42nd Birthday Wishes for 42-Year-Olds

Age is bliss and a blessing to anyone and everyone, birthdays are reasons to celebrate and be happy. Birthday wishes to a 42-year-old are not too tough to craft, I don’t know a lot of 42-year-olds, but I think people like their birthdays and no one likes them to be forgotten no matter the reason, be the reason someone has a smile on their face.

42 flowers are celebrating you. Happy 42nd Birthday!

Celebrating a 42-year-old on their birthday is important, so send them one of these 42nd birthday messages. They are simple, cheerful and hearty to make a person turning 42 feel the real happiness. Spread the cheer, share the cake with these words:

Happy 42nd Birthday Greeting Messages

  • Happy 42nd Birthday to you, dear elder brother. Glad for all the good times and the bad times we’ve been through. It made us tough and great today. Enjoy your good day.
  • You are here in the age range that starts the definition of old age. I have assurance that it’ll be a delightful adventure, just don’t get old quick. Happy 42nd Birthday dear wife.
  • May age 42 bring unto you, things against the norm and run of play of the present world. Happy 42nd Birthday dear.
  • It has been ascertained in accordance to the standards of aging that you are the youngest and the best 42nd year old man to be living. :) Happy 42nd Birthday Sir.
  • You have become a veteran in growing up. :D I hope you’ll take a pause for now or grow younger instead. Happy 42nd Birthday Dad. May it be glorious year ahead. Remain blessed.
  • When age like this comes, people start to think of 50, don’t ever think about clocking 50 just yet, enjoy your present age, may your life become better as you celebrate today. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • A mom like no other, how fast we grow up and we’ve forgotten you’re also growing old. But we wanna celebrate you today like it’s the greatest day of our lives. Happy 42nd Birthday mom.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday Dad. You told me of some of your dreams long ago, but I want you to know growing old mustn’t stop you from chasing after them. Enjoy the new adventure.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday super dad, you told us to enjoy today always, cuz tomorrow may never come. I’m telling you the same today dad, enjoy this day like it’s the last. I love you.
  • You told us the secret to managing stress, which is prioritizing one thought over the other. It worked like magic ever since then. Happy 42nd Birthday mom. We prioritize your joy today.
  • Thank you for finding me out of my darkness when I had no strength to help myself in any way. I will forever be thankful for your uncountable kindness. Happy 42nd Birthday friend.
  • One of my dreams is to travel the world with you, you deserve that and much more for giving everything for us till now. Happy 42nd Birthday mom. I love you so much.
  • A good woman gives birth to great children, because she’ll always make sure they do well in every way. You’re an example of a good woman. Happy 42nd Birthday to you sweetest mom.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday my darling, growing older with you seems like a dream come true and I will always and forever love you.
  • 42 already, how blessed I’m to be here now and seeing you grow older, wiser and heartier each year, may blessings follow you all the days of your life.
  • I know the best days of my life all start with you, I hope you enjoy your 42nd birthday and all the other candles you’ll have to blow.
  • Number 42 is a blessed number, it is the number you tell yourself you’ve seen all what life can offer but it is still the age where more is yet to come your way. Enjoy it.
  • Happy 42nd my dear friend, I can’t believe it’s been so long together, to very many more years my friend.
  • It’s too late to live with regrets; enjoy today and don’t worry about tomorrow, that is my wish for you as you turn 42 years today.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday woman of my life, I thought I had loved before, but meeting you took it to another level. I hope more people will experience our type of love, it’s the best.
  • A heroic mother, a mother like no other, a mother who gets the job done every time, especially when no one is aware. Happy 42nd Birthday sweetest mom. You are the best in my life.
  • You conquered every trial like a warrior, that’s why everyone is singing your praise today. We’re glad with your successes, it has brought liberation to a lot of people. Happy 42nd Birthday role model.
  • Today I wanna wish you a bundle of laughs and a Merry heart that will never take in pain of any kind again. Happy 42nd Birthday dear daddy. We wish you longevity of life.
  • Everyone is unique according to their purpose, and I’ve never seen a man who is so awesome at his purpose like you have been. Happy 42nd Birthday Sir. Keep climbing the stairs of age.

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your 42nd celebration.

