Happy 40th Birthday Wishes

40th Birthday Wishes for 40-Year-Olds

Never be afraid to turn a new age, you are only as old as you feel. Being forty is not that bad for anyone, although the challenges of growing old and facing some changes both physically and mentally may occur. If you have a friend turning forty, it’s nice to send them a little message of love and support as they turn forty. Remember, growing older is a blessing, it has never been a curse and it’s your duty to make a new forty year old appreciated, loved and at least young. Here are some messages you can send to a forty year old person:

40th Birthday Wishes for 40-Year-Olds

  • As the saying goes, life begins at 40, I wish you the best of everything you missed out in 39. With a big smile step into your new life ahead. Happy 40th Birthday, buddy.
  • There are many times during our life when we didn’t know what would happen. But now that we are forty years old, we know exactly what can and can’t happen. Happy 40th birthday! Enjoy!
  • I want to tell you something very important. Come closer. Are you ready? Happy Birthday! Just because you are 40 doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate!
  • We only have one shot at this life and I’m more than willing to take this moment and have a great time with you. Being 40 years old doesn’t matter. We can enjoy it regardless. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! Life’s actual fun begins at 40.
Happy 40th Birthday!

Happy 40th Birthday!


  • Age is just the numeric figure, holding happiness is the matter of vivid hearts which will be forever. Happy 40th birthday!
  • You still come in the younger category of older people. I wish you all the best for the rest of your life. May your life become healthier, wealthier and pleasurable. Happy 40th Birthday!
  • Add some spice and colors in your life. Don’t think you are old, life will be sizzling. Happy 40th Birthday!
  • Life is too short for regrets and sorrows. Enjoy your leftover time. Happy 40th birthday!
  • The biggest tragedy of life is the murder of your own vivaciousness. Being 40 is not a big deal to maintain yourself; you can if you really want. Happy 40th Birthday!
Happy 40th Birthday!

Happy 40th Birthday!


Funny 40th Birthday Wishes

  • Happy 40th birthday, buddy! It is time to celebrate and get down! Let’s not break any hips, legs or any other ligaments. 🙂 Have a good one.
  • Whether you are 20 or 40, your naughtiness is still constant. Happy Birthday!
  • Your naughtiness is covered by maturity and your foolishness is hidden by rationality. 🙂 May all your wishes come true.
  • You expect that I will tell you that you are still young and cute! Nah you’re old enough to buy a denture. Don’t be angry, it’s your birthday. Try to have a happy one. 🙂
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40th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

  • Oh man. You are ten years away from becoming half a century old. Welcome to the old times and Happy Birthday, my friend.
  • Having a friend who’s turning 40 is something strange. Shall I call you guy or old man now? That’s confusing; one main thing I can say it directly, Happy Birthday, my best friend.
  • You are such a great person. You have always been around for me through all these long years. Now on your 40th birthday, our friendship still goes strong. Happy Birthday!
  • Your 40th birthday is the other step towards your accomplishments whatever you’ve implanted in your early 30’s. Happy Birthday my friend.
  • Birthday Wishes for Friends
  • It is time to celebrate the best birthday of all time. We are going to party like we were half our age. Man, twenty years flew by. Happy Birthday, my friend.
  • I remember that it was just yesterday we were thirty. Now you are forty years old. That’s going to be crazy. Happy Birthday, old man.
  • Now you know what is going to happen when you become older. Happy Birthday, my 40-year-old friend. I wish you the best of luck because times are going to get crazier.
Happy Birthday my wise friend.

Happy Birthday my wise friend.


40th Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Our young boy has touched now 40, that’s cool. Now I can say that I have one intellectual friend. Enjoy your birthday, buddy!
  • Four decades of life have yet to be completed, let’s celebrate this fortieth year of your life. Happy Birthday son!
  • Happy 40th birthday son, you are neither too old to set your priorities again nor too young to repeat such mistakes. Be sensible and rational in your decisions.
  • Birthday Wishes for Son

40th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • It takes 40 years to hold this gratitude which finally becomes your attitude honey. Happy Birthday my girl!
  • The world is mad for smiling faces. No one cares for the sad faces. Get up and change your mood disorder into a happy go lucky young lady. Happy 40th birthday my daughter!
  • I can’t really say much, I have seen you grow into this amazing forty year old lady and I just look back, fold my arms and feel so proud. I hope you enjoy your 40th birthday honey, have a blast!!
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter
Happy 40th Birthday!

Happy 40th Birthday!


40th Birthday Wishes for Mom

  • They say life passes by really quickly and you should leave today like there is no tomorrow, surprise my mother, you are now 40, happy, healthy and alive. Happy Birthday!
  • Most mothers only dream of being as old as you are, having the wisdom that you have and enjoying each day as you do. Have a splendid day, my sweet mother, you deserve a lot of good things and more.
  • May this year be a box for throwing your sadness over the past years. May this birthday be a hook to catch all of your dreams. Happy 40th birthday mom!
  • Birthday Wishes for Mom

40th Birthday Wishes for Dad

  • The more people move towards aging, the more they become priceless. Happy 40th birthday my precious dad.
  • Happy Birthday, my 40 year old brilliant amazing father, I hope you enjoy this day and if you don’t, I’ll be here to make sure you do so, you are going to have an unforgettable time.
  • Happy fortieth birthday to the most amazing man in this world. I hope to spend eternity with you, have a great time and an awesome birthday, dad, you deserve it all.
  • Birthday Wishes for Dad
Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.


