Wedding Wishes for Cousin

Congratulations cousin on your wedding

Weddings are joyous occasions; they are occasions that bring both family and friends together to celebrate the union and special moments of the couple. Wedding wishes to a cousin on their wedding day is very important; it is a time where you get to say your goodbyes and hellos to the additional family member. Showing your love and support to a newly married couple gives them the ease they need to go through with the marriage. Remember, marriage is forever so choose your words carefully. Here are some wedding wishes you can send to that special cousin assuring them everything will be alright:

Wedding Congratulations Messages for Cousin

  • Since your engagement to that beautiful lady, you’ve not been home, now that you’re getting married, only God knows when you’ll be back. 🙂 Happy married life cousin.
  • When you’re all alone, I’m gonna walk you from the dark side to the bright light on the other side. You’re a cousin who I take as my blood. Happy Birthday cousin. Enjoy your day.
  • To go far in life, you must learn, unlearn and relearn. Don’t be so rigid and don’t give your parents headache in raising you. Enjoy a good and precious life. Happy Birthday cousin.
  • I have enjoyed some level of success not because I was lucky all through, but because I have taken my own destiny to my hands. Do the same and you’ll get there. Happy Birthday cousin.
  • Happy married life cousin, I hope you know that it’s an institution invented to bring together two completely different individuals. So work hard to have fun. Enjoy your home.
  • Marriage isn’t a game, but there are games in it and it requires acute intelligence to play them. I wish you well cousin. Happy married life.


  • Happy married life cousin, as you get married to this man today, he is your husband and also your son. Take care of him. Enjoy your beautiful home.
  • Getting married to a woman means you’ll have to bear a lot of things, today you become not only her husband but also her father. Happy married life cousin.
  • Respect him because he’s your husband, love him like a mother would love her son and he’ll love you forever and treat you with extreme dignity. Happy married life cousin.
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  • I wouldn’t change a thing about our experience together, but now you must move on to your new life. Happy married life cousin. I wish you all the best.
  • I see your relationship all along and I knew it’s going to come to this, even though you kept it as a secret. 😀 Happy married life cousin.
  • It started with you holding hands, which is something simple but I never see you do it before. So I knew the girl was really special to you. Happy married life cousin.

Wedding Wishes for Cousin

  • It’s always hard to let go of your previous home especially if you’re a mummy’s pet. 🙂 But you have to cling tight to your husband now. Happy married life cousin.
  • The first time I saw you two together, I knew there’s this definitive chemistry you wouldn’t find just anywhere else. I’m glad you’re together. Happy married life cousin.
  • Finally, you’ve tied the knot with this cute lady that gave you a really tough time. 😀 I’m happy that you both made it pass. Happy married life cousin.
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  • Happy married life my wonderful cousin, I always remember when you won’t let me rest with the need for advice concerning your love for this angel. I’m glad you took to the advice. 🙂
  • I’m really glad you broke up once during your courtship, it actually made you see things from the right point of view and now you got it right. Happy Married life cousin.
  • You two are stars on earth and seeing you together makes other stars of the earth shine so bright. May your union be forever glorious. Happy married life.
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  • Your union makes me to still believe in this present world of ours, I now believe that good, decent and polite couple could still exist. I’m happy for you. Happy married life cousin.
  • With your union, you two are definitely heading to the sky, it’s a thing of joy that my cousin finally pulls this string. 😀 Happy married life cousin.
  • Your love really changed the life of my cousin, your charm made him stutter at times. 🙂 But that got the best out of him. Happy married life cousin.
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  • Your life only got better from its wretched state the moment you allow this damsel into your little life. 🙂 Happy married life cousin. May God bless your new home.
  • Love is all over the air today, but it’s in dwelling in your home is the most important. I pray that your home will overcome every barrier. Happy married life cousin.
  • I can perceive there is a whole lot of energy in you both to build a great home, I pray that the energy will never subside. Happy married life cousin.

Wedding Congratulations Messages for Cousin

  • May this wedding give you more reasons to rejoice and be happy dear cousin! I’m so happy for you, congratulations!
  • There is nothing as special as the way you two look at each other, I wish you a long and fulfilling marriage dear cousin!
  • May this day give you a million and one reasons to smile, you are following the right path. I hope you have a great time today dear!
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  • Have a great wedding, may all your plans and wishes come true, may you make each other utterly crazy and love each other to the end. Congrats cuz!
  • You look beautiful and he handsome, I can feel this is the right path for both of you, have a great time. I love you cousin!
  • Do it first so you can be by my side when I get to do it, we promised each other forever, I will always be here for you cousin. Congrats on your marriage!


