Birthday Wishes for Crush

They say crushes make being single fun, I don’t know how true that is but I know I would love my crush to notice me and definitely build a relationship with them. What does one do when their birthday comes around? Sending them a birthday message can be a good way to build a relationship with that special someone by showing them you are ever thinking of them and that you care that they have a good time.

A perfect creature is turning a new age, and guess what!! You deserve a perfect birthday.

Birthday messages are a sweet and lovely way to tell your crush that you are in their life and remind them every time they read that sweet message you sent. Send one of these birthday wishes to your crush and definitely put a smile on their face:

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Crush

  • I’m holding on to that which is the truth, I love you beyond life, and I will never stop holding onto that fact. I wait for you to say yes. Happy Birthday Crush.
  • You’re a gold mine of joy for me and a treasure which is invaluable. With you by my side, we’ll both cross the finish line of life in a strong way. Happy Birthday cute one.
  • In the race of life, no one can determine the end, that’s why it is essential that chances should be taken. I hope to end up with you my one and only crush. Happy Birthday!
  • I hope the love I have for you will not crush me, because it’s so much and not controllable. It’ll delight me to just spend a few minutes with you. Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • The only reason why I would want my status to change from being single to getting engaged is if I’m able to be with you. Happy Birthday crush. I won’t give up on you.
  • Who will save me from this road of uncertainty that I’m on, it’s been long that I’ve always thought you’ll become mine, I hope something will make it come to be soon. Happy Birthday to you.
  • I wish an awesome girl like you won’t be so far away from me. You keep running through my thoughts. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your special day.
  • I’m shy to speak my heartfelt wishes. I need you, I want you, and I like you. You mean everything in this world to me. Enjoy your day and Happy Birthday.
  • I thought angels are only in heaven. But my crush is one of them on earth. Beautiful at heart and mind. Happy Birthday, queen of my Heart. Hope you smile through the day.
  • I hope someday we can finally be together! That’s my greatest wish for you. But also wishing you a very Happy Birthday my crush.

Birthday Wishes for Boy Crush – Best for Crush Male

  • The melody that your love plays in my heart is like none I’ve heard before, I hope this sound never stops because it makes me feel good. Happy Birthday boy crush. Enjoy your special day.
  • Your curly hair and your sexy eyes are enough to make any lady fall into the trap of love for you. You’re such a great young man. Happy Birthday boy crush. Have lots of fun.
  • Every woman wants a man who’s famous, but you seem to love keeping to yourself. But when I got to know you, I really want to spend most time with you. Happy Birthday boy crush.
  • A man like you will always carry huge value because it seems that no one knows you well, but getting closer to you made me know that you’re worth much more. Happy Birthday boy crush.
  • It’s been long that I’ve been crushing on you, but it’s not just fading away. I must have fallen so hard in love with you. Happy Birthday boy crush. Enjoy this day a lot.
  • I find it hard to think of nothing else anywhere I go but you. The only way I can be free is to get freedom from you by loving me. Happy Birthday boy crush.

Happy Birthday to a gorgeous one!

Birthday Messages for Girl Crush – Best for Crush Female

  • If you’ll remain calm and patient to see my kind of person, I will pour the totality of my love on you because you’re my desired life girl. Happy Birthday Girl Crush.
  • My only prayer is that things will work well between us because that will surely mean the world to me after all that we’ve been through. Happy Birthday to Girl Crush.
  • Nothing else can give elevation to my heart like seeing you every day, but it seems impossible because you’re yet not mine. Please be mine and I’ll make you feel right. Happy Birthday Girl Crush.
  • Every man has a goal in their mind, my only goal seems to be you and I have all the necessary plans to make my goal my life when achieved. Happy Birthday Girl Crush and love.
  • There are choices that make the difference between failure and achievement. The only choice I have to be an achiever is becoming your man. It’ll mean so much to me. Happy Birthday Girl Crush.
  • Happy Birthday forever Girl Crush. Having you is all it’ll take to make all of my dreams complete. I believe that I’m few steps away from achieving that. Enjoy your glorious day my love.