40th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • Happy Birthday Brother! I know that you are not going to get as crazy as you once did. But it doesn’t mean we can party like the older animals we are. As always, I’m here for you.
  • Now you are two times older than adults beginning age but still you are the bachelor. Get marry soon and enjoy your lovely day with your partner. Happy 40th birthday bro!
  • Celebrate the awesome day of your life bro, damn! You make forty years. I wish you a wonderful birthday!
  • Birthday Wishes for Brother

40th Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • 39 is the thing of the past. 40 is today. Life has its own ups and downs. Remember to be strong. May your new age open doors in your life. Happy 40th Birthday sister.
  • May your 40th birthday party be filled with intimate joy and fun and you become a happy-go-lucky woman. Happy Birthday sis!
  • Turning each age is a blessing, a gift of a year added to your life, I hope you get to enjoy each and every day of your life, each and every moment and season. Happy 40th birthday my little sister!!
  • Birthday Wishes for Sister
Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.


40th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

  • Forty years old? No problem. You are still young. You still are as beautiful as you were when you were thirty. Happy Birthday cousin!
  • Happy Birthday to the person who has 20 years stolen from his age. As you look young, enjoy your new age to be the handsome guy we all know.
  • You must be the luckiest newly forty years old I know, nobody has so much love and devotion, attention and appreciation as you do. I hope you have a blast on this day. Happy Birthday, my dear cousin!!
  • Birthday Wishes for Cousin

40th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

  • Wow, you have hit the big 40 years. You definitely have more years and experience than the average man. You have to tell me what it feels like and what are the best tips to use when you get older. Love you uncle! Happy Birthday!
  • You are an amazing uncle and I hope to keep you till you get toothless. I wouldn’t imagine life without you, so have a blast as you celebrate this time. Happy Birthday uncle!
  • Happy 40th birthday to the best uncle in this world, I will forever be proud of being a friend to you not just a nephew.
  • Birthday Wishes for Uncle



40th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

  • Oh wow! You are forty years old! You look so young though. I would have guessed you were 32 or something like that. Well, you are doing something right. Happy Birthday Auntie!
  • You are 40 years old but your physique tells the story of 20 years. Happy 40th birthday my sweet aunt!
  • Happy fortieth birthday, my dear aunt, you are an amazing woman and I know I will enjoy everything about today for a little while longer. I’m proud to be your niece.
  • Birthday Wishes for Aunt

40th Birthday Wishes for Colleague

  • Friends like you deserve all life-changing wishes on this amazing day. Thanks for making us smile always at work. May you have a fruitful celebration. Happy 40th Birthday, gentle soul.
  • As you are adding years in your life, you are getting more creative, idealistic and intellectual. Wishing you a very happy 40th birthday my friend.
  • Birthday Wishes for Colleague

40th Birthday Wishes for Boss

  • Happy 40th birthday boss! You are becoming a wise old man with every birthday that passes.
  • Wishing you the lifetime happiness, inner harmony, and right achievements. Happy 40th birthday boss!
  • Birthday Wishes for Boss
Whether you are 20 or 40, your naughtiness is still constant. Happy Birthday!

Whether you are 20 or 40, your naughtiness is still constant. Happy Birthday!


40th Birthday Wishes for Husband & Boyfriend

  • To the first one who wished me a happy day on my last birthday, I hope I’m the first one wishing you a glorious birthday baby. Enjoy your being 40 years old.
  • You have now a new step towards more opportunities and strengths. Happy 40th Birthday honey! May you get everything in advance.
  • I feel so blessed to have you by my side as you turn forty, I couldn’t be happier seeing you so close to me, sharing this day with you is a blessing I can never walk away from. So as you turn forty, know that I love you so much. Have a hearty birthday, my man.
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40th Birthday Wishes for Wife & Girlfriend

  • May your life becomes brighter than stars, more precious than diamonds and more aromatic than flowers. Happy 40th Birthday darling!
  • Age is counted by the numbers but the youth is measured by your creativity, talent and ideas that you bring in the lives of people you love most. So don’t worry, you are still a young girl. Happy 40th birthday sweetheart!
  • My birthday wishes for you are everlasting, they are as countless as the stars. I hope you enjoy each and every moment, my love. I love you a lot.
  • Romantic Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday precious lady.

Happy Birthday precious lady.


40th Birthday Wishes for Brother-in-Law

  • I have to get you an incredible birthday gift for your hitting the big forty years old. Not many people have been able to do that and as fantastic as you have. Happy Birthday for a man who has lived an inspiring life!
  • You are forty years old, don’t think you are old; you are still a fabulous man with graceful personality. Happy Birthday bro.
  • Birthday Wishes for Brother-in-Law

40th Birthday Wishes for Sister-in-Law

  • What can I say that you have never heard before? Happy 40th birthday, my sister-in-law. I hope that you have no regrets and that you lived a life that you loved. Have a good one.
  • What can I say! You sure as hell fooled us with your age, I still think you are beautiful, ambitious and a great friend and wish you nothing but a whole lot of wealth, health and joy as you turn forty. Have a cool birthday sis.
  • Birthday Wishes for Sister-in-Law

40th Birthday Wishes

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