Wedding Wishes for Groom

Have you ever seen a man so nervous, so eager and so mixed with his emotion? That is how a new groom feels. He wishes the day could go faster so he could finally hold the woman of his dreams in his arms, not as his girlfriend, but as his wife. It is always an exciting experience watching two people in love exchange vows. With every happy and amazing moment, they are also very afraid.

You deserve all the best of life. Happy Married Life, groom!

As a friend, brother or someone close to the groom, it is good to send him a message during his wedding to make sure that they enjoy each and every second of it. Here are some messages that can do the job:

Wedding Congratulations Messages for Groom

  • My handsome groom, you are looking too lovely like that of the star’s sparkles. May your wedding bring you all the good things in life. Congratulations, May you live happily ever after.
  • Wishing you a lifetime togetherness full of love, happiness and showers of blessings. May you enjoy whether rain or shine. May you have a happy married life.
  • You deserve all the best of life. From finding a special woman to being the best father. My wish for you is that you will have endless love. Happy Birthday, to my special groom.
  • Congratulations! May you have a fruitful wedding and may these memories remain with you forever. I wish you a happy Marriage.
  • Happiness is when you get married to your desired partner. You are so lucky my friend whatever you want, you get it. I wish you a wonderful married life ahead.
  • Handsome groom and beautiful bride, what a combination God has made. May you two become soul mate of each other and share love & happy and sad moments together. Have a wonderful journey of life.
  • As the man and the husband of the house, you are meant to love your wife every day and every time, whether she’s good or not, never you detest her for once and you will have a wonderful home. Happy married life.
  • As a friend, I want to wish you a glorious marriage, but please know that you need to love endlessly. That is the key to a long lasting marriage. May God bless your home. Happy married life.
  • As much as I love your company my friend, I love you much more, so I will tell you to focus more on your wife now, she needs you more than I do. I wish you a successful marriage. Happy married life.
  • Discontentment will bring lack of joy, lack of joy will bring about unfaithfulness because there will be the need to look for joy elsewhere. And unfaithfulness will bring about a broken home. Be always satisfied with one another. Happy married life buddy.
  • Today is a great day, a day that is full of joy and exceeding gladness. My only wish for you is to keep being happy like this all the days of your life, because that will help you a lot in your marriage. Happy married life.
  • Responsibility and the need to sacrifice is the core value that gives birth to the thought to get married. Please always be a responsible man to your family, nothing pleases a woman than a responsible man. I wish you all the best. Enjoy your home.
  • What an adventurous journey it is. I can tell you that it is really lovely, don’t ever get tired of one another for a second. Keep seeking for the good of your better half, then you will have joy always. Happy married life.
  • The beauty of every marriage is not just to be together when everything is alright and things are going perfectly well. The beauty of it is standing by one another when it is very bad and rough. May God strengthen you through it all. Happy married life.
  • A strong man will add a lot of flavour to his home; every woman will do anything to please a strong man, because they know he’ll always please them the more. Never you stop being strong. Happy married life.
  • There is one secret to a golden marriage and that is talking about everything. Don’t ever hide anything from one another, and as a man be willing to always listen to your wife. Happy married life.
  • I am very happy for you today, my very good friend. Now that you are married, you and I know that you need to change a lot of things about yourself to have a good home. May God help you. Happy married life.
  • Marriage doesn’t give you the assurance of having everything you need in life, in marriage if you want something, you create it, and there is no path in marriage if you don’t make one. May God guide you as you design your own path. Happy married life.
  • There will always be a day in every man’s life, when they move from being a boy to a man. Today marks your own day for that. There are several definitions for what it means to be a man. May you find them all in your marriage. God bless your matrimony.
  • Drums, flute sound, and songs are indicating that the happiness of auspicious moments has arrived. I wish you all the best for your future, my friend. You look so stunning in groom’s outlook. Have a wonderful married life.
  • The groom seems so stunning and even your bride’s heart gives an impression of captivation. May God bless you and hope you get all the happiness in your life. Wish you a beautiful married life ahead.
  • New traditions, new oaths, new complications and the new beginning of life. May this lifetime bonding give you everlasting love, eternity and pleasure. Have a wonderful married life!
  • Finally, you are going to meet your beloved one, all your efforts put a bright color in your life’s dream. Your attraction of love won. I wish you a very happy married life. Stay blessed.
