Birthday Wishes for Guys

Guys really don’t take to the whole birthday thing, they like a chilled laid back moment and some don’t really celebrate their birthdays but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate a message from a caring friend or someone in their life. Make them feel they are growing older by sending them a birthday message that will definitely make them laugh when they read it. Birthday messages to a guy may change his views on birthdays and make him glad that he has someone who cares and are willing to remind him of his greatness. Send one of these birthday messages to that special guy having a birthday:

Birthday Wishes for a Guy

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Guy

  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful guy among every other guys around. I’m so grateful to you for being a friend. I wish you happiness all through the year of your life. Enjoy.
  • A guy is known to be one when he behaves like one in every way. May your bank account become fat as you celebrate your day. That’s how you become a real guy. Happy Birthday.
  • I realize you to be a guy who actually has lots of love in him but it takes effort to know that. I’m glad to be a fraction of your life history. Happy Birthday.
  • The best birthday wishes for Guys like you is to find good friends around to live every day of your life with. May you witness many more of great days like this. Happy Birthday.
  • There are guys and there are especially great guys, I’m sure you know where you fall in, because you’ve never ceased to add something extra to my life. Happy Birthday my great guy.
  • The best prayers is not to pray for dreams to come through, but to have good guys with special hearts around you always. With that, dreams will come true. Happy Birthday my guy.


  • No matter how old a man can get, being old cannot take the place of being responsible, let your growth come with more responsibility and more maturity. Happy Birthday Guy.
  • There’s no better time other than now to start taking the act of a real man. Don’t ever wait for the right time, because the time is now. Happy Birthday guy. Keep growing.
  • A determined perseverance will make you to stand out in this precarious generation that we presently are in. Make sure you’re known for that. I wish you all the best. Happy Birthday guy.
  • The definition of Guys nowadays is when you disobey your parents and when you join gangs. That is the most wrong idea. Don’t move in that path. Happy Birthday good guy.
  • This is a delicate time in your life, because you increase the possibility of influencing your younger brothers. It is now left to you to determine whether it’s for positive or negative. Happy Birthday guy.
  • Satisfaction and contentment is the bedrock of progress. It makes you draw power to create something out of nothing even though you’re at peace. Embrace that now at this stage. Happy Birthday guy.

Birthday Greetings for Guys

  • Now you have everything needed to live well, but make sure that above all, you have the power of action, which will take you from a dormant stage to a progressive one. Happy Birthday guy.
  • At this age, Focus is the key to your evolvement, don’t ever lose it. May life become better and fair to you as you age. Happy Birthday Special guy.
  • A guy becomes wealthy when his friends find it hard to live away from him. You’re so wealthy because friends never cease from your door step. Happy Birthday guy.
  • Age doesn’t mean growth, growth in definitely optional. I hope you’ll be an example of what growth means as you keep aging. Happy Birthday guy. Be blessed.
  • If things get harder, don’t ever quit, remain dogged in your determination and one day the task that seems hard will become very easy. Happy Birthday guy.
  • Life has turned to a hard race and we must face it, to make it nowadays, one must be more than determined, one must risk. But I know it’ll pay off. Happy Birthday guy.


  • Everyone has their template for success within them, but not everyone is aware of what they carry. May you never die without knowing what you’re meant to fulfill. Happy Birthday guy.
  • The world around us is full of limitations, but we must not give room for any of them. Happy Birthday friend. May this special year bring you lots of joy.
  • It will take a lot from you to be the kind of man everyone wants to have around, but I can assure you that you’re not far away from being that man. Happy Birthday guy.
  • Dreams come true for those who dream, no matter what life seems to be right now, don’t ever give in, and keep dreaming. Happy Birthday guy, enjoy this great day.
  • You are the love of our family. Without you there is no happiness, charm and entertainment. May your birthday bring good luck and joy in your life. Happy Birthday, sweet guy.
  • You have the heart which keeps sympathy and pain for others. You are like an angel for us. I wish you a very happy birthday. May your day shine like stars.

Birthday Greeting Messages for Guys

  • Happy Birthday, my handsome boy. Your beauty and intelligence is your power. Make the most of it. Wishing you a birthday filled with laughter, joy and fun.
  • May your face keep smiling every time and the pain remain far from you. You are my best buddy. I love you loads. Have a wonderful joyous day. Happy Birthday, my boy.
  • May the bitterness of your life turn into sweetness and get improved with every passing year. I wish you a very happy birthday. May you live a long happy life.
  • Life is full of fun if you are with me. I pay thanks to God that you are my best buddy and I found you in the way of life. Wishing you the blasting birthday.
  • Just change your nasty past into the sweet future. Only you are responsible for your good life, make it or mess it. Have a beautiful day ahead. Happy Birthday.
  • You, my boy. Happy Birthday. May you have a bright future with lots of exciting events. Have a wonderful life.


