6th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Happy 6th Birthday

There is no better feeling than being a kid and it’s your birthday, it not only feels like one of the greatest days ever, but also, it makes them feel older and more superior than they actually were. A 6 year old child has a way of making growing older feel like the most super thing that can happen to their lives. The only way of making sure they remember their 6th birthday is by sending them one of these amazing messages that will forever give them nostalgia of the day they had during their 6th birthday. Share a message of love and appreciation to get the desired results which will leave you with a smile broad enough to make a frog look bad. Here are the birthday messages you can share with a 6 year old child on their special time:

Birthday Wishes for 6-Year-Old Kids

  • I wonder where you get your cleverness from, because it’s just too much to imagine where it comes from. I hope you’ll keep it. Happy 6th Birthday.
  • Your growth is slow but steady and I’m OK with it, as long as you become a good person like me. Happy 6th Birthday my dear. Enjoy your special day.
  • Happy 6th Birthday sweetheart of mine, my heart melts whenever I see that you’re growing fast. Happy Birthday my little princess. Enjoy growing up.
  • Reaching the 6th age can raise parents’ blood pressure because of the commitment that the age requires. May you be source of joy and peace to your parents. Enjoy your special day.
  • Gentleness and lowliness are your significant value, there’s nothing I’ll want more than for you to keep that. Happy 6th Birthday one and only brother. God bless you, we love you dearly.
  • We are really pleased to have impacted you up till now, but our own lives wouldn’t have had much meaning without you in it. Thanks for beautifying our world. Happy 6th Birthday.


  • Age six is super cool because great things break forth at this age, even though you’ll hardly remember when you grow up. We your parents won’t forget. Happy 6th Birthday.
  • I wish you’ll be of good behavior always, because when you start being good early, it’ll be part of you for life. Happy 6th Birthday my precious kid.
  • Never compare yourself to anyone and make sure you discover the real you. Happy 6th Birthday my lovely child.
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  • Celebrating a birthday is beautiful but it becomes more beautiful when it’s your birthday. I wish you a very happy 6th birthday. May you have a bright future.
  • This card was designed for a little kid who can kick the football easily without any directions. Happy 6th Birthday sweetie.
  • You are an energetic boy and my home becomes lively and cheerful just because of your silly acts and mischief. Have a wonderful 6th birthday.
  • Life is the beautiful gift of God, now it’s your own hands to make it good or bad. Enjoy your big day. Happy Birthday.

Happy 6th Birthday Cards

  • You are the beautiful chapter of my desolate life. Your presence in my life keeps me far apart from all worries. May you have a great evening. Happy 6th birthday.
  • Enjoy your 6th birthday and eat more cake. Have a blissful life. Happy Birthday.
  • May your day become special and all your desires come true. Wishing you all the pleasant surprises on your day. Have a great day. Happy 6th birthday.
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  • Happy Birthday and good luck for your future.
  • You are my sweet child and all my expectations are associated with you. May you have a wonderful life and bright future. Have a wonderful 6th birthday.
  • Always connect to your creator every time and every day, that will make you go through life without stress. Happy 6th Birthday my love.


  • Your birthday is very special because you are my special child and I love you a lot. Wish you a very happy 6th birthday.
  • Enjoy the beautiful journey of childhood and make awesome memories. Wish you a very happy 6th birthday, my sweet boy.
  • Let’s celebrate every moment of your birthday and make it special. Have a great birthday party.
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  • A lot of love, happiness, success, pleasure and peace come on your way. May God bless you and have a wonderful 6th birthday.
  • Be always happy even when you are sad. Happy 6th birthday.
  • Another year of happiness has started. May this year bring you the unlimited fun, success, and pleasure. Have a wonderful 6th birthday, sweet boy.

Happy 6th Birthday Wishes

  • Every person comes in this world for a purpose, just try to figure out what’s yours. Happy Birthday and enjoy your teenage years.
  • Do more, assume nothing, need less, smile frequently, dream big, laugh loudly and feel how much you are blessed. Have a wonderful 6th birthday. May you have a blissful life.
  • Look back, you will find everything different. So look ahead; you will found everything more productive. Have a great life. Wish you a wonderful 6th birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter
  • Be a simple person, cover thousands of feelings behind the craziest smile. May you have a blissful journey of life. Enjoy every moment of it. Happy 6th birthday.
  • Focus on the important facts, capture the most beautiful moments and make beautiful memories. You are the sole owner of your own happiness. May you have a great life. Happy 6th birthday.
  • Happiness is inborn, it cannot be purchased or sold. It comes by our own actions. So make your actions strong and feel the differences. Have a great life. Happy 6th birthday.


  • Happy 6th birthday my dearest, you are the greatest thing to ever happen to me and I’m so glad to be part of your life. So don’t hold back, eat lots of cake and have loads of fun.
  • Be glad, be jovial, never say you can’t do a particular thing, do what you think is right and always remember to have fun. I love you, enjoy your 6th birthday!
  • You are the bravest 6 year old I know of, so make this day unforgettable for you. I love you too much to let this day go by without telling you how much you mean to me.
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  • It’s your 6th birthday and I have a feeling it is the beginning of other great parties to come. Have a great birthday my love, may all your wishes come true.
  • Now that you are a child, act like one and I guarantee you the best is yet to come, so never try to please someone, just do it for you, and you will enjoy each and every moment of it. Happy 6th birthday!
  • Happy 6th birthday my dear, you make each and every day worth the smile on my face. I hope you get to enjoy the gifts brought to you by those who care.

