29th Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are always joyous occasions, especially if you have your whole family and friends with you singing you that overrated birthday song over and over again. It can be an amazing feeling of love and it should be put down on paper so it can forever be a memory to them when they read that special note wishing them an awesome time as they celebrate their awesome new age. 29th birthday messages can be a little bit tricky to write since the said is a year shy from becoming 30, when the mid-life crisis begins and one feels like they have under accomplished compared to the goals they had set for themselves #just kidding. Turning a new age should always feel like a blessing and the best way to make it feel so is by sending one of these fine birthday messages:

Birthday Messages for 29-Year-Olds

  • A friend once told me that women are injurious to money, but ever since we’ve been together, you’ve been a better addition to my life and my finances. 🙂 Happy 29th Birthday better half.
  • If you never try you’ll never know, I’m so glad I could say those words to you even though I was scared, those words made me become your husband till today. Happy 29th Birthday wife.
  • I know that today is the day you’ll be willing to hide because you’ve not achieved your target at age 29. But being grateful is important to achieving more. Happy 29th Birthday man.
  • 29 is a unique number, a year to go to 30. May the Lord enrich you with everything you need to enjoy your 30. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the only 29 year old man who I know to be the most successful. May you never know failure. Happy 29th Birthday. Have fun.
  • 29 is all about responsibility and now that you’ve clocked the age, you must live up to expectation. Happy 29th Birthday dear. Stay blessed forever.


  • As you celebrate your birthday today, I hope you’ll have the excitement that your heart cannot hold on to than to share, Happy 29th Birthday.
  • I always look forward to your birthday on a yearly basis, because of what it means to me as your friend. Happy 29th Birthday dear friend.
  • To the best sister in the world, you have been a sister that I ever wished for. Thanks for being so supportive. Happy 29th Birthday dear.
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  • I can’t keep my thoughts away from what you’ve passed through along the years. I have joy to see you clock 29. Happy 29th Birthday brother.
  • I hope your birthday today won’t be to just count the numbers, but to embrace the challenge ahead and to be the best you’re created to be. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • May the blessing be unfolded upon your life and may you have all your heart desires. Happy 29th Birthday.

29th Birthday Cards

  • You’re so disciplined that you’re so hard on yourself about certain things. Today is the day to let loose and enjoy so much. Happy 29th Birthday my dear son.
  • It’s very surprising how you’ve run through your twenties so fast that I couldn’t even remember when you clocked 20. Happy 29th Birthday dear. Stay blessed.
  • May you enjoy all that you’ve always dreamed of as you celebrate 29 today. May your life never go back. Happy 29th Birthday buddy. Enjoy your special day.
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  • Today I hope you’ll have a deep thought about life because you’re getting older day by day. May your days be long and filled with gladness. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • Happy 29th Birthday, it’s an end to an era in your life, I hope you won’t miss this era so much. May you enjoy the new era around the corner. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • Doors of possibility can be shut down if you start to miscalculate yourself. Be confident and positive. Have a wonderful 29th birthday.


  • To a perfect 29 year old man. You deserve the best gift today. May you have all that you wanted and wished for today. Happy 29th Birthday. Have lots of fun.
  • Happy birthday to the youngest living legend at 29. You deserve to be celebrated on a daily basis for all of your achievements at this age. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • I really don’t know the best gift to give to the best friend of mine. Gift will do a little to show you how much I value you. Happy 29th Birthday my buddy. Have fun.
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  • Life is like a speed boat, it waits for no one, that’s why every moment must count when it comes to enjoyment. Happy 29th Birthday friend. Have lots of fun.
  • I hope you’ll become an example in kindness unto the younger ones in this present generation. May God help you. Happy 29th Birthday. Enjoy your special day.
  • As you clock 29 today, as far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons you ever meet. It is important. Happy 29th Birthday brother.

Happy 29th Birthday Wishes

  • Now is the time to create super interest in your choice of career. May you find fulfillment in your life as you clock plus 1 today. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • Make your route independent as it is the right way for you to get your own identity. Wish you a very Happy 29th Birthday.
  • You should be thankful to all those difficult people in your life as they put you on the right track. Have a wonderful day ahead. Happy 29th Birthday.
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  • Turn your weakness into strength; you are an enough mature person. Have a blissful journey of life. Have a wonderful 29th birthday.
  • You are on the way to having the best family as the next son is waiting to come to the life. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • After every dark night, there is the bright morning so never fear life’s worries. Wish you a very happy birthday. May you have a peaceful life.


  • Life is so beautiful. Enjoy every moment of it. Share your happiness and feel the pleasure. May you have a wonderful life. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • See the life by your own perspective then you can see many things so obvious. Have a blissful life. Wish you a very Happy 29th Birthday.
  • Make positive decisions in your life and keep them alive by your will power and extraordinary efforts. Wish you all the best in your life. Happy 29th Birthday.
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  • Success can’t come accidently. It can only be achieved by hard work, studying, sacrifice and positive attitude towards life. May you have a wonderful life. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • Believe it or not. Only your self-belief can give you strength in every step of life. Have a fabulous 29th birthday.
  • Your happiness is only yours, stop comparing it with others. Have a wonderful 29th birthday.