  • You just came for a month here but you left non removable marks of your memories on our hearts. Really! You are the king of hearts and you can make anyone be your follower. Have a beautiful birthday, sweet guy.
  • Near or far, you are always with me. May the cool breeze make your day smashing. With lots of best wishes. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday, young man. You are the craziest and the liveliest person in our group. We miss you so much. Have a beautiful day and wonderful future ahead.
  • May your dreams come true what you ever aspire. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • You are sweeter than your birthday cake. May this sweetness remain forever. Have a blasting birthday.
  • Do not engage in any work. Today is your big day. Let’s have a fun and party tonight. I wish you a wonderful beginning of the day. Happy Birthday.
  • This day can be ordinary for others but for me, this is very special day as today is your birthday. You are my lovable friend and I pray to God you live lively and happy all the time. Have a great birthday.


  • Live your day as you are the king. Don’t hesitate, just enjoy everything to its fullest. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May your dreams come true.
  • The world around you will smile as long as you are smiling. So keep smiling and make others happy. Happy Birthday. Love you much.
  • May the joyful moments be filled in your life and everything that you ever aspire comes to you with the blink of eyes. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • Let’s throw party tonight with the big birthday cake. Play the music all night. Enjoy the party as it is your right. Wishing a very smashing birthday. May you have many more.
  • It’s the right time to have some fun, just make fire on the dance floor on the beat of music. Enjoy your birthday, man. It’s all about you.
  • I wish you get happiness twice and enjoy every single moment of life. May all your dreams come true. Wishing you a very happy birthday.


  • It’s your birthday my man, grab the drink, invite some girls and let’s have a celebration in honor of you, hope we have a great time!
  • I can’t believe you are already this old, this day reminds me of the first time we met, still the best day of my life, have fun bro!
  • I know you aren’t a fan, but I don’t really care, it’s your birthday and I promise you a super fantastic time my man, Happy Birthday!
  • Stop looking grumpy and grab yourself a drink, you are an amazing dude and this day wouldn’t be complete if we don’t toast to you! Happy Birthday!
  • You are my all-time favorite person and I feel honored to be here on your birthday, I hope to give you an unforgettable time!
  • Happy Birthday man, you are a great person and I hope you grow older than a homeless man with no teeth, have a great birthday!
  • Celebrate life, there is a lot to be thankful for and I hope we can have a great time today. Happy Birthday bro!

Birthday Wishes for Guys

  • I love you not for what you have, but for who you are so cut that cake and have it with your friends, it’s your birthday man!
  • This day is all about you so don’t be shy to have fun and go crazy, it’s your birthday. You are an amazing dude and I hope you have fun on this day!
  • Put on loud music, disturb the neighbors, call your girl, call your friends up, it’s your birthday and I know we are going to have a grand time.
  • I may not be wise, but I know you only get to celebrate your birthday once each year and never the same age, so take this chance to really have fun, before your plus one!
  • I look up to you so much, you are my role model and I hope you have fun today. Happy Birthday dear, you are a great man!
  • I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me, but you’d think I’m kidding, so have fun dude, it’s your day after all. Hearty birthday!
  • Never forget where you came from, focus on where you are going and where you want to be, have a jolly birthday bro.


  • I don’t go clubbing, but because it’s just your day friend, I’ll follow you to the best club in town. You deserve to have the best night of your life. Happy Birthday Guy.
  • I’ve never had a more prudent guy as a friend, you are just so different, but today I want you to get spoiled and enjoy like you’ve never done before. Happy Birthday Guy.
  • Life is a teacher, no one will reach this stage in life without being taught few lessons about life, I hope you’ll retain all life lessons that you’ve been taught. Happy Birthday Guy.
  • Happy Birthday bro, you are a great man and I hope this day turns out exactly as you’d planned.
  • May everything work on your favor, may you have fun and may everything you desire comes to you, hearty birthday dude!
  • As you grow older, may you grow wiser, wealthier and happier, have a great birthday man, you deserve a great time!
  • I admire you so much, you are a great person and I hope you get all that you wish for today. Hearty birthday my man!
  • Happy Birthday to one of my best men, you are a legend, have a legendary birthday today but don’t lose yourself too much. I love you!

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