Cute Birthday Greetings for Crush

  • My dearest friend, you will remain special to me until the end. How can I forget this lovely moment of yours? Lots of love and best wishes. Happy Birthday, crush.
  • A friend like no other, a crush like no other, as cute as no other. Today is your birthday. How I wish I can give you the world to show my deepest love. Happy Birthday.
  • I can’t stop myself from liking you nor thinking about you. You are my sunrise and my sunset. Happy Birthday. Enjoy this special day with much fun and laughter.
  • I wish you to love life and never stop dreaming. Just like I have always loved and never stopped dreaming about you. Enjoy your happiest moment. Happy Birthday, you are my crush.
  • You have a big heart, and that’s what makes you my crush. I will always admire you. I will always cherish your presence. Happy Birthday!
  • I have a story to tell. Even on holidays, I want to come to school. Do you know why? Because I love seeing you smile. Happy Birthday, crush.
  • On that fateful night at the party, you were looking so pretty and gorgeous. I was watching from afar feeling so jealous of your friends. Just want your attention. Happy Birthday, you are my Crush.
  • Hey you there, can you kindly empty your pocket?! You just stole my heart away with your breathtaking smile. What a Crush you are! Happy Birthday. Enjoy your party.
  • You have set my soul on fire. May everything you wish for, be yours throughout the year. Happy Birthday, my favorite crush.
  • Like the colors of the rainbow, as the beautiful shining stars of the sky, May you enjoy this day with colorful feelings. You are my star on earth. Happy Birthday, my shining star.
  • I feel weakness in my legs any time I set my eye on you, it shows how deep my love is towards you. I appreciate having you around. Happy Birthday my desired lady.
  • It’s my decision that I want to be your friend forever and I have always nurtured the thought of being the father of your children. I’ll be happy to witness that someday. Happy Birthday crush.

Be Brave and Text Your Crush “Happy Birthday”

  • New things shall you always witness, if you choose to consider my humble request which has been submitted to you for a long time now. Happy Birthday dream girl. Enjoy your day.
  • My past will have nothing to do with what I’m capable of doing now if I have you as my woman. Don’t judge me based on the past. Happy Birthday dear crush.
  • I’m not just an ordinary man, I have several plans to make everything beautiful between you and me, all I need you to do is to give your consent. Happy Birthday super lady and crush.
  • The only fulfillment that a woman like me will find in life is to be your wife and the mother of your children. You’re a different man with a special heart.  Happy Birthday Crush.
  • Everything I’ll rather become is your mam and having a family with you will be my everlasting joy. Happy Birthday to the one and only crush I have. Be good dear.
  • It’s my good luck to wish the most gorgeous lady of the world. If I would be the prince, definitely I will get married with you. Happy Birthday, princess.
  • I have no fear of what the world would think about me. I am crazy for you. I love you and I will love you forever.  Wishing you the birthday filled with delight and happiness.
  • Whether you are with me or not, I’m living where your heart starts beating. I miss you so much, my dear crush. I am mad for you. Have a fabulous birthday, sweetheart.
  • When we met first time, it was the beautiful day of my life and I cannot forget even any single moment of this meeting. I wish where you live stay happy and blessed. Have a wonderful birthday, my crush.
  • You are the beautiful story of my life and I lost somewhere as I would never want to come back to consciousness. I wish you the wonderful life with lots of love and exciting events. Have a great birthday, my first crush.
  • I have learned to smile from you. You are the conduit to love. You are nothing but the reason of my happiness. Have a fabulous day, my crush. Happy Birthday
  • Your killer eyes and styles made my heart smile, laugh, cry and eventually kill me. I felt everything nice when you were with me. I wish you a happy luxurious life. Happy Birthday, my crush.