  • Best wishes to the groom and bride on my behalf. May you both live a happy prosperous life. Have a wonderful marriage.
  • I will always be grateful to God who met me with my beloved one. Destiny has powerful decision certainly.
  • You are going to be bound in a lifetime commitment, love, and compassion. May the happiness and love be with you always and your journey becomes outstanding. Have a fabulous married life.
  • Dear friend, May your marriage be blessed with loads of joy and everlasting love.
  • Relationships alter in a space of a moment. Now you are going to be a groom for your bride and soon will start a family. May you get the best of everything in your world. Have a joyous marriage.
  • May you two become happy in each other’s company, you would not need to involve someone else. All my wishes to you my friend. Have a great married life.
  • You are the work in process with a lifetime agreement. Enjoy the golden days of your life as it comes once in a lifetime. Wishing you lovely married life, handsome groom.
  • You are the groom of your bride; you can smile proudly because you won over and gifted something pretty amazing. Wish you all the very best for your future life. Have a wonderful marriage.
  • My friend became the groom, put a garland on his head and sitting in the gathering of thousands of people. May God bless this couple forever. Have a lovely married life.
  • Wishing a happy married life to the cutest and most dashing groom ever. May your life be filled with joyful and exciting moments.
  • I have truly never seen you this smartly dressed, she must surely be the one. I wish you all the best as you embark in your new journey. Happy married life.
  • Marriage is never easy, but the joy of having someone close to you is the best feeling in the world. I wish you all the best. Have a great time on your wedding.
  • You must feel like a king, a millionaire or more so you must be out of your mind, she walks towards you and from now on, you are one in everyone’s eyes. I wish you all the best dear, it’s your day, make the most out of it. Happy married life.
  • It’s your day, I know a lot of people have told you this but have they really told you what a great and amazing experience you will have? Make the most of this day, for from today, she is all yours, she is your wife, your woman and your future.
  • This look on you is the best, you look like a man ready to embark on the next phase of life, no more worries with her, and you will have a best friend, a family and a great future. Congratulations on your wedding.
  • Thank you for calling me to witness this magical day, I truly think it is magical. You are a great man and I wish you nothing but the best. Have a great marriage.
  • Weddings get me so emotional and this time I get to share in your special day. I hope the joy you feel lasts a lifetime. Happy future and happy day, you always have my support.
  • My son is getting married today, he waits for his queen and what a wonderful choice he made, I know she will give you all you need. I see you are the best version of yourself. Happy married life.
  • I thank God that I get to be a part of this wonderful day, you make an amazing groom and I hope you have fun. It’s all about you guys and today, you become the head of the family. Congrats!
  • I will always wish you the best, you are a great guy and you deserve happiness. I hope you embrace this day fully dear. You become a husband from now on. Congrats!
  • You are a great person and now you finally have the perfect wife. I hope your day turns out to be as awesome as you wished. Have a great marriage dear groom.
  • God has bound you with your bride and you both share love. This is the lifetime bonding. On your special day of marriage, I wish you everlasting happiness and blessing. Have a lovely married life.
  • Wishing you a lot of happiness and a life filled with sweetness, you don’t need to use sugar in your life anymore.
  • Opt the two factors of life, forgive quickly and love truly. May this marriage bring you lots of happiness, best moments and greatness of love. Enjoy your life.
  • Hold your bride’s hand and put a step forward towards the new life. May your marriage be blessed with true happiness and far from sorrows.
  • The children always want a father they will be proud of every moment, a father they can always emulate. Drop those things you don’t want them to emulate now, because if you don’t, they will eventually take after you even don’t do it in their eyes. Happy married life.
  • Even if you love messing and joking around, there is one thing I know for sure about you my friend. And that is, you will never take your woman for granted. Please stick to that and love her every day of your life. Happy married life buddy. Enjoy your great home.
  • Today is really a great day in your life my friend, you’ve waited for this day all your life. And today marks the change of something in your life. May you enjoy every bit of the journey that commences today. Happy married life.
  • You are no longer a bachelor, you are a one woman man, a woman who has everything you have been looking for. Trust me when I say I know you will be happy.
  • It’s the time to enter the cage. Don’t worry! It’s the best cage for the best life. Congratulations on your marriage.
  • It’s your day, a day for her to finally become the wife, you have been talking endlessly about the day and I know it will turn out as you planned. So be happy, because your future will forever be secure. Congrats on your wedding.

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