70+ Funny Wedding Wishes and Messages

Weddings are celebrated in more ways than one, so instead of making the wedding all about giving the bride away to her new family and saying farewell to the once-single man, it should be fun. Instead of going for the boring obvious marriage wishes, why not mix them up with a little humor? Sending funny wedding wishes to the newly married couple can make their day, but it’s not just about fun. You have to end your message with blessings and wishes, as it’s all about congratulations.

Funny Wedding Messages

This is a list of some funny wedding messages that will make the newlyweds smile. Find the perfect message and send it to your friend, colleague, relative, or sibling, congratulating them on getting married.

Funny Wedding Wishes Messages

  • Congratulations on embarking on this journey of togetherness that’s called marriage. Remember not to go to bed pants and be ready for all that comes at night. Congrats on your wedding!
  • Good luck and Congratulations! Now, get ready for daily fights.

Good luck and Congratulations. Now, get ready for daily fights.

  • I’m so glad that you are getting married first. Now you can tell me everything about what not to do. That way, my marriage will be forever happy.
  • Congratulations, my dear friend! It is like a beautiful entry into a maze with no exit. You have to enjoy every bit of the road, even if there is no end.
  • The best day in most people’s life is their wedding day, and the worst one is every day after marriage. I hope you’ll be happy every day in your marriage. Congratulations!
  • The fairy tale about marriage is that the secret to a happily ever after doesn’t really exist. However, I’m wishing both of you a happy married life.
  • Congratulations to the beautiful bride and the handsome groom! Hope you won’t say it soon: “We were in a hurry to get married.”
  • Marriage is an institution where everything about it is expensive. Expensive ring, expensive ceremony, expensive home. Happy expensive life, my friend.
  • Congratulations on your success; at last, the hunter hunted the duck. Wishing you a very happy married life ahead.
  • Jumping from a running train is easier than standing by the married life. Anyway, I wish you all the best for your life.

Jumping from a running train is easier than standing by the married life. Anyway, Best Wishes.

  • Welcome to the public washroom of marriage. Now you are in the queue of those who are desperate to come out. Have a wonderful married life.
  • Enjoy today as much as you can, because after that, the carefree life will be demolished. Have a great wedding day.
  • Marriage is a temporary period of happiness, but then it becomes complicated because you have seen the dream of a fairy and you find a phantom at the end. Good Luck! Enjoy your time.
  • Finally, time is over. You have enjoyed loads of fun on your bed before marriage; now get ready for midnight squabbles. Happy Marriage!
  • Being married is like making deals of love with many for the cynicism of one. Congratulations!
  • Marriage is like walking in a park of senseless animals; consider yourself a Jurassic king if you have a bit of sense. Anyway, Happy Married Life!
  • From the bottom of your heart, accept your life sentence. There is no prison break; even Scofield won’t be able to break you out. I wish you a happy marriage.

From the bottom of your heart, accept your life sentence. There is no prison break; even Scofield won't be able to break you out

  • Marriage is the lone warfare where you have to sleep with your enemy and the next day you have to talk happily without caring how much you were disturbed last time. Good luck! Happy Marriage!
  • After the wedding, exclude ‘No’ from your life’s dictionary. Just bow your head down and keep saying ‘Yes’ when you’re called for something to do. Congratulations on your marriage!
  • Your partner is the only person in the world who tolerates your annoying relatives, smells your morning breath, sees your worst version and your bad habits, but still loves you. Don’t ever lose [him/her]. Wishing you the best married life.
  • This must be the most romantic day for both of you. I hope it turns out to be all you hoped for and more. Remember, days like these really drain bank accounts, so enjoy it completely.
  • I hope you have a great time as you celebrate the prison you are locking yourself into. You chose your prison mate wisely, so don’t worry.
  • Love can be sweet and it still can be bitter, I hope you won’t find out what lies in between. Cheers to the good and bad times! I’m really happy for you.
  • In life, it is always good to keep our eyes open, but when you get married, I hope you find the courage to keep them shut. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • When you marry, you not only accept each other, but you also accept the baggage that comes with your better half. I hope you have the power to carry all the baggage (mother-in-law). Cheers, lads!
  • Congrats on getting married! You two are now forever entwined with some of the craziest moments. You are going to get fat together, complain, and be happy. Awesome!
  • Welcome to the world of emotional psychodrama. Enjoy being a participant in this session. May God bless you, dear.

Welcome to the world of emotional psychodrama. Congrats on your wedding.

  • This is what I have to say to you. You are a very brave soul who will endure the marriage and become better than all of us. Good luck, and Godspeed.
  • What you see now is not what you are likely to see in 10 years, so no matter how tough things get, remember your vows to each other.
  • Together forever; that means through all the crap, through all the good times, and, oh, through all the bills. Love you, guys. Congratulations!