How To Make Your Crush Smile on Their Birthday

  • I’m the poet, you are my poetry. You are the love and I am your loved one. My heart feels like to meet you every time. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear first crush.
  • Though we couldn’t bond in a relationship but you will always be in my heart and I feel you as I had felt you since the day when I saw you. Wishing you a birthday with lots of happiness.
  • How do I say how much I love you and I will let all your dreams be fulfilled!  I love you sweetheart. Have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday, my dear crush.
  • Happy Birthday, my dear fairy. Your place is not here. You are the fairy of fairyland.
  • Live your dreams; I’m here to fulfill all your desires. You are my golden girl. Though we are far apart, but we will always be in touch with each other. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Your memories are always in my flash back and I can never forget you and your smile. I still remember you and your special day. Have a beautiful day. Happy Birthday, my crush.
  • Life is like the flowing water of river in which some happy moments and little bit sad moments happen, they are all belong to us and you are the beautiful chapter of my life, my crush. Happy Birthday.
  • On the streets of city I’m wandering alone but your memories are with me. You are so close to me. Have a wonderful birthday, my love, my crush.
  • We couldn’t commit even after meeting. Lots of distances take place between us. I don’t know why it such happened. But I still miss you. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
  • The image I have set in my eyes for someone exactly looks like you. But it’s my bad luck, I couldn’t make place in your heart. I still want you in my life. Wishing you a birthday with lots of laughter and love.
  • May all the distances between us vanish. I want you in my life as my better half. Happy Birthday, my dear crush.
  • Happy Birthday my dear crush, may this day fill your heart with so much love and happiness that you lose sight of all your worries. I love you.
  • It is a beautiful day to be celebrating a beautiful soul. May your birthday bring you joy and cheer dear crush.
  • I feel so happy that I get to share the birthday of my all-time crush, you have my heart forever and always, have a fantastic time dear.
  • One day, I will master the courage to show you how much you mean to me, but for now, enjoy your birthday my dear crush.
  • You make everything better, I hope you enjoy your birthday and all the good things it has to offer, Happy Birthday my crush!
  • Poems are sweet but not as sweet as the way you say my name. I have a huge crush on you and hope I can make your birthday unforgettable my crush!
  • You make me want to be a better person, have an amazing birthday my crush, I wish to be more than just a shadow in your life!
  • May this day bring you so much joy that overwhelms the beauty you bring to the world, Happy Birthday my crush, you are definitely an angel.
  • I hope all your wishes come true as you blow off the candles on your cake my crush; you are definitely a site to admire!
  • I will always have a crush on you, I will always love you and I will always wish you the best no matter the age you turn. Happy Birthday!!
  • I fell in love with your heart for it is big, kind and amazing, have a hearty birthday my crush, you are forever loved!
  • May this birthday bring you joy, happiness and a whole lot of cheer, may nothing make you sad and may it all be as perfect as you my crush.
  • Your imperfections make you the most beautiful girl I eve saw, Happy Birthday my crush, have fun.
  • Have a great birthday my crush, you are the most amazing person I know of and I hope to always be by your side. I’m lucky to be by your side.
  • Blow out those candles and make a wish, I promise it will come true if you believe. Happy Birthday my crush, you are special.
  • May you grow wiser, heartier, healthier and more beautiful as you celebrate another year of life. Have a jolly fun time my crush!
  • May this birthday fill your heart with great love and joy. It’s completely my pleasure to wish the most beautiful girl from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday, my candy crush.
  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful and charming girl. May your birthday be as beautiful as you are. Have a fantastic day.
  • Have a great birthday my crush, you are more than I could ever want and I hope you enjoy this day and everything that comes with it.
  • You mean so much to me and I hope you know I like you a lot. Have a great birthday my crush, may the stars shine bright for you tonight.
  • Happy Birthday, crush! May this special day fill your life with new longing memories. My heart beats for you always and I keep having a crush on you.
  • I am still in conflict with my inner man. I have always wished to have a chance to say something sweet to you. I will cherish this day and make it holy. Happy Birthday, Crush.
  • When you smile, it brings chills down my spine. You’re unique. I can’t imagine a better person as you, my crush. Happy Birthday, sweetie.
  • Happy Birthday my crush, You are the most charming one ever.

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