Happy Birthday in Heaven! 100+ Heavenly Wishes

Losing a dear one doesn’t mean you can’t talk anymore; wishing the deceased close ones on their birthday is an indirect way to calm your heart and heal your wound. They are in heaven, and sending a birthday message to someone in heaven won’t be weird, but these messages reach the person at the same moment.

Happy Birthday in Heaven!

Heavenly birthday wishes are always sentimental because they come from a sad heart to wish a peaceful afterlife. Check out our big list of ways to say Happy Birthday in heaven.

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Here are some general ways to say Happy Birthday in Heaven to a dear one.

  • Happy Birthday in Heaven! You were amazing in life, and I’m sure you are still amazing in afterlife.
  • Happy Birthday to someone I miss so much.
  • A human signed out, an angel signed in. Sending the best wishes for you in heaven.

Perfect people leave earlier, and you're amazingly perfect. Happy Birthday in Heaven!

  • Today is going to be filled with the beautiful emotions you left behind. Happy Birthday in God’s bosom.
  • Heaven will help you celebrate your birthday in style; my prayers for you to be happy wherever you are.
  • I envy angels for having you right now and listening to your funny jokes. Keep your smile as heaven loves it. Happy Birthday!
  • May God’s peace keep you and guide you through the streets of heaven. I wish you a wonderful birthday in heaven, dear.
  • I feel your soul happy, so I wish angels have thrown a big party for you. Happy Heavenly Birthday!
  • You left a beautiful memory on the mind of everyone who knew you. Have a fantastic birthday in heaven, dear.
  • On your birthday, I hope you know that our memories are running in my thoughts. Rest in peace, my dear.
  • Will you have the birthday dance with angels? Happy Birthday, dear, in heaven!
  • Perfect people leave earlier, and you’re amazingly perfect. Happy Birthday in paradise!


Your mom has gone, but she still lives in your heart. It hurts, and you’re down, but wishing your mom a happy birthday in heaven will do a great change in you. Take a deep breath, relax, and check out our list of messages that will help you find a good way to say Happy Birthday, Mom, in heaven.

  • Have a good time celebrating with the angels while we, on earth, commemorate a beautiful and wonderful mom.
  • You passed, but I will never forget your birthday and how angelic you were and still are. Happy Birthday in heaven, mom!
  • I hate the fact that you are not here to celebrate with us, but I know you will do it your own way in heaven.

Happy Birthday, Mom, in heaven!

  • I could have bought you a gift on your birthday, mom, but I’m not sure if I can be fine every time I see it. I just hope you smile wherever you are.
  • Your life was an example to every living woman; your birthday reminds us of your traits, kind, caring and strong. Happy Birthday, my exemplary mom!
  • I miss you, mom. I will miss you every single day of my life. Happy Birthday in paradise!
  • Happy Heavenly Birthday to the best mother of this world and all other worlds.
  • Sending my warmest wishes to my mom who was and still are the best woman I’ve ever seen. I hope there’s angelic birthday candles to help you celebrate.
  • If Birthdays are celebrated in heavens, I implore the sky to organize the best and biggest party for my mother because she deserves the best.
  • The infinite wisdom you passed down to me will help me get over this. Happy Birthday, dear mom, in heaven!
  • Mom, your death made me have more appreciation to the people in my life, because they won’t live forever. Happy Birthday, my precious mother!
  • You were, still are and will always be the best mom in the world, I miss you and I’m always thankful for the time we spent together. I will always celebrate your birthday as you still live on in me.
  • I’m confused and lost without you; losing you was a stab to the heart and something I can never recover from. Have an amazing birthday in heaven, my dear mom. I love you.
  • Happy Birthday to the woman who lived her life fighting and won most of battles. Love you, mom.
  • A part of me is not here anymore. I missed you, mom, and missed everything of yours. Happy Birthday to you in heaven!
  • You were getting older to make me feel getting younger, but now, I’m really getting older without you. Everything is different and I’m trying to cope. Happy Birthday to a perfect mother!


Wherever your dad is, this world or the next, he is supposed to be celebrated and remembered during his birthday. Losing a dad is not easy, especially when you are at a young age. But when death comes, it has no warning and we can never really stop it from taking its course. Saying Happy Birthday Dad in heaven may give you closure, it may make a dull day happy for you. This’s a collection of heavenly birthday wishes for dad after death with many ways to tell him that you love him, miss him and celebrate him even though he is not here anymore.

  • Happy Birthday in heaven, Dad! May angels take care of you as you always did for me.
  • Dad, don’t worry, I’m safe and happy. I know that you think of me even though you’re with God. Happy Birthday in paradise!
  • You have been a great father and perfect teacher. I want to let you know that I keep your legacy flying high. Happy Birthday, Dad, in heaven!

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven!

  • Dad, you taught me how to find happiness, so I hope you found it in afterlife. Happy Birthday to my father in heaven!
  • Earth lost a wonderful dad, and heavens gained him. I miss you, dad, and wish you a marvelous birthday up there.
  • Dad, thanks for bringing me to the world, and for bringing happiness to this world and the other worlds.
  • If you had stayed much longer, I would have told you how thankful I’m to have a father like you. Thanks, Dad, and Happy Birthday in heaven!
  • You were and will always be a hero and a role model to me; you still inspire me even in heaven. Happy Birthday, Dad!
  • I was praying for your health, but now I can’t anymore, because you currently live with the Giver of Life. Enjoy a glorious birthday in heaven, dad, I love you.
  • Maybe this’s an extraordinary message, but it’s for the man who gave me an extraordinary life. Happy Birthday, my wonderful dad!
  • Dad, I’m still struggling to find my way, but I know I’ll get there because you are watching me from up there. Have a grand birthday in heaven.
  • The [man/woman] I’m today is because of what you did for me. Forever celebrating you, my dear dad.
  • Enjoy today in heaven, dad, and don’t worry about me; you taught me how to be brave and strong.
  • Having to live without you is hard, but living without you knowing you’re in heaven is a little better. I hope you’re happy, and you’ll get a cake for your birthday!