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Funny Wedding Wishes for Friend and Best Friend

  • I have no idea what to expect, but if you ignore me because you got married, I will publish your secrets. Congratulations, my dear friend!

If you ignore me because you got married, I will publish your secrets. Congratulations, my dear friend.

  • You know what! It’s time for us to get crazy. This is your last night as a single man. You are tying the knot. Once that knot is tied, you don’t get to untie it, and you trip over your shoes. Wooooo!!!
  • I don’t know many people who are happy in their marriage. I hope you will conquer marriage like Genghis Khan conquered Asia.
  • And now, we will never hang out again because married life is hurried. We will miss you. We will keep your chair empty in your honor. Enjoy!
  • Congratulations to my smart friend and to the woman who landed a smart guy. Wishing you a great married life.
  • I need to believe that what you are doing is for the betterment of all of us, because I think you have absolutely lost your mind. Well, before you get married, we have to have one last night hanging out.
  • Congrats, dear friend! You are daring to do what most men don’t dare to do. We think you are crazy, but we still love you!

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Funny Wedding Congratulations for Sister

  • My sister, congratulations on adopting a new boy! Now, it’s your responsibility to handle him throughout your life together. Wishing you a happy marriage.

My sister, congratulations on adopting a new boy.

  • Now my ears can rest from the noise you always make in my room. I hope you won’t disturb your new neighbors. Happy married life, sister!
  • Keep flirting with your husband to make your dreams come true. Wishing you a lovely marriage, sis.
  • Husbands consider themselves the heroes of their wives, but they really are the heroes of their girlfriends. Keep being his girlfriend, even after marriage.

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Funny Wedding Messages for Brother

  • Sorry, my brother; it’s too late to run, you’re already caught in this trap. No more night parties, no more strange phone calls, no more secrets. Enjoy your beautiful home. Happy married life!

Sorry, my brother; it’s too late to run, you’re already caught in this trap. Congratulations!

  • Get ready to be Johnny Bravo. No matter how you try to impress her, your back will always be kicked. Happy Married Life, Brother!
  • Happy married life to my dear brother who is a gentleman at home and a troublesome man away from home. Hope your marriage will entrap your troubles. Enjoy your home, buddy.
  • Congratulations, my little brother! You are finally going to be responsible; it’s indeed a new chapter in your life, so write the story well.

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Hilarious Marriage Wishes for Groom

  • Congratulations, my friend! Hope this matrimony teaches you how to admit and shut up when you are wrong. I’ve been looking for a good platform to say this. Happy married life!
  • Can’t believe that a great wise hunter like you can get hunted. Thank God for the young girls in the community; now they can walk freely. Happy married life, naughty friend.
  • Congratulations to the guy who is going to hide his marital status on social media soon.
  • To the frog that turned into a handsome prince for this magnificent bride, I wish you guys all the best as you tie the knot. I hope you make lots of cute babies and a whole lot of memories together. Cheers!

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Humorous Marriage Wishes for Bride

  • Thank God you got married at last. Maybe this will help you get rid of your laziness because you’ll have to wash his dirty clothes and prepare his meal before he comes back from work. Happy married life!
  • Congratulations on your wedding! Get ready; as you see him smile today, you’ll one day see him frown, yell, and scream at you. Enjoy your conjugal bliss and stay out of trouble.
  • Congratulations to the bride! You turned this boy into a fine man, I hope he makes you as happy as you make him, or else we will all have to do something about it. Congratulations, guys!

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Funny Wedding Wishes for Daughter

  • If problems appeared in your marriage, we would get the lawyers armed and ready. All jokes aside, congrats, my sweet daughter.
  • Finally, my little girl is getting married, and her love story put a step into the wrestling ring. Wishing you a prosperous married life, my sweet daughter.
  • My daughter, bring your mind back from the seventh sky to the earth and enjoy the tough life. Have a great wedding, my dear.

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Funny Wedding Wishes for Son

  • Happy married life, my son! If you toy with that beautiful woman you just married, I’m gonna whoop you really hard. You are still my son anyway. Congratulations to the new couple!
  • Bearing the burden of a single man all the time is really a tough job. I wish you all the best with your bride.
  • I’m going to lose a troublemaker at home, so I’m waiting for a new little troublemaker from my dear son. Congratulations!
  • Well, now it’s the beginning of the end for you. No more nights out with guys, but at least you have a loving wife. Congrats!

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When the bride and groom manage their wedding plans, everything is going to be hard and stressful, so a funny wedding wish is good for them, and it’s exactly what they need to relax and laugh. If you’re a friend or a relative of the bride or groom, send them one of our funny wedding wishes and good luck messages.

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