Happy 10th Birthday Wishes

Turning 10 is a moment worth scrapbooking, so making someone’s 10th birthday memorable is the most honorable thing you can do for them. Birthday Wishes to a 10-year-old kid may not mean as much as the big presents they salivate over. However, one day, they will sit down, open the little message you wrote them and smile at this memory.

Happy 10th Birthday to the little superhero.

Here are some birthday greetings you can write to that special 10-year-old to put a smile on their face accompanied by that big present.

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Here are some birthday greetings you can share with anyone turning 10.

  • The greatest birthday to the world’s greatest 10-year-old. Enjoy candy and balloons.
  • Happy 10th Birthday to the little one who spends 10 hours playing an running daily.
  • It’s time to leave 9 and meet 10, let’s blow out 10 candles and celebrate.

Let's blow out 10 candles and celebrate. Happy 10th Birthday!

  • My ten fingers are waving at the boy/girl who is turning ten. Love you!
  • You have completed TEN years, this should be declared in the newspapers. Have fun, sweetie!
  • Turning 10 is a great milestone. Enjoy every second of this day.
  • This is your first double digit age. Everything you wish for shall come in double fold. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  • Ten years of cuteness and naughtiness, that’s awesome! I hope you won’t make troubles at school anymore, brat.
  • I hope your 10th birthday will be more colorful than ever. Love you!
  • The more you grow the more in love with you I’m. Have a great and awesome birthday, sweetheart.

Happy 10th Birthday!

  • You are the bravest, sweetest, most kind-hearted 10-year-old I know, and I hope you grow with such traits. Love you!
  • You’re the youngest 10-year-old. You’re like one in a gazillion people, that’s really special. Enjoy this special day of yours.
  • Wow, you’re 10 already! This is not an easy achievement. If anyone is destined for greatness, it’s gotta be you. Cheers!


Here are a few funny birthday messages that can leave a smile on a 10-year-old’s face. You can find more ideas in this collection of funny birthday greetings.

  • The terrific toddler turns ten today! Just kidding, you’re not a toddler, just needed it to rhyme. Happy Birthday!

The terrific toddler turns ten today! Happy Birthday!

  • What goes up and never comes down? Your age!! Cheers clocking 10.
  • Windows 10 is installing a big present for the most wonderful 10-year-old gamer. Happy Birthday!
  • Did you know your age equals the number of your birthdays? Bet you didn’t. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  • What happens if no one else shows for your birthday party? We get to eat your cake alone. Sounds good too, right? I’m a genius.


Wish a 10-year-old boy a happy birthday by one of these ways. For lots more ideas, check out these birthday wishes for a special boy.

  • Happy 10th Birthday to a very sweet boy, now you are tall enough to blow out the candles and touch the balloons.

Happy 10th Birthday, Cool Boy!

  • Strong and tall, funny and cheerful, you look like a great man at 10. How amazing!
  • Even though you are young, you can solve the hardest Math problems. Happy Birthday to the most intelligent 10-year-old boy.
  • Unspeakable joy is what I feel now for my lovely boy. You are really growing up to be a great gentleman.


Here are some simple messages for a girl turning 10. For more options, see this big list of birthday wishes for a sweet girl.

  • Barbie is going to celebrate her 10th birthday today! WOW! So, can I get 10 cake slices?

Barbie is going to celebrate her 10th birthday! So, can I get 10 cake slices?

  • Happy 10th Birthday, Cutie! Have lots of fun with your sweet friends.
  • Wish a superb 10th birthday to the cutest girl ever.
  • 10 years ago, you were in my arms. Now, you’ve completed 10 years! The time has wings literally. My warmest wishes, honey.


Here are a few 10th birthday messages for a son.

  • Finally, my son is a superhero, I’ve got my own Ben 10. Congrats on your new age.

Finally, my son is a superhero, I’ve got my own Ben 10. Happy Birthday, Son!

  • The good thing about this age is that you are getting older, the bad news is that you’ll cause more troubles to your parents. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • This card is sent from a proud father to his successful son. I hope you always get the highest degrees in your studies. Enjoy your 10th party.


The following messages are for a daughter who’s turning 18.

  • My princess is 10! This is grand! Tell your friends, this is definitely going to be the best birthday ever.
  • 10 is such a big number, and you’re my big girl. Enjoy today, honey!

10 is such a big number, and you're my big girl. Happy Birthday, Honey!

  • As you’re turning 10, enjoy your childhood as you’ll leave it soon to be a young beautiful lady.
  • A fabulous 10th birthday to the girl who likes eating ice cream more than anything else.


These birthday messages are written for a nephew celebrating his 10th birthday.

  • Bravo! You’ve turned 10, you’ve reached a new level in life. Your best years are ahead of you. Enjoy your day, nephew.
  • A cake with 10 candles is surrounded by 10 persons to celebrate my 10-year-old nephew, so have fun, darling!
  • Dear nephew, best time for learning anything has come. Make the most of every moment. Enjoy your day.


Here are some messages for a niece on her 10th birthday.

  • A sweet 10th birthday to my pretty young lady. May you always make your [uncle/aunt] proud.
  • You look like a sweet princess at 10; I think when you reach 20, you will become a dynamite.
  • My little niece is growing up so fast, I can’t wait to see you a teen girl soon. Happy 10th birthday love!


Here are some ways to wish your 10-year-old grandson a happy birthday.

  • You made me a [grandmother/grandfather] for a decade. I wish you many more decades, honey.
  • Happy Birthday to the boy who will play with his grandma today. Have fun baby.
  • Let’s throw a magnificent party to the most adorable boy who is looking like a 10-year-old prince. May God bless you.


As a grandparent, pick out one of these messages to wish your 10-year-old granddaughter a happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, Granddaughter! How I wish I was as good looking as this when I turned 10. Well, I guess you were always meant to be a damsel.
  • You’re cuter with every passing year, so you’re now 10 times cuter than your first day. Have fun, cutie.
  • To the girl that studies hard and plays hard, have a 10th birthday as cool as you’re. Granny loves you.


If you have a ten-year-old brother, here are some birthday greetings for him.

  • Ten years of playing with hair combs! Happy 10th Birthday, Sweet Brother!
  • Best wishes to the little engineer! Can you tell me how many toys you destroyed this year?
  • May you gain enough skills to kick the soccer ball away, but don’t make troubles with neighbors. Happy Birthday, Sweet Brother!
  • This may not mean more to you than getting the present, but always remember that you have a brother who loves you. A special celebration to my special brother.


Here are some birthday messages aimed at a sister turning 10.

  • Double digit already! Now we’re in the same class of age, so we’ll now share the house chores equally. Happy 10th Birthday, Cute Sis.
  • Sending 10 million kisses to the cutest sister on her 10th birthday.
  • My little queen is turning 10, you deserve all the toys you want as you did a good job. Best wishes from your big sister.


Here are some ways to wish your 10-year-old friend a happy birthday.

  • Batman of our classroom is going to celebrate his 10th birthday, so let’s get ready.
  • You always drive our teachers crazy, so give us a crazy party today. Have fun, buddy!
  • You’re the best at school and you’re making cool friends, yes, I’m one of them. HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY, FRIEND!

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