Happy 28th Birthday Wishes

Happy 28th Birthday

Exciting ages are exciting times for exciting people, turning a new age is a good feeling no matter the number. Turning 28 can be a little bit scary, but for someone with friends and people close to them who care about them, they are definitely guaranteed to have a good and spectacular time. Birthday messages are the perfect way to “say hello, you are now 28, live large live long and live happy!” Don’t be stingy, pick out a perfect 28th birthday message for that special someone and make their day last a lifetime. Here are some birthday messages you can send to that special someone reminding them they are loved, they are appreciated and their birthdays are always awesome;

Birthday Greeting Messages for 28-Year-Olds

  • Happy 28th Birthday brother. I wanna wish you all forms of achievement for your goals and I hope your goals will inspire you well enough to go all the way through the journey.
  • Moral disbelief has crippled this generation, I hope coming youths like you will make things right and revive all the lost hope of the future. Happy 28th Birthday son. Go make us proud.
  • Challenges are sure to be everywhere and with everyone, I hope your present circumstances will be a threshold for you to attain an unquestionable success. Happy 28th Birthday friend. Enjoy your special day a lot.
  • To me, the best and the most appropriate age of any good man is 28. At this age, they are mature and ready to take up responsibility. Happy responsibility age my friend. Enjoy it.
  • Growing up is not just about the number of years we are able to accumulate to the existing ones, but in how well we are able to live. Happy 28th Birthday. Enjoy this beautiful moment.
  • There is a whole lot of years ahead of you at this age, don’t feel that you are getting really old. Take time to see good things ahead. Happy 28th Birthday. Enjoy it.


  • I hope today will kick start a day in your life where everything you plan will always work out, where everything you want shall come to you. Happy 28th Birthday my love.
  • There are challenges on our every growing man’s path, but today I hope you have come to a stage where you can always cope with every challenge. Happy 28th Birthday, enjoy this lovely year.
  • Every little girl happens to grow really fast, it is really something magical that only God can tell how it happens. Happy 28th Birthday little girl turn big. 🙂 Stay blessed.
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  • Now is the time to be patient and not rush things, you must take your time before making any decision, may your decisions be the right ones. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Excellence is naturally in your making, I have known you for a while now, and wherever you are, people see you as a solution to their challenges. Happy 28th Birthday buddy. Stay blessed.
  • Everything about you is beautiful, the way you walk, the way you talk and even the way you eat. Whenever I see you eating, it always makes me wanna eat. 🙂 Happy 28th Birthday love.


  • I will never forget your impact in my life, you have been more than a friend. You are a life saver. I will forever remain your friend. Happy 28th Birthday buddy. Have lots of fun.
  • The career path you chose made me wonder how you’ll reach the top, but now it seems you are far better than us. You followed your passion. Happy 28th Birthday great friend.
  • I have always felt I needed no support in my life, I feel so independent, but when you came into my life. I feel the need to give all to you. Happy 28th Birthday husband.
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  • The first thing everyone seeks for in relationship is joy and happiness. But that is the least you have always given to me. Thanks for everything my love. Happy 28th Birthday with much love.
  • There is something so unique inside of you, and it’s not to be understood by mere mortals, you have greatness within and I hope you’ll start manifesting now. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Several things that you have done had made me realize to keep faith in humanity. I hope you’ll keep doing all that you have been doing. Happy 28th Birthday great one. Enjoy it.


  • If there is one thing I will like to change about you, it is for you to reduce your kindness, it’s just too much. May God grant your longevity of life. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Whenever people have headache they take Paracetamol, but whenever I have headache I come to you, because you have words of relief. Happy 28th Birthday great one turn mighty. May it be a glorious year.
  • I have seen a lot of young people who see correctors as enemies, but you never cease to amaze me with your attitude towards correction, this attitude, will make you great. Happy 28th Birthday.
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  • Be consistent and productive in your performance, it will give you extra rewards. May you have a wonderful day ahead. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Wishing you the birthday filled with unlimited fun and loads of joy. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Wisdom comes with age but it is not true. You are still stupid. 🙂 Happy 28th Birthday.

Happy 28th Birthday Wishes

  • It can be just a day for the world, but for me, it is the best day of my life just because you were born on this day. May your life get happiness and prosperity. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Don’t be shy, just blow all the candles placed on the cake as they have all managed only for you. So rock the party. Have a blissful day. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Life gave me the beautiful gift in the form of you. I wish you a wonderful life. May you have many more. Happy 28th Birthday.
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  • May this amazing day of your life bring loads of happiness and joy. Let’s enjoy this day. You deserve it. Have a beautiful day. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • When I feel discomfort, your hugs play a role of warm blanket and I feel so relaxed. May your all dreams come true what you ever aspire. Have a wonderful day, happy 28th Birthday, my dear husband.
  • Your all days become more magnificent and wonderful and hope you enjoy a lot your beautiful day of life. Wishing you a very happy 28th birthday.


