400 Valentine’s Day Wishes and Messages

Happy Valentine's Day

Sharing a valentine’s message to make the people closest to you happy is something that gives Valentine its meaning, everyone wants to hear sweet words from someone they constantly think of and adore. Here are some words written down especially for you, whether you are sending your message to your spouse or just a friend or relative you consider special enough to receive such beautiful words, share your valentines to give it more meaning. Valentines is a day of love, don’t waste the day without telling someone how much you care for them;

Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages for Lovers

  • I’ve never been more vulnerable than when I’m with you. I love it.
  • If your love is like a waterfall, then I’m the river causing the water fall.
  • Love keeps us going when others can’t stand. Let’s dance the night away lover.
  • Valentine’s Day Love SMS Messages
  • Gosh! I’m so in love with you. And I can’t help but ask, “What have you done to me?”. Happy Val’s day.
  • I feel some funny chills. The air is kind of different, the strange feeling is everywhere. It’s once a year. It’s Valentine’s day and I don’t want to share it with anyone but you. You are the entirety of my world. I love you. Happy Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Husband

  • I’m tired of hearing how sore you’re. Lucky your valentine is an expert masseuse. Happy Valentine’s Day baby.
  • What shall I do with you when you hold on to me like a monkey to a branch? I guess there are worse ways of being wrapped up. Happy Valentine’s Day baby.
  • Do you know the color of love? Rose Red? Lily White? Hibiscus pink? Mauve purple? No. None. It’s the color of your heart. Thanks for showing me what it means to love. Happy val’s day!
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Husband
  • This is long overdue. I knew it didn’t have to go this far. But I need it special. Darling, I want to spend the rest of my life WITHOUT you not loving me. Do you feel the same? Happy Valentine’s day.
  • My dear handsome man, this sensation is not appreciated; what I feel now can be taught to all lovers. I’m in love with you. Happy Valentine for us.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Wife

  • The day we found each other is a day that’s never forgotten. Every time my hand touches you, you touch my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day to the supremely beautiful sweetheart!
  • I’m lucky to have the best heart in this world to be my valentine. I shall keep this secret to be blessed with you in my days that are filled with happiness and joy. A great day to you, honey!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. Do we kiss now or later?
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Wife
  • I woke up this morning and found a kitten rolled up next to me. Have I told you how much I love stroking your hair in the morning? Happy Valentine’s Day with the cutest wife.
  • I love how dirty you get when you cook. With flour all over the place, in your hair, and on your face. You look absolutely beautiful to me. Happy Valentine’s, my valentine.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Boyfriend

  • There’s no one I’d rather think of than you and how to make you the happiest boyfriend in the world. I’m happy to have you as the best gentle Valentine ever. Love you!
  • When we first met, what did you notice first about me? I couldn’t keep my eyes away from that delicious smile. Happy Valentine’s Day my man.
  • I’ll always remember the look on your face when I leave. It’s the face I look forward to coming back to when I’m heading home.
  • I miss you. I pray for you. I cherish you. I can’t get my mind off you. I’d gladly do more. Because I love you… now … and forever. Happy Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s Day Messages for Girlfriend

  • I love you like peanuts love butter.
  • You always follow me around. You look at me with those puppy doe eyes. How could I not love it?
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Girlfriend
  • It’s been awhile since we had an adventure. Come with me and let’s have a wild time lover.
  • Spanish people call love, “amor” or “corazon”. Show me your amor baby. Happy Valentine’s Day corazon.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Fiance

  • I never imagined you to be so passionate when in love. I’ve never been more pleasantly surprised.
  • I can honestly say that I’ve never been driven more crazy by anyone other than you. Happy Valentine’s Day baby.
  • The most beautiful words are not the ones that seep from lips. They are the ones conversed between hearts that beat for each other. Happy val’s day my fiance.
  • ROMEO & JULIET’s STORY is nothing compared to our story. I have learned the amity sensation from you. YOU are my love.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Fiancee

  • Like key and lock, like sugar and tea, your heart completes the missing part of mine. Realize that my heart can’t be perfect without you in my own life. Have the best valentine with me, my cute fiancee.
  • I laid out a dress, heels and other garments for you to wear tonight. Get your romance on baby girl.
  • I love all the little things you do to take care of yourself. From the salads, to the pedicures, you always manage to make me do a double take. I love it.
  • I’m waiting the time till we will be together in the same house. You have come into my life and made it shiny. You are like the sun giving me the warmth and the energy. Happy Valentine to you.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Boy Crush

  • If you could ask me one thing, what would it be? Happy V-Day.
  • I love stealing secret glances at you when we are in front of others. I love noticing when you do the same. It’ll be always our little secret.
  • Red balloons are happy that you will be with us this Valentine. Enjoy dude.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Girl Crush

  • I loved how shy you were when we first met. It only made me go after you more.
  • You’ve been telling everyone how incredible I’m. You forgot to tell the person that matters the most. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Those lazy moments, the butterflies, the fluttering. I love them because they happen for you, whom I admire. Happy Valentine’s day my crush.

