100 Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday Wishes

A little joy and laughter really brightens any day and that’s why sending a funny or hilarious birthday message to that special someone can really go a long way in changing their mood for the day. Birthday wishes say a lot to the ones that are closest to you. Below are some funny birthday wishes which I can call safe humor, you’ll make the recipient laugh and just like Dracula of hotel Transylvania 2’s words to Johnny “you’ll keep them happy, but not too happy” that they forget the rest of their day. Take a chance on one of these and form a smile on your loved one’s face:

Hilarious and Funny Birthday Wishes

  • Say goodbye to Tom & Jerry. It’s the time to start watching elderly movies and series. Happy Birthday full of bad people like me.
  • Help me to pick out a suitable gift for you. I just don’t know more about elderly gifts on their birthdays.
  • Wear the birthday cap and blow out the candles. It’s so funny to see a person with wrinkles doing this. Happy birthday!
  • Being old is not a bad thing, But being ancient is. Happy Birthday!
  • Aging is the way of getting more experience. Be happy that you’re doing that. Happy Birthday!
  • The more time I spend with you, the more your face gets wrinkled, don’t worry, I won’t be going away any time soon. Hearty birthday oldie!
Happy Birthday! Get a job as a clown to hide your face wrinkles.

Happy Birthday! Get a job as a clown to hide your face wrinkles.


  • Another day another wish, for a special person whose hair grows as much as weeds, here is a shaver to make you younger than me. Happy Birthday chap!
  • Enjoy this birthday for it may be your last with teeth, don’t bite on the candy too hard for it may make the rot ones fall, have a birthday free off cavity.
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  • Enjoy every moment of your life. May everything bring you something new. Happy birthday. Sorry, I forgot your present in a taxi.
  • My message is not late. I just waited to see you as an old man with wrinkles to wish you the gray hair.
  • Happy Birthday full of money in your pockets, cans on the tables and cake in our stomachs. Happy funny birthday.
Happy Birthday and have fun.

Happy Birthday and have fun.


Funny Birthday Wishes for a Friend

  • Your appearance is fine as long as you still have teeth. Enjoy your day my friend.
  • Many famous people were born on your birthday, but I’m the only one who knows you! 🙂 Happy Birthday dude!
  • Don’t trust your girl if she told you that every year you look younger. It’s a lie. You’re getting older. 🙂 Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Friends
  • Use the pink color to decorate your home from outside to attract cute girls. Don’t always believe me. 🙂 Happy Birthday!
  • I tried to remember the important event of my day, but I couldn’t. You should use leaflets to remind us of your birthday. Happy Birthday, from your worst friend.
Happy Birthday to your gray hair.

Happy Birthday to your gray hair.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

  • They say the only way to beat old age is having lesser and lesser people wishing you a Happy Birthday so I’ll skip the chit chat and hope some cake will be there so I can enjoy.
  • Don’t be afraid of death man. You still have time for many birthdays. Wishing you a long life and Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Best Friend
  • Happy Birthday to the best crazy friend. Enjoy every moment slowly to protect your old legs.
  • Oh today’s your birthday; I can come tomorrow as I don’t like birthdays noise. Just smile and Happy Birthday best friend.
  • Happy Birthday to me. Don’t worry, I’m you and yours is mine. Let’s say again, Happy Birthday to us.
Happy Birthday to a person who will be toothless soon.

Happy Birthday to a person who will be toothless soon.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • I’ve been roaming all the city just to get you this special present for your special day. Kindly accept this candy for your birthday. Just make sure you don’t share. Happy Birthday sis!
  • Enjoy the cakes and sweets right now for there will come a time when you’ll have to watch your weight for your man. 😀 Happy Birthday!
  • Birthday Wishes for Sister
  • Keep your hair away from candles. We don’t need to see a white hair burning. Happy birthday old girl.
  • I hope to see your face covered with the cake. I wait to laugh at that. Happy Birthday my naughty sister!
  • Happy Birthday! May you grow faster with wrinkles on your face. May you grow to be toothless so you may not talk too much. May you grow to be a granny.
Happy Birthday to my very old friend.

