Happy 7th Birthday Wishes

7th Birthday Wishes.

Kids look forward to their birthdays because of their friends coming over and the big cake and candies that surround them. They also love their birthdays due to the presents they get from all those around them. Birthdays are a reason to celebration and as tradition for any celebration; a message is in order. Birthday messages for a 7 year old should be sweet, short and satisfying, they may portray their traits and how you see them in your eyes. Here are some birthday messages you can send to that special 7 year old to show them that you care and that you are never going to forget their special day;

Birthday Wishes for 7-Year-Old Kids

  • Do you know what you did?! You did what the week couldn’t do. It has 7 days but you have 7 years; you defeated it. Happy Birthday to the strong kid.
  • Happy Birthday! Today is going to be a very special day especially since it is your seventh birthday. Now, you are going to have extreme luck.
  • It’s time to celebrate how lucky you are going to be today. You don’t know what it takes for you to have a wild time but you will on this seventh birthday. Happy Birthday.
The 7 dwarfs are wishing you a happy 7th birthday.

The 7 dwarfs are wishing you a happy 7th birthday.


  • Wow! You are so big and you are only going to get bigger you 7-year-old. It is amazing to see how fast and smart you’re getting. Just don’t ever forget how important it is to work. Happy Birthday!
  • The seventh birthday of all time. The seventh is blessed, always and forever. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  • Say goodbye to number 6 and jump to number 7. May your new age pave the way for a brighter future. With much love, I wish you a happy 7th birthday, enjoy your day.
  • Kids Birthday Wishes
  • Did you know that today is a blessing and that if you are good, you would be forever blessed? If you didn’t know, now you know! Happy 7th Birthday.
  • Look how wonderful you have grown to be. Your star shines so beautifully. As you grow, make sure you dream big. May God bless your new age. Happy 7th Birthday, buddy.
You are one of the coolest kids around and you have the potential to become truly amazing. Happy Birthday!

You are one of the coolest kids around and you have the potential to become truly amazing. Happy Birthday!


7th Birthday Wishes For A Little Boy

  • 7 is a number of perfection and now that you’ve become perfect, I expect you to fill up some position of responsibility. Enjoy your special day little boy. Happy 7th Birthday.
  • I’ve never seen a kid of your age with so much understanding and compassion on their parent. I’m so in love with every bit of your making. Happy Birthday to the greatest little one.
  • Never be sad about anything, always be filled with gratitude and sweetness, that all things will become easy. Happy 7th Birthday. Enjoy your special day.
  • Birthday Wishes for Boys
  • As you wake up to see the light of your glorious day, may everything become glorious for you and may the almighty God always light up your path. Happy 7th Birthday cute one.
  • The life of a kid will be in a great path if they learn respect and obedience fast. Never deviate from this path and greatness awaits you. Happy 7th Birthday honey.
  • Now I hope you’ll get ready to start flying to the place of destiny because you’re growing up really fast. Happy 7th Birthday. Stay blessed forever.
Make a wish. Happy Birthday!

Make a wish. Happy Birthday!


7th Birthday Wishes for Son

  • If every parent would realize that kids must be loved and corrected, then all kids would have been growing in the same manner at which you’re growing my son. Happy 7th Birthday.
  • I hope life will be very kind to you in every way and being fruitful shall be your true identity. Happy 7th Birthday dear son. Enjoy your special day.
  • Our togetherness as a mother and son makes me feel there’s nothing we can’t push through, since your father’s demise you’ve been my everything. Happy 7th Birthday son. I love you.
  • Birthday Wishes for Son
  • I had you when I wasn’t ready, but I will never reverse that even if I have the power to do it, because you’ve been my strength to keep moving. Happy 7th Birthday son.
  • No one knows when our lives will end, but when we have it now, we must enjoy every day. I’m glad today a son of mine is a year older. Happy 7th Birthday.
  • You grow so well in physicality and yet you grow perfectly well in wisdom. I’m proud of you to be called my son. Happy 7th Birthday son. Have lots of fun.
Happy Birthday to the cute superman.

Happy Birthday to the cute superman.


7th Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • Happy 7th birthday my great nephew, never give up, never lose hope and always be the best at anything you do. Enjoy this day my love.
  • Happy 7th Birthday my little nephew. You are one of the coolest kids around and you have the potential to become truly amazing.
  • Happy 7th Birthday sweet nephew. You are growing so fast and have so much potential. We wish you the best day with all your family, friends and even pets!
  • Birthday Wishes for Nephew
  • For a 7 year old, you are one wild child. I could only imagine what you are going to be like when you get older. Oh man, that’s something to look forward to. Enjoy your birthday.
  • Happy 7th Birthday my wonderful nephew, may this day be the beginning of never-ending luck, love, health and wealth. I love you so much honey.
  • You are the luckiest boy in the world for you are loved, appreciated and you make everyone around you glad. Happy 7th birthday my dear nephew!!
Happy Birthday sweetie.

Happy Birthday sweetie.