I have a sister and I know losing her would devastate me in a way I cannot even begin to imagine, even dreams of me losing her make me frightened, so I can’t really say that I understand what one would go through if they lost their sister. Even though your sister is not here anymore, I believe her spirit lives within you and that you should celebrate her on her birthdays. Share one of the birthday messages here below with your sister in heaven and put a smile in your heart.

  • God gave me a gift and then took it back; precious things never die. Happy Heavenly Birthday, Sister!
  • I will never forget you, my sister; you were the cutest thing in the world for me. Wishing you a peaceful birthday in heaven.
  • Happy Birthday, my baby sister! I miss your innocent baby face and hope I can see it one more time.

Happy Birthday sister in heaven!

  • Every candle you blew out on our birthdays can witness that fun with you is exceptional. Have fun today in heaven, my beautiful sister.
  • Your cute eyes were the most beautiful eyes I knew. My little sister, may angels play with you in heaven.
  • Trying not to think of what we would be doing right now. I just hope you have an amazing birthday in heaven, sis.
  • Losing you was a blow I can’t even believe it happened; I miss you, my sister, and wish you the best birthday there with angels.
  • Thank you for everything you did for me, I will never forget how kind you were. Happy Birthday to you in heaven!
  • You showed me the pure love all through your stay on Earth. I love you, sister, and wish you a happy birthday in heaven.
  • How I wish you were with me right now to help you blow out your birthday candles as we always did. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish I could trade places with you, sis, so what’s your birthday wish? I can still hear you.
  • Heaven seems far, but I can still feel your love flowing down towards me. I love you and will always do. Have a great birthday in heaven.
  • Best heavenly birthday wishes for someone who was a blessing in my life.
  • All your care and love made you deserve to inherit heaven. Happy Birthday in paradise!
  • Each day gets harder when you are not around, but I believe you are watching over me and pray for me. Happy Birthday to my sister in heaven!
  • Maybe I can’t see you anymore, but my soul, my mind and my heart can see you every single day. Thinking of you brings peace. Happy Birthday in heaven!
  • I said goodbye with tears, but heaven received you with a smile. Enjoy your birthday in heaven, sister.
  • Every balloon reminds me of the birthdays we celebrated together. Wishing you the best birthday in heaven, dear sis.


Sadness is a way to help you wish your brother a happy birthday in heaven. Tell him what you feel and what you remember by one of the following messages.

  • Happy Birthday, Brother! Enjoy endless peace in heaven with angels.
  • Rest is a place that every man wants to find; my brother, you reached it, you can now rest in peace.
  • You are one in a million, brother. No, one in a billion. In fact, you were matchless in every way. Happy Birthday in the land of no returns.
  • Wishing a happy birthday in heaven to the guy who was and still is the best brother in the world.
  • I tried everything to forget that you are no longer here, but it seems impossible. I miss you, bro. Have an awesome birthday in paradise.
  • If I could, I would visit heaven to hear your voice one last time. Happy Birthday, my amazing brother!
  • Heaven now enjoys the grace with which you passed Earth. I love you, brother.

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I feel you. Missing your wife means that you loved her more than anything else. Condolences to you, but you still can express what you feel and talk to her directly by one message with a good way to wish her a happy birthday in heaven.

  • I miss you, I miss your smile, your hug, your kiss. I will never forget you. Rest in peace and have a lovely birthday in heaven, my dear wife.
  • Your love is far-reaching to touch me from another world. I miss you and wish you the happiness wherever you’re.
  • Happy Birthday, my wife! Your heart was big enough to be called by heaven. I love you.
  • You always made a wish, but this time, I will do it. May angels sing you today, sweetheart. Happy Birthday in heaven!
  • Remembering that you were here with me on your last birthday brings my tears. I hope you are in a better place, and singing with joy.
  • Every day, my love for you grows stronger even after your death. My deepest wishes for you in heaven.
  • Nothing has been easier since you left, I still think of you and wish you were close to give you a birthday hug. Have a great one up in heaven, baby!


Love never dies, and that’s what you need to know when you want to wish your deceased husband a happy birthday. He will know, he cares, and he is waiting for your words on his birthday. Read the following messages to find the best way to say Happy Birthday Husband in Heaven.

  • I loved you, I love you, I will love you forever. Happy Birthday in Heaven, my love!
  • Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! Thanks for loving me, for taking care of me, and for being the best husband ever. I miss you and your touch.
  • I still can’t believe you left without a goodbye; I miss you more every day and wish you were here to share the cake I made for you. Have a wonderful birthday in heaven, dear husband.
  • You gave me the best years of my life, hubby; I still love you and hope you are resting peacefully with angels. Enjoy your superb day in heaven.
  • No one can ever take your place in my heart. Happy Birthday to my husband in heaven!
  • The sky is beautiful today; I know it’s you smiling at me from heavens. Happy Birthday to the best man ever!
  • The day you left is my everyday nightmare. Say something, honey. Find a way to tell me that everything is fine. Happy Birthday in heaven!

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Birthdays of people who are genuinely unique to us are essential either living or dead, because it serves as an avenue to appreciate their efforts. The precious list of messages will help you find a suitable way to say Happy Birthday in heaven, but some people prefer images like cards; you can also download happy birthday image for someone in heaven to keep feeling the peace whenever you look at it. Wishes on cards or just wishes, you will find the words you need to say.

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