First Valentine’s Day Messages

  • Hey sweetheart, waking up was a little bit of stress this morning. A bird came to remind me of Valentine. It was so real I didn’t want to wake up. I love you… forever.
  • Valentine tried so much to make me understand, I never did. Then I met you, the best gift ever on a day like this. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • This’s the first Valentine for us, so let’s make it the best. I love you.

Funny Valentine’s Day Wishes & Messages

  • Some people think that best times are spent in bathroom. 🙂 I have another point to know that times spent with loved ones are special and great to me. Happy valentine’s day, sweetie!
  • If love was a boxing match, I would go the full fifteen rounds for you baby.
  • You say you hate when I look at you like a piece of meat. Shall I look at you like a piece of chicken then? I love you.
  • I love you just as much as the new car smell. Oh sweet bliss.
  • You can never predict what I will do next. I guess you can say I love driving you crazy with anticipation. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages for Everyone

  • The real meaning of love is not far-fetched. You might never understand the signs until you look around. I understood this when I saw my family. Now this is love. Happy valentine’s day!
  • Valentine’s Day Love Sayings

Valentine’s Day Messages for Dad

  • God gives only good things to humans as He gave me you. I love you dad. Happy Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s Day Messages for Mom

Valentine’s Day Messages for Brother

  • Humans can’t be rid of flaws. Humans are not perfect. My flaws might stick out, and my imperfection be obvious, but my love for my brother is flawless. I love you bro. Happy Val’s day.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Sister

  • This is coming free, no strings attached, straight from my heart. I love you sis. Happy Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Son

  • You’re my world and my whole life; how I can live without you my cool son. Happy valentine sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Daughter

  • Time isn’t important while I’m with you as it is like a WOW thing which cannot be imagined. Happy Valentine, my sweet daughter.
  • Dear cute girl, I want to tell you that luck plays an important role in my life. That is surely since the day I’ve had you. Happy Valentine, my wonderful daughter.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Nephew

Valentine’s Day Messages for Niece

  • Happy valentine, my pretty niece! The day you will be far from me, I wish that it never comes.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Uncle

Valentine’s Day Messages for Aunt

Valentine’s Day Messages for Grandpa

  • Happy valentine, my dear grandpa. I wish all days will be Valentine Day to make you a happy man.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Grandma

Short Valentine’s Day Messages

  • Our love is like the 44 Magnum. The strongest, most powerful love in the world.
  • You and I are like an Oreo. We were meant to be stuck together.

Long Valentine’s Day Messages

  • Some friends told me that Valentine doesn’t make a great change in your love, but they were wrong. To assign a day to celebrate your love, greatly show your feelings and seriously express them, that’s an awesome action to perform. So, let’s prove that together, my love. A wonderful Valentine Day!
  • There are days, rough ones, when the only reason for the smile locked on my lips is knowing you are thinking of me. Thank your heart for taking care of me. I love you. Happy Valentine’s day!
  • God made it complete. The sun, His wonderful gift. The dew, His wonderful gift. The breeze, His wonderful gift. You, His wonderful gift … to me. I cherish you forever. Happy Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day Messages in Advance

  • My Lord chose me for you and I accepted to be with you, my heart also chose you. I saw the paradise in your eyes, so how I go away. Hope I’m the first one who reminds you of Valentine. Have the best one with me.

Valentine’s Day Birthday Wishes

  • Happy Valentine, my darling, this is like a miracle that I’m here with you now, celebrating your birthday on Valentine’s Day. You are my wonder woman whom I love.
  • Happy Valentine, I can’t forget the day that I was attracted to you by the magnet magic of your eyes. You cannot imagine what you made for me. Happy Birthday & Happy Valentines.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Employees

Valentine’s Day Messages for Ex-Lover

  • What will happen when we die! You ask me. I don’t know, but as long as we see each other again, everything will be alright baby.
  • It’s the fact that man can forget a woman by another one, but you are an unforgettable one. You are my princess for rest of my life.
  • Love for you isn’t only sensational, but it’s technical. It’s like the air that I take in my lung, you are very necessary to me. I can’t stand being far from you.