7th Birthday Wishes for Grandson

  • Remember during this time that you are young, you need to have the most fun. When you get older, you can act bolder but for now, enjoy! Happy 7th Birthday my sweet grandson.
  • This is the time to enjoy everything that you are thankful for. Happy 7th Birthday! Don’t forget to share the cake with your parents.
  • Birthday Wishes for Grandson
  • Be always calm and responsible, never be rude and disobedient, always do what is right in Mom’s sight. Happy 7th Birthday my love. Enjoy this beautiful moment.
  • Happy Birthday to the boy who always plays with his granddad. 🙂


7th Birthday Wishes For A Little Girl

  • I love you so much my darling, you are the princess morphing into a beautiful queen. Happy 7th birthday dear, may all your wishes come true.
  • I hope you will shock the world and show them how great you are by doing what you’ve been destined to do and that’s to make a difference. Happy 7th Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday honey! You have inspired us to remember what it was like to be a kid, to be so free. It was always a ton of fun to be around you. Enjoy this special day.
  • Birthday Wishes for Girls
  • To some people you’ve just been here with us for a short time, but for me it’s like we’ve been together forever because I love you so much. Happy 7th Birthday sweetie.
  • A new chapter has started in your life. May you embrace it and make good memories because 7th year comes only once. May you have a happy 7th Birthday little angel.
Happy 7th Birthday with a pink candy.

Happy 7th Birthday with a pink candy.

7th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • What more can a parent ask from their beloved daughter than to keep growing well and healthy and to grow in wisdom! We’re happy with your growth. Happy 7th Birthday.
  • They say life is short and satisfaction is only derived from loving. I hope we’ll have enough time together to live and love ourselves. Happy Birthday my dear daughter.
  • Be always of a good conduct, never undermine anyone’s greatness, because you’ll be defined by how you respect people. Happy 7th Birthday sweetie.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter
  • Because 7 is a perfect number, you are the perfect response to my prayer few years ago. I’m glad for your journey so far. Happy 7th Birthday dear daughter.
  • Happy 7th birthday my little daughter, you are worth a thousand words but for today, receive my warm wishes my love, you are the light that shines on my dark days.
  • Happy 7th Birthday, you are an amazing piece of God’s love and work of art, may this day be a blessing to you and all those around you. You will forever be loved!
Happy 7th B-day!

Happy 7th B-day!

7th Birthday Wishes for Niece

  • This is going to be the best party ever. We are going to bring a ton of luck based games. If you don’t win, we would be shocked. Lucky little 7. Happy Birthday!
  • How are you going to enjoy this awesome celebration? We know that you are going to party like the wild 7-year-old you are. Happy Birthday naughty girl.
  • Happy 7th birthday to you baby, may you have many more birthdays ahead so we can enjoy pieces of cake in your honor.
  • Birthday Wishes for Niece
  • Happy 7th birthday to the most amazing niece in the world, I know this day is going to be awesome; I love you and will always protect you.
  • It is surely a good thing to be here with you now and to share in this day, may you always have a smile on your face. Happy 7th Birthday my sweetheart.
  • May this day teach you the value of friendship, family and loyalty. Happy 7th birthday my love, you are the sun that brightens my day.
Happy 7th Birthday!

Happy 7th Birthday!


7th Birthday Wishes For Granddaughter

  • You are going to be one of the most amazing people growing up and I look forward to seeing your growth. We will always be here to help you out. Happy 7th Birthday my sweet granddaughter!
  • Is it your birthday?! You must be so old now. I’m kidding. You know I love you. Happy 7th my grandchild. I wish you a great one.
  • Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter
  • 7 years old already, look how big you’ve grown my dear one, I hope you get to enjoy each and every moment of this day. I love you lots my dear. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • You made your mom proud and your granny happy for you are the cleverest child at school. Happy Birthday sweetie!
Happy 7th Birthday! Don't forget to share the cake.

Happy 7th Birthday! Don’t forget to share the cake.


Cute 7th Birthday Wishes

  • Your journey on earth has been a great one worth being part of, we are happy you’ve been with us and we wanna wish you many more years. Happy 7th Birthday honey.
  • The bags of gifts before you have numerous gifts like long life, prosperity, endless achievement, unending favor and good health. I hope you’ll have them all. Happy 7th Birthday.
  • You set my mind on several runs of thoughts whenever I see some attributes that you possess. I pray and hope that nothing will truncate those attributes. Happy 7th Birthday.
  • A lot of things will want to hinder your movement in the right direction, never give in to much of them, I hope God will put you through. Happy 7th Birthday.
  • 400 Birthday Wishes
  • Some of us were affected by some indecent aspects of our lives. I hope you’ll be of good conduct in every aspect of your life. Happy 7th Birthday.
  • I’m blessed, lucky and excited to be sharing with you this 7th birthday my dear. May all your wishes come true, I love you so much, have a hearty birthday my love.
  • It’s your 7th birthday my dear, enjoy this day to the fullest. May this day bring you a lot of joy and cheer. I love you so much!
  • You don’t know how happy I’m to be part of your 7th birthday; you make each and every moment a blessing, each and every day a memory forever curved in my memory.
  • It’s a beautiful thing to be loved by you, I will love you forever dear, happy 7th birthday. May you always get the best.
  • Cute Birthday Wishes
  • On this day, may your heart grow bigger, your love grow stronger and your kindness be admirable. I love you dear, happy 7th birthday sweetheart!
  • You are growing to be a person we are all proud to be associated with; I hope your 7th birthday turns out as you’d planned. I love you so much my dear one.
  • When you enjoy this special day, remember how incredible your 7th birthday is compared to all your birthdays. We are going to make this incredible.
  • Happy 7th Birthday! We wish you a life full of happiness and success and today, you get one of the happiest days ever!


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