Birthday Wishes for Roommate

Birthday Wishes for roommate.

I remember the first day I was introduced to my roommate, she was slim, skimpily dressed and had a mean look on her face, only to realize she was a happy, respectable young lady who for some reason didn’t seem to like my perfume. Few years down the lane and now we are best of friends, we ended up living together for a little while longer after collage, I never forgot her birthdays because she didn’t forget mine and each birthday morning, I woke her up with a little message to appreciate her for being awesomely awesome. Send one of these birthday messages to your roommate and show them how much they mean to you:

Happy Birthday Wishes and Greeting Messages for Roommate

  • I never would have picked a better roommate, you complete me, have a great birthday dearest, you are awesomely amazing.
  • Each day is a blessing when I know I’m not coming home to a lonely apartment. Thanks for being an awesome roommate, have a great birthday.
  • I have been blessed with another year to celebrate my roommate, I hope you have fun on your birthday you crazy party animal. Thinking of you!
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


  • You’re amongst my friends that I place in a special category, I really can’t toy with you, because you’re precious to me. Happy Birthday friend and roommate. God bless your new age.
  • It’s true that we get to choose our friends, but I still wonder till today how, when and why we became best of friends. 😁 I’m so glad our paths crossed. Happy Birthday roommate.
  • Congratulations to a delightful roommate who sees collective things as a priority, you’ve really impacted me in the way I see collectiveness. May your life be blessed. Happy Birthday roomie.
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  • Happy Birthday to the only roommate who became the first person in history to love me prestigiously in spite of my shortcomings. Enjoy your special day my friend.
  • If there’s an award for the meekest and the most accommodating roommate, then you should win all editions as long as you live. You’ve been a very good person. Happy Birthday roommate.
Happy Birthday to the best roommate.

Happy Birthday to the best roommate.


  • It is impossible not to recognize this special man as the best roommate I’ve ever had, it’s so easy to live with you. Happy Birthday to you special roommate. You’re so loved.
  • In truth, you’ve made me realize the importance of conjoined efforts to make things work, and I will forever be grateful for that which you taught me. Happy Birthday to you special roommate.
  • It was a beautiful feeling to have shared a great moment of my life with you, I’m so grateful for everything we enjoyed. Happy Birthday to you roommate.
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  • A roomie who was with me when I lose and when I win, I win all that I have won because of your every time advice. Happy Birthday roommate of forever.
  • The first few months together were full of struggles, but I’m glad we endured those periods to form a great bond we enjoyed. Happy Birthday to you special roommate.
Happy Birthday my friend!

Happy Birthday my friend!


  • Happy Birthday to the roommate with the most outlandish combinations of wear 😁. You won’t cease to amaze us with your wonderful wear. You’re so loved roomie.
  • I love to keep living with you because I love to keep achieving things with guys that love me for me and you’re just the number one person like that. Thanks for everything. Happy Birthday.
  • Even though you lost your head a lot of times, I’m very glad that I used mine every time 😂. Happy Birthday to you special friend. You’re forever a friend. Congratulations.
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  • In recent prize-giving ceremonies at the hostels end of year award, you were awarded as the friendliest guy, that’s so deserved and I’m glad it is I who is your roommate. Happy Birthday roomie.
  • Can I ever forget how you always keep for me anything you get for yourself! Never has a roommate like you existed in any part of the world. Happy Birthday roomie.
Happy Birthday to my cute roommate.

Happy Birthday to my cute roommate.


Cool Birthday Wishes for Roommate

  • I’ve missed you a lot and I hope it’ll be a few more years till we meet again. Congratulations dear roommate. I hold in high remembrance all we shared.
  • So sorry we’ve been apart for a while, it’s due to the strict nature of life after school, but now that everything is normal again, I hope we’ll be in regular contact. Happy Birthday roommate.
  • Happy Birthday to the most influential roommate in my life, thanks for giving me the courage to always try our new things. May your days be long and full of life. Enjoy your special day.
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  • Thanks for hosting me when no one would, now it’s a story but it was a real difficultly then, I’m so grateful to you. Happy Birthday to you best roommate. Enjoy the great day.
  • Thanks for helping me unlock some hidden things in me, you’re more than a roommate, you were a great mentor and tutor. Happy Birthday roommate. Remain blessed forever.
Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.


  • We were Roommates some few years back, but today we are co-owners of one of the fast-growing companies of this age, thanks for creating great things with me. Happy Birthday roommate.
  • I hope we can be roommates again somehow, I really missed the time we were together. I hope you will remain blessed most especially today. Happy Birthday roommate.
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  • Have a birthday worth each of your favorite things roommate, I’m pleased to be a part of this day too. Have fun!
  • Having a roommate like you has been exciting each year more than the last. Have a jovial birthday roommate, I wish you the best always.
  • There is nothing about you I hate, from the weird way you change your room to the games you are playing. You are an awesome roommate, enjoy your birthday.
Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best.

Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best.


Sentimental Birthday Wishes for Roommate

  • Since the first time I met you, I knew we’d be making a lot of memories together, I’m glad I wasn’t wrong roommate, have a blessed birthday!
  • I know you’ll bake a big cake roommate, there’s no need to hide it from me for I always sniff it out. Have a great birthday, and sorry in advance.
  • I know I haven’t been easy to live with, but I hope that from today on I can change and be one of the best roommates you’ll ever have. Hearty birthday roomie, I love you.
  • Has it been this long already? This is really one of the most awaited days on this month because I get to play a prank on you, have fun, and don’t be too scared.
  • Happy Birthday wonderful roommate, it is so difficult to know exactly where you hail from 😁 because your dialect says something else while you’re from somewhere else. Enjoy your special day.
  • This day will pass, but I will never stop celebrating you my roommate, have a blessed birthday dear, enjoy each present that comes your way.
  • I feel lucky to have met you roommate, you make everything better, enjoy this and all the other birthdays coming your way. Make a million memories tonight.
Happy Birthday to my wonderful roommate.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful roommate.


  • You are beautiful, you are blessed, you are loved and most importantly, you are my roommate and I can’t live without you. Have fun my dear, this day was made for you.
  • A wonderful day to celebrate my roommate’s birthday, may you live to be an old toothless grumpy granny with loads of grandkids, I love you.
  • I’ll always celebrate my roommate for you are the best person in this world. I hope you know you can always count on me, have a fantastic birthday.
  • To every moment with you, each memory created and to all the beautiful never ending gaming time, I hope I get more of that with you my roommate, age gracefully.
  • Thank you for not only being a roommate but a friend and a confident also, have fun on your birthday my dearest.
  • I hope this birthday will be better than the last one roommate, thinking about your last birthday still sends chills down my spine. Have more fun!

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