50+ Wedding Wishes for Cousin To Complete Their Joy

Cousins have a special place in the heart, so on their wedding, one should be as supportive as they are. That’s why our specialists made this collection of wedding wishes for cousin to help you find the right words to write in the wedding card or social media post.

Weddings are the joyous occasions that bring families and friends together to celebrate the union and special moments of the couple. What if your cousin is the bride or groom? Marriage quotes should be your first choice when you know that they are getting married.

Wedding Wishes for Cousin

Showing your love and support to a newly married couple gives them the ease they need to go through with the marriage, and your cousin is not an exception. Here are some wedding wishes and congratulations you can send to that special cousin, wishing them a happy married life.

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Best Wedding Wishes for Cousin

  • Congratulations to the best cousin ever on [his/her] wedding.
  • Happy Married Life, Cuz! Your wedding day created a huge buzz.
  • Congratulations on your wedding, my dear cousin! May your joy never be cut short, and may your children surround your table.

Happy Married Life, Cousin!

  • Happy married life, cousin! Have fun and enjoy your home.
  • I wouldn’t change a thing about our experience together, but now you must move on to your new life. I wish you all the best, cuz.
  • The first time I saw you both together, I knew there’s this amazing chemistry you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I’m glad you’re together. Happy married life, cousin!
  • I bet there’s a lot of energy in you both to build a great home. Happy married life to my wonderful cousin and [her/his] soulmate.
  • Thank you, cousin, for reviving the happiness in our family. Wishing you a great and prosperous married life.
  • Hey cuz, as you step into a new line of responsibility, I wish you success, peace, and fulfillment. Happy Married Life!
  • Dear cousin, seeing you get married is a great fulfillment to me. I pray that you achieve all your heart desires through marriage. Congratulations!
  • Hearty congratulations on your marriage. May your love remain unbreakable, and may your marriage be one of the best in history.
  • Just like the ocean that never dries up, may the love in your home never dry up too. Congratulations, my cousin!
  • You two shine on earth like the stars in the sky. May your union be forever glorious. Congratulations, my wonderful cousin!

You two shine on earth like the stars in the sky. May your union be forever glorious. Congratulations, my wonderful cousin!

  • Love is all over the air today, but its dwelling in your home is the most important. I pray that your home will overcome every barrier. Happy married life, cousin!
  • There’s nothing as special as the way you two look at each other, I wish you a long and fulfilling marriage, dear cousin!
  • We have a promise, cousin, you did it first, so you can be by my side when I get to do it. Congrats on your marriage!
  • May this day make you happier than anyone else, you deserve the best. Congrats, my favorite cousin!
  • I’m happy to be a part of your marriage ceremony, cuz. I wish you happily ever after!
  • Have a great wedding and even greater honeymoon, you two are definitely meant to be the sweetest couple. Congratulations, my cousin!
  • May the marriage of my dear cousin be fruitful. Wishing you both an exceptional married life.
  • It’s a great thing to know that we will have a new friend and family member. Big congratulations to both of you.
  • Congratulations to my cousin and cousin-in-law! May you continue swimming in love, and may your joy increase bountifully.
  • At times, love in marriage can be like a guest who stays for a day, but clinging to each other will make the love grow stronger. Happy married life, cousin!
  • My precious cousin, I wish you a hitch-free marriage that is filled with pleasant memories.
  • Love is a beautiful thing; may you experience its beauty throughout your marriage. Happy Married Life to the greatest cousin ever!

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Funny Wedding Wishes for Cousin

  • Congrats, cuz! Waiting for ten babies this year.

Congrats CUZ! Waiting for 10 babies this year.

  • My cousin, marriage is not a game. Got it? I hope I won’t see you run after your partner literally one day.
  • It’s a prison, even if you can’t say it. Isn’t it, cuz?
  • Dear cousin, You’ve taken the decision to become “married” on social media; I hope you never regret this decision. Wishing you the best in your marriage.

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Wedding Wishes for Cousin Sister

Here are some wedding wishes and congratulations for a female cousin.

  • Happy Married Life, Cousin! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness with your husband.

Happy Married Life, Cousin! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness with your husband.

  • As you love your family, may your husband love you sincerely forever. Happy Married Life, my sweet cousin!
  • Congratulations, cousin! As you get married to this man today, don’t forget that he is your husband and your son as well; take care of him.
  • Respect him because he’s your husband; love him like a mother loves her son and he’ll love you forever and treat you with extreme dignity. Happy married life, my sweet cousin.
  • It’s always hard to let go of your previous home, especially if you’re a mummy’s pet. Anyway, you have to cling to your husband now. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations to my beautiful cousin on being the cutest bride ever.
  • It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating my cousin and the love of her life. You’re amazing, and I’m sure you will make him happy. Have a grand married life, sweetie!
  • May you have an awesome experience shouldering the responsibility of a wife. I wish you a happy married life.

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Marriage Wishes for Cousin Brother

  • Since your engagement to that lady, you’ve not been home. Now that you’re getting married, only God knows when you’ll be back. Happy married life, my cool cousin!

Since your engagement to that lady, you've not been home. Now that you're getting married, only God knows when you'll be back. Happy married life, my cool cousin!

  • Wishing my handsome cousin a happy married life with his bride.
  • Dear cousin, I’ve always known you to be strong and upright. Even if you want to fall, fall in love over and over again with your wife. Happy Married Life!
  • Getting married means you’ll have to bear a lot of things. Today you become not only her husband but also her father. Best wishes, cuz.
  • You have been a perfectly amazing cousin for me, so I’m sure you will be a perfectly amazing husband for her. Congratulations, dear!
  • Her love really changed your life, and her charm made you stutter at times, but that got the best out of you. Happy married life, my great cousin!
  • Your life got better the moment you allowed this damsel to enter your heart. May God bless your new home.
  • I’m glad for the kind of wife you have; she’ll make you drop those bad habits of yours, or else you’ll get roasted. Happy Married Life!

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Your cousin is going to leave the fun life you had together for a very different life with his/her soulmate. However, they deserve your congratulatory message that you will wish them a happy married life through it. Heartfelt and funny wedding wishes for a cousin will help you find the perfect wording for the message to send to your cousin brother or cousin sister, and their day will never be forgotten.

Last Updated on April 15, 2024

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