to our wedding and those that weren’t able to make it, knowing that you care alone is more than enough and satisfying.
  • Your attendance and action at our wedding were magnificent; you made sure everything went according to plan, and you acted as your existence depended on it.

Thank You Messages for Coming to our Wedding

  • I thank you for being an active pillar in ensuring that I’m happily married today. I pray that you shall always celebrate and good things will never elude you.
  • We are grateful to all who were present during our wedding, thanks for witnessing the open show of our love.
  • My wedding day was so bright and colorful. You made it a happy moment when I saw you in the stands. How beautiful you were looking. I just want to thank you for coming.
  • Words can’t explain how much smile you kept on my face seeing you around at our wedding. May God bless you and give you all the best. I appreciate your coming. Thank you.
  • We will always cherish this special day. You made our wedding a great deal. From the depth of my heart is my gratitude to you. God bless you. I’m grateful.


  • For your support and gifts during my wedding, I’m very grateful and may you receive more blessings in your life. I hope you had a lovely time as well. You are appreciated.
  • I appreciate all those wonderful wishes you showered on us during my wedding day. They are more important for us. Thank you! And I hope it will be your time soon. Enjoy your day.
  • As I was marking the attendance register, never expected to see your name but it’s such a wonderful surprise. I can’t even find the right words to describe how much that meant to us. Thanks!
  • Thank you for being there for us. Your gift was so heavy that we had to call for a forklift. Thank you for making us smile and thank your kindness in attending our wedding.
  • What a gift you are in my life! You always support me in everything I do. Thanks so much for gracing my special wedding moment. We can’t just stop smiling. Thank you!

Thanks Messages for Attending Wedding

  • My wedding just got better and beautiful with your magical presence. How can we repay you for all the help and support to us! You made this happen and I appreciate it. Thanks!
  • Thanks to all family and friends who made this special day a blessing in our lives. Your love, support, kindness and the gifts to us is deeply appreciated. Thank you for making it happen.
  • Hey! Those kind words and your sharing of our special day, means a lot in this world to us. Your celebration with our family was marvelous. We sincerely thank you.
  • We couldn’t imagine a better celebration without your presence. Thank you for coming and we appreciate your generous gift. You are such a true friend and may God bless you with more life.
  • Special people like you deserve special thanks for attending and being there at our wedding. It really made our day so special. Your blessings and loving thoughts will keep us strong. Thank you.


  • I’m very grateful in my heart for having your presence on our special day, a lasting memory of your kindness and support is deeply honored. Thank you so much and may God bless you.
  • Our families are most thankful for all your supports financially and all the breathtaking gifts and wishes you rained upon us on our wedding day. God richly bless you. We sincerely thank you for everything.
  • We are truly humbled with your love and affection you showed us during our marriage ceremony. We are most deeply honored and no amount of words can explain how happy we are. Thank you!
  • Thank you for your special appearance. This outstanding surprise of yours, is so wonderful because I never thought you could make it from this long distance. I truly appreciate your love. Thanks so much!
  • It hurts we won’t be able to be spending time together as much as we used to. We are grateful for your gifts. Thanks for attending our wedding celebration.

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