Happy Birthday Sister in Heaven – Sentimental Messages

I have a sister and I know losing her would devastate me in a way I cannot even begin to imagine, even dreams of me losing her make me frightened so I can’t really say that I understand what one would go through if they lost someone who meant as much to them.

Happy Birthday sister in heaven!

Even though their bodies are not around, I believe their spirits live within us and that we should celebrate them on their birthdays even when they are gone. Share one of the birthday messages here below with your sister in heaven and put a smile in your heart:

Happy Birthday Wishes and Cards for Sister in Heaven

  • No one can ever measure up to you sis, you were amazing and I miss you more each birthday. May you continue to rest in peace.
  • I can’t wait to celebrate you this weekend. It is going to be filled with the beautiful emotions you left behind to enjoy. Have a wonderful time in God’s bosom. Happy Birthday in heaven!
  • Love can be touched physically. You showed me the perfect love all through your stay on earth. I love you sister. Happy Birthday in heaven and I hope to see you again someday.
  • Cakes, Ice cream, and candles. This shows that I’m overly excited about your birthday sister. But it’s a pity you can’t be here to enjoy with me. Enjoy eternal rest, till we meet again.
  • I may never get the answers to the questions I keep asking myself, I can only hope that heaven is kind to you sis and that you are celebrating your birthday in style.
  • If I could get one more day with you, I would hold you so tight and never let go. But everything has a purpose and I can only hope you’re celebrating your birthday happily in heaven sis.
  • I wish I could trade places with you sis, I miss you terribly and sometimes it hurts so bad, but today is a happy day for me because we’re celebrating you.
  • May each and every angel dance with you as you celebrate today; have a fantastic day in heaven sis. I miss you so much!
  • I try hard not to cry, I try not to think of what we would be doing right now. I just hope you have an amazing birthday in heaven sis and you’re still loved.

For Elder Sister in Heaven

  • Even though you exist no more, but all through your stay here on earth, you treated me with the love of a mother. I love you so much sis. Happy Birthday in heaven Sister.
  • Heaven seems far, but I can still feel your love flow down towards me. I love you and will always do. A warm Bday in heaven sister.
  • Distance is only a factor as it relates to time and space. But your thoughts are always with me, making me feel your gentle presence. Have a birthday in peace my elder sister.
  • Best greetings for the sister who helped me fight all the terrible monsters that were in my closet. I still remember. You are such a blessing. Rest in peace.
  • It is a privilege to have you come to me as a sister. All your care and love have surely made you to inherit heaven, the rightful place for people like you. Happy Birthday over there.

For Little Sister in Heaven

  • I will never forget you my little sister, you were the cutest thing in the world for me and I wish I had more time with you. Enjoy your day, I love you!
  • Great and unforgettable sisters have wings and they can fly all around. Your invincible presence sister, has always been a blessing to me. Happy Birthday my angel.
  • Wear your favorite color sister. I can still feel your presence strapped in my subconscious. You are a blessing to have been around me. Happy Birthday in heaven sis.

For Baby Sister in Heaven

  • I wish to see your baby face and be there to wish you a nice birthday one-on-one. But I know you can hear me from there. Smile wherever you are.
  • You are a sweetheart to me. Your cute eyes were the most beautiful eyes I knew. Happy Birthday my baby sister. May angels play with you in heaven.
  • May God’s peace keep you and guide you through the streets of heaven. Amen. Smiles and laughter never depart from your lips. Happy Birthday baby sis, we miss you so much here.

For My Twin Sister in Heaven

  • Life is a bundle of relationships. I’m pleased to be your copy on earth. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful sister. Enjoy heaven and we will surely meet soon.
  • I love you so much that I had planned to get two cakes for all the years we have spent together as a twin. Happy Birthday in heaven sister.
  • I hope you are happier in heaven sis, may you celebrate your birthday to the fullest and may only good memories fill my mind. I miss you my twin sister!

For My Sister-in-Law in Heaven

  • Shouts of praise and words of joy are the only things you hear now. God has finally rewarded all your labors of love. Happy Birthday in heaven sister-in-law.
  • Love is a bridge that takes people from being mortals to immortals. You have a lot of this love hence you were called to be with the Maker of Love. Happy Birthday in heaven Sister-in-law.
  • I look into your life that stands out the fact that I know the angels will be glad to have you in their midst. Enjoy your time in heaven.

Sentimental Birthday Messages for Deceased Sister

  • You are definitely an angel in heaven sis; I miss you and wish you were here so we could eat cake together. I’ll always celebrate you sis. I love you!
  • You were my best friend and the one I shared everything with; I still find it hard to cope with you in heaven. But I wish you an amazing birthday, I still celebrate you sis.
  • I wish you an amazing birthday sis, you may not be here so we can celebrate it together, but you are on my mind and thoughts and I hope you are enjoying your day in heaven!
  • I’ll never understand why only the good die young, but have a fabulous day sis, you are always missed, loved and remembered.
  • I wish you a fantastic birthday sis, may everything work out for you as you dance and sing with the angels in heaven. I miss you so much!
  • Each day gets harder when you are not around, but I believe you are watching over me and that you are smiling. I will always celebrate you sis.
  • I wish I shared more time with you sis, I miss you so much and I don’t really quite understand why it had to happen the way it did. Enjoy your birthday in heaven.
  • Heaven received you with a smile and was glad that you had come in when you did. Enjoy the feel of bliss and excitement. Happy Birthday in heaven sister.
  • You were an amazingly important part of my life and losing you was a blow I haven’t quite recovered from yet. Have a great day in heaven sis, I miss you!
  • I hope the angels sing a special song for you today sis, I miss you and will always celebrate you. Hearty birthday!

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