  • Your contributions to the economy of this society took people by shock, no one could expect it from a lowly kind of person like you. May you continue to do well. Happy 42nd Birthday friend.
  • May age 42 be an age where you feel really good about everything in your life. May you feel less stress and may your joy be filled to the brim always. Stay blessed ma’am.
  • You never felt old to take care of your family and to influence us every time. You’re a really special man in every way that a man could be special. Happy 42nd Birthday Daddy.
  • You know what I like most in your personality is your humble nature and strong personality. Keep it up. Have a nice 42nd birthday.
  • I just learned the beauty of life and the way of happiness. You are my real mentor. I wish you a wonderful life. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my best buddy in the world. We have the same age, same experience and same date of birth. You are my companion of life. Stay blessed.
  • You mean a lot to me whether you are 42 or 82. We will be together till the end. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • May you get the best birthday this year and all your sorrows turned into true happiness. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • I love my life because you are my life. I wish you a very happy 42nd birthday. May all your wishes come true.
  • Just forget about your age and live every moment of life. May it bring everything new and exciting to you. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • Life has different stages. Don’t worry about getting old. Enjoy with stage joyfully. Wish you a very happy 42nd birthday.
  • Enjoy your today, tomorrow and every next day and keep it all a record, as you will miss all these loving memories in your old age. Wishing you a happy life. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • True happiness comes when you found the true companion. And you are my true partner. No doubt. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • With the passage of time you are getting older, but don’t worry you are getting wiser too. Wishing you the lifetime happiness and pleasure. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • Old age is like old wine. It gives better taste when it is old. So the best time of life is yet to come. Wishing you a very happy 42nd birthday.
  • You have an ocean of knowledge and a good sense of humor and I just love to spend time with you. Have a wonderful day. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • You look totally magnificent at the age of 42. Great charm, superb personality. Love you brother. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • Be happy and keep others happy. That must be the first priority for one’s life. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • May this beautiful smile always be put on your lips and you see much happiness in your life. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • You are a kind-hearted man with 42 years of experience. We all wish you a wonderful life. Happy Birthday.
  • You have now entered into the list of senior citizens. Enjoy this phase of life. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • All you need is the love. So I’m here for you to make your day. I wish you get all the things what you love most. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • You always give respect to me and measure me in the balance of love. Your devotion is my life. Happy 42nd Birthday, my dear husband. I wish you get the true pleasure of life.
  • You always see the true picture of life that helps others to give the real pleasure, not helping themselves. We wish you all the best. May you have a great life. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • You are the leader in our family. Your suggestions, advice, and opinions are so important for us. In fact, our lives owe you. We pay you all our heartfelt wishes on your birthday. May you have many more.
  • You did everything to keep all of us happy and in fact, you are still doing. May God bless you. We wish you a happy life. Happy 42nd Birthday.
  • Have a great and unforgettable 42nd birthday! May all your wishes come true and all your worries subside.
  • May this 42nd birthday be blissful full of love and cheer from everyone around. Enjoy yourself to the fullest.
  • Be the joy that stays in many people’s hearts. Happy 42nd birthday, more years for you and everything you hope for.
  • May this 42nd birthday be the best one yet, I love you and hope you forever have a reason to rejoice and be glad.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday dear one, you make the day light up with just your smile, I hope they stay intact as you grow even older.
  • My love for you never dies, never fades and always suffices anything. I hope you grow more lovable, honorable and knowledgeable. Happy 42nd dear!
  • May the grace of the Lord watch over you today as you turn 42 and every day of your life on this beautiful earth. Happy Birthday!
  • Make a lot of memories, so when you are double 42 you will have something to smile about and say you lived for. Happy Birthday!
  • Rejoice and be glad for it is your 42nd birthday, you have a lot to live for and a lot more is coming your way. Hearty Birthday!
  • I love the fact that I’m sharing your 42nd birthday with you, it brings me so much joy and peace when I see you age gracefully.
  • Be the joy of others and live a legacy of your awesomeness behind, I hope all your wishes come true as you blow out your 42 candles.
  • May this be the happiest birthday you’ve had so far, share some cake with your family and friends and see the magic of age. Happy 42nd dear!
  • It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating someone as special as you. Have fun on your 42nd birthday, remember, age is just a number. I love you!

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