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Cool Valentine’s Day Messages

  • I want to prison you in my heart, never let you get out till our last day. Happy Valentine, lady.
  • Love for you is like a tone of a smart musician, that makes me dance from happiness. You are like a moon in a dark sky for a traveler. Happy Valentine Day!
  • I record everything happening between us to tell our kids about it, hoping they know & learn this unique sensation that I feel towards you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Happy Valentine Day to my pair, my heart, to my other half who breathes me in with all good things.
  • My cheerful heart is full of energy over remembering that today is Valentine. On the day of lovers, wishing you to feel being full of love. Happy Valentine Day!
  • Valentine’s Day Wishes for Boyfriend
  • Valentine Day is very, very important to me. It takes me to another world with you like island isolated far from people and full of romantic stuff. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!
  • Happy Valentine Day, my other half! You compensate me with all things that I miss. I love you.
  • I wasn’t alive till I met you. You make me feel everything I need. Love you ever.
  • Every day, I thank god for meeting such a person like you. You are the only one who made me so sensitive. By looking into your eyes I fell in love. Happy valentine’s day, sweetheart!
  • I thank the time and the place where we met for the first time. Wishing all days to be like that day when I fell in love with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Messing with you is very interesting thing and very lovely event to me. You are my life partner. Save this message in your heart.
  • I appreciate every thing that gave us the way to meet as they already connected two separated halves making them one heart in two bodies, beats with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I wish and pray to God to keep us safe till the next year to enjoy this day together feeling with love till becoming old. Happy Valentine’s Day, cutie.
  • Darling, it is a happy day that I’m with you now. Wishing that you stay with me till I die between your hands. Happy Valentine, sweetheart.
  • The world is smiling for me, the lot is coming for me and this makes me fortunate with mood high in the sky with the moon and the stars. Being with you is a very cool thing for me since I knew you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Since I saw you, since I loved you, there is a thought that I can touch the sky and have the whole world in my little hands. Happy Valentine, darling.
  • Romance is like dump, that’s what I thought in the past. Now, you have changed my thoughts to know that love is the best thing you ever have. Have a great Valentine with me, baby.
  • You can’t imagine the passion of your love and sitting with you under the light of candles. Remembering all of that makes me feel very sorry for not being with you before. Have a happy Valentine with me, honey.
  • I wish that I stay with you as long as I live. My life isn’t worth anything without you. I love you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Honey, you already possess the key of my heart, which has never been opened yet. Since I met you for the first time, you’ve made my heart beat.
  • Staying all the day with you has been all things for me. It can’t be compared ever to anything else in this world. I love you, darling.
  • Happy Valentine, my sweetheart. You light my way by the love of yours.
  • Honey, you can’t imagine what’s in my heart! All seas, oceans also rivers & all papers in the world can’t describe what I feel. I love you!
  • Life before we met was like a prison. Since I met you, we made a window together in this prison. So, birds were set free and the light reached us. Have a tender Valentine with me, honey.
  • Happy Valentine, darling! It is a different thing with you. I knew many women in the past, but you are the only one who could scar my heart with her beauty.
  • When I was a teen, I dreamed about my woman who will share my coming life with me and support me in the hard times. You made me catch this dream by being here today in my hug. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Now and on this special day, I want to tell you that my love for you is so much to fill the world. Maybe the world is not enough space to be filled with my sentiments. So, I wish you a great Valentine just with me!
  • Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages
  • I wish my love for you becomes a story or even a legend for all lovers & also becomes the symbol of the passion. ROMEO & JULIET was the legend for lovers, now let’s take their position. You are my gorgeous woman whom people envy me for.
  • HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. We are going to be crazy today. Are you ready? Let’s go.
  • Adoration is not just a word, it is a mad sensation that controls me. You make me so mad over hearing your voice. Thank God for His favor. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie!
  • Like engine you have made me. Like a powerful machine your love converts me. I hope one day a single home combines us under a nice ceiling of love. Have a great Valentine, baby.
  • Valentine Day serves as a reminder of true and pure love humans share amongst one another. You’re loved and cherished by me.
  • St Valentine died for the love he had towards men and for his core beliefs. I hope my little message serves as a reminder of the amazing love I have towards you.
  • It’s the season of love so I ought to commend you for your selfless manner over the year. Have a beautiful and wonderful Valentine Day experience.
  • The whole atmosphere is filled with love and I choose to extend my felicitation to you. It’s sure relieving to love than to hate.
  • Among many faces of betrayal surrounding us, you are the main pure part in my life. You made me trust that loyal people are still here. Happy Valentine’s Day to the purest heart ever.
  • Fighters appear on screen with tough weapons. Painters show their skills by brush. So, How can you show your skills in attracting people?! I think you need a cute flower in your hair. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.

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