Happy 29th Birthday Greetings

  • All your dreams can be true but the gateway is self-belief. May you have a wonderful life. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • Change your mind, change your life. Wish you a very happy birthday. May this 29th year of your life bring you a lot of happiness.
  • Be confident and start believing in yourself. You can make anything happen. Have a wonderful 29th birthday.
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  • Attitude is the main problem, if it is positive so it is productive, and if it is negative so it is destructive. Wish you a very Happy 29th Birthday.
  • May this 29th year fetch all the glow and radiance in your life and shed the cloud of darkness. May you have a delightful life. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Giving gives happiness, help others if you become successful and find the true happiness of life. Wish you a very Happy 29th Birthday.


  • Be enthusiastic and goal oriented – enjoy your world. Have a wonderful 29th birthday.
  • It doesn’t matter that how the world sees you. What actually matters is how you see yourself. Wish you all the greatness and virtuousness of life. Have a wonderful 29th birthday.
  • You are the true friend of my life. I learned more things by your way of living. Thank you so much for being in my life. Have a magnificent 29th birthday.
  • Make your own lines; nobody can hurt you without your permission. Enjoy this beautiful period of life. Have a great 29th birthday.
  • Never underestimate yourself. Evaluate your own power and conquer the world. May you have a beautiful journey of life. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • Be happy even in the worst situations because every difficulty comes to make us stronger. Wish you a very Happy 29th Birthday.

29th Birthday Wishes

  • Life is so beautiful if your partner is beautiful; choose the best one for you. Have a magnificent journey of life. Wish you a very Happy 29th Birthday.
  • Happy 29th birthday my friend, I’m so glad to be graced with a chance to share this day with you. May you have it awesome!
  • You are finally 29, with good health, hearty people and a whole lot of more years to enjoy what you have accomplished so far. Happy Birthday lad!!
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  • I’m so happy to be here with you on your 29th birthday, you are a person I look up to and I hope you live longer than any known assailant.
  • Your heart can never be measured, no one can ever be like you, you are awesomely amazing in each and every way and I’m happy to be part of your life. Happy 29th Birthday bro!!
  • 29 looks good on you, you look prettier, happier and more content. I wish you a long life full of love and prosperity precious. Happy Birthday!!


  • It’s finally here, the day you have been dreading since last year. Happy Birthday to you beautiful soul, may 29 be the year you do all you thought was impossible.
  • Happy 29th Birthday my dearest, you are the only thing that completes me and I wish to keep you with me forever. To this birthday and many more, I love you!
  • 29 is the age you take a look back and appreciate all what you have done, Happy Birthday dearie, this is your time to look back, so grab a chair, a drink and appreciate how far you have come.
  • I’m now old, but so are you, I hope you realize what’s in store for you ahead. Have a hearty birthday my dearest, enjoy your 29th.
  • It’s such a beautiful day to be celebrating your 29th birthday, may all your heart’s desires come to pass. Enjoy today for tomorrow is another normal day.
  • Birthdays are meant to be special times spent with special people for special reasons, so look at that special someone worth spending your 29th birthday with.
  • Happy 29th Birthday, may all your dreams and wishes come true, be blessed and have a great time as you celebrate this awesome time.
  • 29 is your new age, wear it like your favorite shoes, put it on your head like your summer hat and most of all feel it like your first love. Happy Birthday!
  • I would sing for you but I can’t, one thing I can do for you though is always being here when you need me and when you don’t, happy 29th birthday love.
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  • May your 29th age be the best thing to ever happen to you, I do declare, so you declare it too. Happy Birthday my dear!
  • I know it’s the first birthday to celebrate together, but I hope it will be the best. Happiest of birthdays to my sincere friend.
  • You have been a genuine gentleman in my life, I really never thought I’ll be in love like this till I met you. Happy 29th Birthday darling. Have lots of fun.
  • Happy 29th Birthday great dude and buddy, may you live long in health, wealth and exceeding prosperity. You have been a faithful friend and you are admired so much dear. Enjoy your special day.
  • If there’s only one way to enjoy your day to the fullest, then it is spending it with me. I will make you feel so good dear. Happy 29th Birthday to you my love.
  • We’ve had good times in the past and I believe there are many more to come. Happy 29th Birthday to the loving exceptional guy that I know. Lots of love brother.
  • I really don’t know if I’ll be able to meet someone like you if I could turn back the hands of time. You’re my reason for moving on. Happy 29th Birthday my love.
  • Happy 29th Birthday buddy, may this age prepare you for a glorious 30 and may God lift you beyond your dreams. Have lots of fun.
  • May you enjoy the best birthday ever as you clock this odd age. Stay blessed and enjoy forever. Happy 29th Birthday.
  • Happy 29th birthday my love, you have been the greatest gift in my life and I will surely give you the most amazing gift of your life. I love you so much.

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