Happy 9th Birthday Wishes for 9-Year-Olds

Turning 9 is cool for kids who get a lot from the day, and cherish each moment like it’s the rarest form of gold. From the presents and those around them during their special time, to the cake and blowing out candles to make that wish. It is a time they all get to appreciate and share with everyone to make them live the day like there is no tomorrow.

Happy 9th Birthday to you!

Happy 9th Birthday wishes can be delicate, and they can go a long way in making a 9-year-old feel more awesome than they already are. Take a chance on one of these messages for an unforgettable and amazing 9th birthday experience for that special kid.

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Here are some 9th birthday messages for everyone turning 9.

  • Hey, sweetie! You are not young anymore. Guess what! You’re 108 months old.
  • There’s no 9-year-old that’s younger than you today, so enjoy the day to the fullest. Cheers!

Nine years of cuteness are not enough, give us many more.

  • Beethoven wrote 9 symphonies and you lived 9 years. I think you have a little composer inside. Enjoy, sweetie.
  • You’re nine, you’re also mine. Give me a cake slice and I will be fine. Happy Bday, Sunshine.
  • Nine years already! Years fly fast, so I hope I never miss a chance to tell you that I love you, sweetie.
  • Today’s your 9th birthday, that means we gotta party all night. Happy Birthday dear, let’s have some fun.
  • Number 9 reminds me of the movie “Nine Lives”, as you look as cute as the cat in the movie. Happy Birthday sweetheart!
  • The last 365 days have been the most exciting in my life, thanks to you. Can’t wait to spend more time with you. Cheers on clocking 9.
  • Happy Birthday to the youngest, coolest and cutest 9-year-old. Good tidings and joy be unto this day. Have a blast!

Happy 9th Birthday!

  • Make 9 wishes for the next 9 years & mention 9 memories about the last 9 years. I know you can’t remember, so I can help. Best wishes, sweetie.
  • The older you grow, the cooler you get. You gotta teach me your secret. Congrats on turning 9.
  • You’ve got more friends than your last birthday. That’s cool, we’ll have 9 times the fun. Enjoy!


Here are some funny birthday messages for a 9-year-old boy or girl.

  • 9 is the highest single digit and now you’ve turned 9. It means now you’re the boss, anything you say goes. Happy Birthday boss.
  • Wait, can you hear that? Aliens and people from the 9 planets are wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Aliens from the 9 planets are wishing you a happy birthday.

  • In 9 months, you turned into a baby. In 9 years, you’re now a big boy/girl. What magic are we to expect next? Have a blast today!
  • Knock Knock! Who’s there? Ninth. Ninth who? Night birthday wishes to you!


Here are some ways to wish a 9-year-old boy a happy birthday.

  • It’s the first time for me to see a 9-year-old gentleman. You always surprise me, bro. Have fun today.

It's the first time for me to see a 9-year-old gentleman. Happy Birthday!

  • I thought you’ll look like your father when you clock 10, but at 9, you already looked like him. Enjoy your special day dude.
  • You are just a 9-year-old boy but you talk like 19 years. A wonderful birthday to a wonderful boy.
  • All 9-year-old boys are wonderful but it seems to me that you are special. I must confess, you are rare. A sweet birthday to a sweet boy.


Here are some cute ways to wish a 9-year-old girl a happy birthday.

  • Nine cats are celebrating the girl who finished out all dress up games.

Nine cats are celebrating the girl who finished out all dress up games.

  • A little girl like you deserves the sweetest cake, but I still can’t find the candy number NINE. Can you help me?
  • Happy Birthday to a little girl who is still trying to make her own birthday cake at home. You will do it this time.


Here are some messages for a son who is turning 9. We also have another big list of general birthday wishes for son.

  • 9 already? Wow! You’re a big boy now, your biceps gotta be as big as mine. Happy Birthday, Son!

9 already? Wow! You’re a big boy now, your biceps gotta be as big as mine. Happy Birthday, Son!

  • Best wishes to the most successful student at school, my amazing son!
  • As you’re NINE, we must get dressed up to the NINES today for your NINTH Bday celebration. Love you, honey!


A list of 3 birthday messages for a daughter turning 9. You might also want to check out a special list of Bday messages for your daughter.

  • Happy Birthday to my little damsel. 9 looks good on you already. Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday, Daughter!

  • I’m happy for the little lady you are growing to become. You’re my 9-year-old diamond.
  • A stunning 9th birthday to my amiable daughter. I thought it’ll be good to start your lesson on how to ride a horse. Congratulations!


Wish your 9-year-old nephew a happy birthday by one of these ways.

  • Hey, Nephew, it’s that time of the year again. Gather all your friends, let’s celebrate you turning 9.
  • Happy 9th Birthday to the boy who loves Social Media more than his dear uncle.
  • Hey, September! Yes, that’s your new name after turning 9. Happy Birthday, Mr. September!


Special ideas to wish your 9-year-old niece a fabulous birthday.

  • How cute and beautiful you’ve become! Happy Birthday, my brilliant 9-year-old princess.
  • You sing like an angel. I hope you sing your 9th birthday song. Love you, niece.
  • Big dreams take you to the amazing Barbie world where you ever wished to go. Happiest of birthdays to the cutest niece.


As a grandparent, wish your 9-year-old grandson a special birthday by one of these ideas.

  • I lived 9 years of sweetness and beauty because of my wonderful grandson. My deepest wishes to the coolest boy.
  • To my big strong 9-year-old boy, may your party be filled with friends and cake. Remember, your [grandpa/grandma] can’t eat much cake.


Two simple Bday messages for a granddaughter who is turning 9.

  • I’m a special granny as I have a special granddaughter in my life. This sweet girl deserves 9 lollipops today. Have fun, honey.
  • Happy 9th Birthday, Granddaughter. Waiting to see you at the double digit next year.


Here are some messages for a brother on his 9th birthday.

  • Our little tiger is ready to celebrate his 9th birthday with Avengers. Wishing you the best, bro!
  • I’m very happy to have a strong little brother in my life. Happy Ninth Birthday, Hulk!


A list of 2 cute birthday greetings for a 9-year-old sister.

  • My life becomes amazing just because of your cute smile. I love you, my pretty 9-year-old sister.
  • My best wishes to my little sis. Will you celebrate with us or with your friends?!


Here are some messages for your 9-year-old friend or classmate on their 9th Bday. You can also see our separate list of birthday messages for a special friend.

  • I need 9 lines to write down my wishes for you. Happy Birthday to my friend and classmate.
  • Happy Birthday, Friend! I reached 9 before you, so I will be the football team leader.

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