  • It is such a grand occasion I never thought I’d be here sharing this joyous occasion with you, congrats cuz, you are loved!
  • May this day make you happier than anyone else I know of, you deserve the best, I hope you realize that! Congrats cuz!
  • I’m happy to be a part of your marriage ceremony; you two sure do make each other happy. I wish you a happily ever after!
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  • Have a great wedding and even greater honeymoon, you two are definitely meant to be. have a great time darling cousin!
  • I hope today is the beginning of something good, I hope you enjoy each and every day from today onwards. You two make a lovely couple. Congrats cuz!
  • I hope each day of your married life turns out to be amazing, may everything you’ve ever planned and thought of come to pass. Congrats cuz!
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Wedding Cards for Cousin

  • May you have more reasons to smile and be glad, may everything be as you’d planned. Congrats on your marriage cousin!
  • Have a great future together dear cousin, you two really look like you are in love, may everything go well with you. Congrats dears!
  • May your union bear fruits of joy, good will and endless love between you two. May you always make each other happy. Congrats cousin!
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  • It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating my cousin and the love of her life, you are amazing and I’m sure you will make him happy. Have a grand married life sweetie!
  • Have a great marriage and happily ever after, you two were definitely made for each other, congrats cousin and cousin in law.
  • Have a great marriage my dear cousin, it is the union of two people and I know you guys will definitely last a lifetime. Congrats dearies!


  • May this union not only bring you two together but your friends and families too. Congrats dear cousin, I know you’ll be happy!
  • Congrats on your wedding dear cousin, may the smile on your face today never fade off. I love you to the moon and back!
  • Congratulations cousin! Your friendship has grown into love and now marriage. I wish you the best as you explore this new journey of life.
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  • It’s been delightful seeing you grow up, and today you are all set for a new life. Here’s wishing you good luck, joy, and happiness. Happy Married Life cousin.
  • A house is built by hands but a home is built by hearts. As you step into a new line of responsibility, I wish you success, peace and fulfillment. Happy Married Life.
  • May your union bring forth goodwill, prosperity, and happiness. I wish you a Happy Married Life cousin.

Marriage Wishes for Cousin

  • May your love for each other never diminish, may you never lack joy in your home and may your marriage bring forth great things. Congratulations, wish you a Happy Married Life.
  • Today, you will marry the woman of your life, and I hope it will be forever. I wish to play with your kids sometime in the future. I wish you a Happy Married Life.
  • Dear cousin, I wish you a long-lasting, happy married life. Congratulations on this new milestone!
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  • Love is beautiful, love cannot go wrong. To you my cousin, I wish you all the good things that come with marriage. Live happily!
  • It’s a great thing to know that we will be having a new friend and family member. Big congratulations to both of you, I wish you a Happy Married Life.
  • Dear cousin, your happiness is my happiness. Seeing you get married is a great fulfillment to me. I pray that you achieve all your heart desires through marriage. Congratulations!
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  • Wishing you a Happy Married Life and hoping that your life together will be rich in joy and happiness.
  • Hearty congratulations on your marriage. May your love remain unbreakable and may your marriage be one of the best in history.
  • Dear cousin, as you embark on this incredible journey of marriage, may you experience good will and a plethora of blessings. Wishing you a Happy Married Life.
  • Congratulations to an amazing couple. May you continue dwelling in love and may your joy increase bountifully. Happy Married Life.
  • Just like the ocean never dry up, may the love in your home never dry up. Just like the sky is ever blue, may your marriage remain blossom ever. Congratulations!
  • Dear cousin, I’m happy you have taken the decision to become a part of the league of men. I do hope you never regret this decision. Wishing you the best in your marriage.
  • Love in marriage at times can be like the remembrance of a guest who stays but for a day, but clinging together will make the love grow stronger. Happy married life cousin.
  • Happy married life cousin, I’m glad for the kind of wife you have, she’ll make you drop those bad habits of yours. Or else you’ll get roasted. 🙂 Enjoy your new home.
  • Always remember that a great man outside should replicate his greatness at home, that’s where true greatness lies. Happy married life cousin.
  • Love is a beautiful thing. May you experience its beauty throughout your matrimony.
  • Congratulations on your marriage cousin. May the light of love and togetherness never be put off in your home.
  • May all the good things that come with marriage never elude you. May you have an awesome experience shouldering the responsibility of a husband. I wish you a Happy Married Life.
  • I’ve always known you to be strong and upright. Even if you want to fall, may you fall in love over and over again with your wife.
  • As you step out to tread on this new path together, I wish you a hitch-free marriage filled with pleasant memories.
  • Marriage is not void of difficulties and challenges. My honest wish for you is that you have the courage to go through the tough times and still love your partner wholeheartedly.
  • Congratulations on your wedding, may your blessings be abundant, may your joy never be cut short and may your children surround your table. Wishing you a Happy Married Life.

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