  • May all your wishes come true and you become the center of eye for everyone. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • The best thing in your personality is that you don’t change with the age. You remain consistent with the same attitude. Wishing you the birthday laden with happiness and more exciting events.
  • You are so special for me not for today but every day. Happy 28th Birthday.
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  • Don’t make fun on your birthday, just remember your death as you are one more year closer to your death. 🙂 Happy 28th Birthday.
  • You are included in one of those friends of mine whose birthday always clicked in my mind without any reminder. May you have a happy life. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Struggle hard, be positive and become more productive. Your dreams will be true. I wish you a lot of happiness and joy. Happy 28th Birthday.


  • What else should I give you on your birthday?! You already have me as your life partner. I think it is the most beautiful gift of your life. Stay blessed. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • You are the handsome party man in this event. Have a wonderful birthday. Happy 28th year of your life.
  • May your days shine as bright as your personality is. Wishing you a very happy 28th birthday.
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  • Happy 28th Birthday, my sweet friend. If you forget me on your birthday I will definitely kill you. 🙂
  • Take good decisions in your life before your memory goes away. May all your positive wishes come true and you get success at every step. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Happy 28th Birthday, I can’t believe I get to share this day with you, you are my favorite person and I’m proud of what you’ve become.


  • Call me blessed for I get to share in the 28th birthday of someone I admire so much. I hope I can be like you someday.
  • They said you couldn’t do it, but you did, now you are 28 and you have your whole life ahead of you. Have a hearty birthday my love, you are loved!
  • Thank you for including me on this day, I have never been happier. I hope your 28th birthday opens doors of opportunities and closes all doors of negativity.
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  • You are the heartiest person I know of and sharing your birthday is definitely a blessing. May you have fun as you celebrate this glorious day!
  • I hope this day turns out to be fun, put on that beautiful dress, relax and have some cake with your friends. Happy 28th Birthday love.
  • I promise I will always be here for you, you have been a role model to me and I can never find the perfect way to repay you. Hearty 28th birthday darling!

28th Birthday Wishes

  • You are my light and I hope you never burn out, you make each day exciting and each moment worth living. Have a jolly 28th birthday dearest.
  • Have fun, it’s your 28th birthday and it’s ready for you. Have a night you will forever remember, live large for you are destined to live long. I love you!
  • Happy 28th Birthday my dearest, you are the life of any party and I hope yours is no exception. Make this a night you will never forget.
  • The path of life of good people shines so bright that they always move on the path to greatness. I hope you’ll continue to be good, success is the reward. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Age is not in numbers, it is in what our mind tells us it is. Today you are still someone’s baby boy. So never stop joking around. Happy 28th Birthday buddy. Have some fun.
  • It’s a day to pop some balloons, it’s a day to rejoice, to arise and be glad. I’m happy that you are 28 today. Stay blessed forever my forever friend. Happy 28th Birthday.


  • Happy 28th Birthday darling, may the Lord who has been watching over you so far continue to do so, you are blessed you are loved and mostly you deserve the night off. Have fun!
  • I look up to you, not for what you have but for the way you are. I wish you countless more birthdays, I love you my 28 year old sweetheart. Be blessed.
  • Smile, smile and keep smiling until you have teeth in your mouth. Wish you a very happy 28th birthday, my angry young man.
  • You are the coolest and most sensible person in our gathering. We really love to enjoy your company. I wish you a very happy 28th birthday.
  • If my life is wonderful, the reason is only you. I wish you the lifetime happiness and joy. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Birthday celebration makes us energetic and lively. So enjoy your day to its fullest and live a happy blissful life. Happy 28th Birthday.
  • Lucky to have someone as brave, strong and as handsome as you by my side. Happy 28th Birthday, may all your wishes come true darling!
  • Have a hearty 28th birthday, it is a spectacular time to be turning this old. Have fun dear, it’s your day and let nothing stop you.
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  • You are better than the rest and I’m truly lucky to be part of your life. enjoy your 28th birthday, I hope you make it unforgettable.
  • I have been around the world and I have never met anyone like you, I’m glad to share in your 28th birthday celebration, a toast for more eyes to come.
  • I’m thankful because I get to share another year with you. Today is a day to be glad that you are born and that you grew old enough to see your 28th birthday, wishing for more to come. I love you!

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