Happy 6th Birthday Greetings

  • Happy Birthday my dear new 6 year old, I can tell you are going to be troublesome today, don’t hold back, have fun and enjoy the day with those you love.
  • It’s your 6th birthday and I can tell it is going to be awesome, do have fun, enjoy the day and most of all make it last a lifetime.
  • Happy 6th birthday, may your wishes come true today as you blow out those candles. You are my little man and I want you to grow stronger, braver and handsomer.
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  • I’m glad to be sharing your 6th birthday with you; time does really fly fast when you have the one closest to you sharing special days like this. I love you baby, can’t wait to see toothless.
  • Happy Birthday my dearest 6 year old, you are the most amazing person in my life and I hope you get to enjoy the day with your friends and family.
  • Special things happen at every age in life. I remember what happened when you were 5. I hope good things will happen at your 6th age. Happy 6th Birthday.


  • As I watched in excitement what you are developing to, I decide to leave you to grow at your own pace and not to rush you and decide for you. Happy 6th Birthday.
  • Count your candles on the cake, not your calories after eating the birthday cake. Happy 6th birthday, my fatty boy.
  • Accept challenges in your life and change the world. Have a magnificent day. Enjoy your 6th birthday.
  • Happy 6th birthday to the cute, charming and intelligent boy, whose shining brightens our overhead sky.
  • You are a special person and you deserve the very best out of everything, so enjoy my dear, have fun and never forget how much you mean to me. Happy 6th Birthday dear!
  • Happy 6th birthday my dear, you are almost taller than me; I hope you have a good time celebrating this day with your family. Have a great time my dear!

6th Birthday Wishes

6th Birthday Wishes for Son

  • The rapid growth you experience from 5 to 6 is not explainable. May you continue to grow in all wisdom and knowledge. Happy 6th Birthday my dear son.
  • I hope you’ll get enough presents from your friends and family members to make your day a memorable one. Happy 6th Birthday my dear son.
  • May you start building a moral standard that is emulable for all people as you grow up. Happy 6th Birthday my wonderful son. May God bless and guide you.
  • Happy 6th Birthday to you my first son, the glory of my strength, the zenith of my power. I hope you will grow up to be my utmost pride. Enjoy your special day son.
  • My only wish for you is to have a fulfilled year ahead and a glorious day today. Happy 6th Birthday wonderful son. Enjoy your special day.
  • Happy 6th Birthday son. I have six wishes for you. Long life, good health, greatness, success, achievements and happiness. Have a special celebration.
  • Birthday Wishes for Son
  • You are and will always remain the most prestigious thing to me, I hope nothing will change that. Happy 6th Birthday son. Have a blessed and special year.
  • Happy 6th Birthday to a special son. We had you when we weren’t thinking you’d come, because we had labored so hard to have a child before. Thanks for filling our hearts with joy.
  • My wish is to always see you being cheerful, that will be my own delight. Happy 6th Birthday son.
  • This is the most important and beautiful time for us to always see joy in your face. May you never be sad for once. Happy 6th Birthday my son.
  • Life is celebrating the birthday of my cute little son. Have a wonderful and stupendous 6th birthday.
  • Tonight is going to be the best night of year because it’s your birthday, my dear. So make this day special and enjoy till whole night. Wish you a wonderful 6th birthday, my son.
  • I’m glad to be part of your 6th birthday, you are growing up so fast and I’m blessed I won’t miss a single second of it. Have it awesome my dear son.


6th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • Happy 6th Birthday to you my queen. Today is your 6th year as the Queen on the throne. May you rule for long. Happy Birthday queen.
  • Your path is ordered by God, I wouldn’t know what you’ll become, but whatever you become and wherever you are, you’ll always be my daughter. Happy 6th Birthday.
  • Six is not just a number, it is a super number as long as you are on that number in age, because you make everything special. Happy 6th Birthday daughter.
  • Happy 6th Birthday to my charming daughter, I really wished you had been a boy, but I realized boys are naughty and they don’t take care of daddy like girls do. Love you a lot.
  • The only important thing to a 6 year old girl is to grow up fast, be happy and be of good behavior everywhere. May you become all these. Happy 6th Birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter
  • I have doubts about the gift I could give you, that could match your status as the most adorable girl in the whole world. But I found a special gift for you. Happy 6th Birthday.
  • Life is too short to feel the sorrow – enjoy it and live it. Happy 6th birthday, sweet little girl.
  • Your beautiful little cute smile brings a lot of joy into my life, as you grow old, I hope you’ll keep this smile even if other things vary. Happy 6th Birthday daughter.
  • I keep wondering why you have so much desire in doing things by yourself, I’m delighted in seeing that though. Happy 6th Birthday my independent girl.
  • A super fantastic girl like you deserves a fabulous birthday wishes. May God guide you to greatness my cute princess. Happy 6th Birthday girl.
  • Happy 6th Birthday to the youngest princess in the world. Today is your 6th year as my girl. I really love you and thank God for giving you to me. Happy 6th Birthday.

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