Happy Birthday to my very old friend.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • Why Do all people say: “Happy Birthday bro”?! As you get older, you should have a sad birthday bro. 🙂
  • You could no longer use scissors to open the gifts bro. I guess you should ask me to help you. Happy Birthday, old one.
  • If our grandfather is going to attend your B-day, You should ask him to teach you. You will look like him soon. 🙂 Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Brother
  • I need to give you some funny wishes bro, but I can’t find one. Help me to get it.
  • My granny said, no chicken for your birthday until she grows back new teeth. Happy Birthday, king, enjoy to the fullest.
Look at this beautiful boy, he's growing so fast.

Look at this beautiful boy, he’s growing so fast.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife – Girlfriend

  • Every flower wishes you a happy birthday. Make it pink to make the flowers happy. Enjoy darling!
  • If the candlelight hurts your finger, An ice cube will be my gift to you. Happy Birthday cute girl!
  • Don’t trust your friends who tell you that you’re still strong. Over 30, you can’t carry B-day balloons. Happy Birthday, Grandma.
  • Romantic Birthday Wishes
  • Sweetheart, Don’t eat a lot of chocolate or you have teeth problems, especially if you’re getting old. 🙂 Happy Sweet Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl who prefers the pink cake. Let’s slice it.
  • I’m gonna buy a black cat costume for you. I think you know why? 🙂 Happy Birthday love!
Happy Birthday! No Tom & Jerry anymore.

Happy Birthday! No Tom & Jerry anymore.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband – Boyfriend

  • Don’t surrender baby. There’s still hope. You can just walk to the table and blow out candles. It’s a simple work for elderly. 🙂 Happy Birthday!
  • Don’t say that cake taste is bitter. Everyone will think that you’re really an old man. Make it a birthday of a young man. 🙂 Happy Birthday baby!
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  • If you have wings to fly and just want to try, you will fall and die. Keep walking baby, you’re very old.
  • It’s the first time for me to attend your birthday party. If no cakes, It will be the last time. Happy Birthday my man.
Funny Birthday Cards

Say goodbye to Naruto, it’s the time to start watching elderly movies and series. Happy Birthday!


Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom

  • With age comes greatness. If I said you’re the greatest mom, you may get angry! 🙂 Happy Birthday mom.
  • Neighbors get mad of your parties, so please try to cancel this birthday, mom. Oh, it’s a joke! Happy Birthday!
  • Birthday Wishes for Mom
  • one day, we will attend your 50th birthday mom, but love is love whatever we are. 🙂
  • How old are you? Oh, I forgot, Women hate this question. My mistake, Happy Birthday mom.
Happy Birthday to the old woman.

Happy Birthday to the old woman.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Dad

  • When you feel that you can hardly walk, I will be your support dad. I prefer to help the elderly. Happy Birthday, old man.
  • You’re getting old dad, don’t believe the wishes about your age, they’re just compliments. 🙂 Happy Birthday!
  • Birthday Wishes for Dad
  • On your Birthday, Fill the balloons with money. Don’t tell anyone otherwise balloons will vanish. 🙂 Happy Birthday rich dad.
  • Happy Birthday daddy, I need some money to get your birthday cake and candy. 🙂

Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • You’re so unlucky on this special day of yours. The cake dealers are having a problem processing only your order. But your mom made you this lovely pie with candles. Happy Birthday sweetie, enjoy your day.
  • Look outside. Frogs can’t jump. They stopped to watch your B-day party. 🙂 Happy birthday sweet daughter.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter
  • I never forget your birthday, sweetie, but I don’t want to remember your age. Happy Birthday old girl.
  • I spent about 3 months trying to get the best funny wishes for you, and when I failed, your dad told me that “Happy Birthday” is enough. How wise he’s. 🙂
Hey, old man, Happy Birthday!

Hey, old man, Happy Birthday!


Funny Birthday Wishes for Son

  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away; that’s why I brought you a basket full of fruits instead of chocolates. Have a great day son.
  • Oh My God, the baby’s growing up. Happy Birthday, big baby.
  • Birthday Wishes for Son
  • If you got heart attack in the celebration, wave for mom to give you the medicine. Happy Birthday old one!
  • I want to see you like Spiderman on your birthday. Let’s have fun, my kid. Happy Birthday!

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