Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Mother

Happy Birthday my Friend's Mom.

Friends are one of the most important people we meet in our life; they are the special people who make living worth it. Each of your friends has a mother, or a woman in their life they consider important to them, why not send them a special message during their birthdays because if it weren’t for those special women then our friends wouldn’t have been the way they are. We all know mothers are the main women in our lives, we can never replace them. Here are some birthday wishes you can send to your friend’s mother to appreciate her as she turns a year older, wiser, heartier, healthier and hopefully wealthier:

Birthday Greeting Messages for your Friend’s Mom

  • A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother that is why I celebrate you my friend’s mother, you gave me a brother. Have a blessed birthday.
  • You are loved, blessed and beautiful, even as you turn a year older madam. I hope this birthday brings more joy than the last.
  • Of all my friend’s mothers, you are my favorite because you treat me as though I was your own child. God bless you more each second of your new age.
Have a cool birthday.

Have a cool birthday.


  • Thanks for always being there for my friend and I, you are a mother that is one in a million. You are so much-loved ma. Happy Birthday to you madam.
  • Your kind of love has never been seen anywhere else in the whole world, you never for once get tired of us even as we were stubborn several times. Happy Birthday to me special friend’s mom. Stay blessed.
  • My heart is so elated today because you are such a mother that every growing man desires to have and call a mother. You are so understanding and compassionate. Happy Birthday ma’am!
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  • A mom like you will bear other’s pain if you could, you’re just so much to be just a mother. You’re an angel to us. Happy Birthday to you, delightful lady.
  • You covered our mess up every time, I don’t know if anyone else will ever be able to do that for us. Maybe no one would. Thanks for your patience. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the mother of my best friend.

Happy Birthday to the mother of my best friend.


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Birthday Wishes for The Mother of your Best Friend

  • Thanks for being a good influence on us, even though we grew up in a place where it’s impossible to be great lads, you made sure we are good people. Happy Birthday to the mother of my best friend.
  • The light of your guidance is so good to thread in. I’ve never had regrets being friends with your son, you have trained us both in good ways. Happy Birthday friend’s mom. We love you.
  • Thanks for being a motherly figure to us, it’s so important to have people we look onto even as teenagers. Thanks mom for everything you did that we didn’t even see. Happy Birthday ma’am.
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  • Your resilience nature in making sure that we get the best of training in this porous society has paid off. Thanks for making sure you do all you did for us. Happy Birthday!
  • My friend can never stop talking about you, he would never cease to emphasize your importance in his life. Thanks for being his guide ma. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


  • Thanks for giving birth to such a lovely son who is my best friend. I would not have a better friend than your son. Happy Birthday!
  • Thanks for giving up your own personal gratification in order that my best friend would have the best education, you’re indeed an incredible mother. Happy Birthday!
  • With the little time I spent at your place during the holidays, I understand the pleasure of growing up under the same roof as you. You’re a mother like no other. Happy Birthday to you.
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  • Life doesn’t get easy at all, especially now that we are growing up rapidly, but thanks for always standing by us and giving us strength. Happy Birthday to my best friend’s mom. We love you.
  • Mothers like you aren’t certainly from the old generation because you’ll stop at nothing to give good life to your children. Congratulations friend’s mom. Happy Birthday to you.
Thanks for being a motherly figure to us. Happy Birthday!

Thanks for being a motherly figure to us. Happy Birthday!


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Birthday Wishes for a special friend’s mom

  • Happy glorious Birthday to you friend’s mom, it’s unbelievable that you’ve grown so fast mom, we really hope to have you around for Many more years to come. May your new age be blessed.
  • Congratulations to you friend’s mom, you have been a mother to a lot of us who are friends with your son. May you be blessed throughout the remaining days of life. We love you ma’am.
  • Strangers find it so easy to associate with your daughter ma’am because they know she has a loving mother who will gladly receive everyone. Congratulations for this landmark ma’am. Happy Birthday madam.
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  • There’s always this confidence that abides with the people who have mothers and I’ve always seen it in my friend. I pray you’ll live long to keep giving him joy. Happy Birthday friend’s mom.
  • Happy Birthday mummy, thanks for always reaching out to us with your love, it is one of the most peculiar things to our existence. We love you a lot. Enjoy good health friend’s mom.
Happy Birthday to a great lady in my life.

Happy Birthday to a great lady in my life.


  • Couldn’t stop myself from missing you mom even though you’re not my biological mother. Thanks for being mother to us all. Happy Birthday friend’s mom.
  • May every drop of blessing shower on you today as you turn a new age friend’s mother, you are a blessing to me and I always appreciate you.
  • You are a perfect example of a woman strong enough to run the world friend’s mother and I hope you live longer than us all so you can prove me right, to 100001 years and more, hearty birthday.
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  • May this birthday be more exciting than the last one friend’s mother; you are growing more graceful with each birthday that passes. Have a grand one.
  • You are one of the best moms around, I hope you grow happier with each year that passes, and you are a gift to this society.
Thanks for giving birth to suck a lovely son who is my friend.

Thanks for giving birth to suck a lovely son who is my friend.


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Cute Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Mother

  • I may not have much, but appreciate the words I write down for you friend’s mom, for they come from the deepest part of my heart. Happy Birthday and be blessed.
  • You teach me more each time I’m around ma’am, that is why I like hanging out at your place, have a fun birthday!
  • I appreciate you, for through it all, you sacrificed and took your time to make my friend the person he (she) is today. Have an awesome birthday awesome mom.
  • May you always have and may you never lack, this is my wish to you friend’s mom. You deserve all the cake and candy.
  • You are really a remarkable person and I’m sure I will never forget you. Have fun on your birthday for you only get one chance to live friend’s ma’.
  • Words are never enough to describe a mom, you are more than what we see, I love and adore you great lady, for you are a mom worth more years than this.
  • I may not be as good as your son, but you have never treated me any differently, for that, have a beautiful birthday full of happiness and love.
  • What a mother you are, I dare not call you my friend’s mother because you looked after us both as we grow up. May your days be good and long. Happy Birthday to the mother of my cute friend.
  • Welcome to another year of your birthday, I hope you get to enjoy this birthday for it’s specially made for you.
  • Happy Birthday ma’am, each angel sings for you and the stars shine extra bright for you tonight, may this birthday bring you joy and laughter as you blow out those candles.

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