Birthday Wishes for A Girl Crush

Doesn’t it hurt when you notice someone that doesn’t notice you? Or being close to a person you know doesn’t feel the same way you do about them? But how do we really know that! Sometimes, people need a push in the right direction, open their eyes to the possibility that you two could be happy together. Here are birthday messages you can send to your crush, as a secret admirer who wants his secret come out, the worst she can say is no, trust me on this:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Girl Crush.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Girl Crush

  • You were the cutest girl in class and everyone had a crush on you. Me included. Happy Birthday!
  • I’m in a rush to say Happy Birthday to my crush.
  • The challenge of fighting for a gorgeous lady like you is delightful to me, because it gets the best out of me, I hope I’ll come out victorious someday. Happy Birthday cute girl.
  • My crush on you is injurious to my health and I know you’ll always want to see me, but to make that possible, you need to become mine. Have fun today sweetie.
  • What can I say? You are my favorite girl. Why? You are just so cute and I love seeing you blush. Happy Birthday girl.
  • I want you to know something special. I know that I come across as a jerk sometimes but you are my favorite girl.
  • Did you know that before you and I become a couple, I had the biggest crush on you? Funny how it all works out either way. Happy Birthday, my favorite lady.
  • You always asked me about the reason of my permanent smile; time to admit that I only smile much when I talk to the crush. I love you and hope you do this to me one day.

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  • We would never be able to know what the world would have to offer if we didn’t become something special. You only get to know by taking a chance. Happy Birthday to my crush.
  • I have a secret. It’s a big secret. OK, it’s a little secret. But it’s still a secret! Happy Birthday. This goes to you, my favorite crush.
  • Crushes are cute and so are you. It’s only even better since I have one on you. A wonderful party to the most beautiful girl.
  • You are something truly spectacular. I’m glad that I told you that you were my crush. Enjoy.
  • The best wishes for my crush. You are one of my favorite girls around. I hope you have an awesome birthday filled with fun and laughter.
  • A long time ago, we used to have class together. We were young but I used to have a big crush on you. Happy Birthday! It’s funny how time has brought us together.
  • Today is a special day. Today is the day of your birth. Well, I guess I have to do something special considering you were my crush. Don’t act so surprised. I always enjoy having you blush spectacularly so.
  • A charming birthday to the girl who made all my friends have crush on her. Have a day as charming as you are.
  • You are an awesome girl and I have a ton of fun with you. Is it in any surprise that you became my crush? Enjoy your special day.
  • Moving closer to you made me realize that there’s much to what your outside appearance speaks, you’re adorable in and out. I’ll appreciate it if you become my wife someday.

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  • It has taken up all my courage to finally do this: Happy Birthday my crush, I like you a lot and I wish you would accept me as your gift, I could show you a side of love you never knew. Think about it as you share this special day with special people.
  • You are my secret crush, I have known you for the longest time and I have never found the courage to say this to you. I think you are pretty and I would like us to date, what say you? Anyway, Happy Birthday!
  • Watching you for 3 years proves that I care much about you. How attractive and charming you are! Time to tell you that you are my first and last crush.
  • I hope this feeling is mutual, I need you and I know we could make a great couple, Happy Birthday sweet girl, please turn this into girlfriend.
  • You have been there for me through each and every moment, I confess, I have a crush on you, because you are the girl that completes me.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl who destroyed my mind by very much thinking day and night of her. Hope you calm my mind one day.
  • It’s my crush’s birthday, I hope the gift of me is enough to put a smile on your face, I know it sounds a little corny, but meet me; I have a surprise for you.
  • We could turn this little crush of mine into something real and wonderful, I long for the day you take my hand and forever be mine.
  • I’m too shy to speak and too scared to be rejected, but I have nothing to lose so here goes, Happy Birthday, I really like you, you are my crush, do you feel the same way too?
  • It’s the first time for me to have this talk with a pretty girl like you. All what I want to say is: I LOVE YOU. By the way, Happy Birthday!
  • I’m invisible but follow you in silence for many years. Your Facebook Timeline is my other home. A great birthday to my inspiration.

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  • I may never measure up to your expectations but I hope you have a great and awesome birthday!!
  • You are amazing and I hope you have an amazing birthday just like you. May you see me as I see you.
  • I can’t hold it in anymore; you are the girl I have been crushing on since the first time I laid my eyes on you, so I always wish you the best.
  • Happy Birthday my crush, you are pretty awesome, have a hearty time as you celebrate today with those closest to you.
  • I know we are friends for many years but I had a feeling to you since 2 years. I tried to convince myself that this’s not true but really no way, I love you. Best wishes for the best girl.
  • I love your smile, your beautiful hair and your legs, yes I have a crush on you, and you are the girl of my dreams, the only girl who’d make me happy. Enjoy your day.

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Romantic Bday Messages for Girl Crush

  • I wish you a very Happy Birthday my crush. I hope someday we can finally be together!
  • It’s completely my pleasure to wish the most beautiful girl who is really very special for me a great day.
  • 24/7 I only think about you. You live in my thoughts. Happy Birthday my first crush.
  • The day you said ‘Hi’ to me was the loveliest day of my life and I started my life again. Happy Birthday to the beautiful one.
  • I like flowers & blooming buds, I like moon, I like music, I like nature but the thing I love most is only ‘You’. Happy Birthday – the complete paragon of beauty.
  • My heart starts beating more rapidly when I see you. Wishing you a very delightful day ahead.
  • Happy Birthday to the arrogant but cute girl, I wish I could ignore you as you always do.
  • Your beauty makes me crazy; I wish I could ever say I love you. Have a fabulous day ahead.
  • Falling in the hopeless crush on a beautiful girl is the most painful thing that you have no chance with. Happy Birthday, anyways.
  • When I saw your picture, I just had crush on you. You are the most beautiful creature of God. Wish you a marvelous birthday.

Your smile is as attractive as chocolate is to a little kid. Happy Birthday to the cutest girl!

  • I want to see your beautiful face, love to hear your voice, hang out with you, make you laugh, talk to you day and night but the most of all these, I just want to be ‘your boy’. Happy Birthday, cute girl.
  • When you text me, my lips automatically go wider and eyes get filled with glitter. Happy Birthday, my first crush.
  • Happy Birthday! Damn. You are so so pretty.
  • Hey, cute girl, I can’t stop myself from liking you. I just fount today is good to say that.
  • Thinking about you before sleeping and after waking is in my top priorities. Happy Birthday – the sweetest lady.
  • Without asking my biodata, without saying or listening anything, keep all the customs aside. Can you just walk with me? I have a special plan to make your special day very amazing.
  • I know, you don’t know me but I do know you as much as you don’t know about you. Happy Birthday my crush!
  • Your smile is the real treasure, makes my day brighter. Happy Birthday sweet lady.
  • My nights are sleepless, my tongue is speechless and my mind is baseless. I can feel the beauty of world after seeing you. Happy Birthday cute adorable lady.
  • Thinking about you in my leisure gives me extreme satisfaction. Happy Birthday, sweetie.
  • You are the girl with full of attitudes, a class of style, cute looks and fatal acts. You may not be lesser than the princess. Have a fantastic day!
  • When I saw you the first time, the weather was so lovely and I just went crazy in just a few seconds. You are getting in my feelings and I feel your absence in my life. Wish you a very cool birthday.
  • I have always seen something in you most people don’t, you have a huge heart and that’s what makes you my crush. I will forever admire you, May you have many more.
  • I feel you every moment no matter you are far away from me and in fact I just love you. May you get the best of everything. Happy Birthday!
  • Crush with a lovely lady like you keeps me far away from day full tensions. Have a wonderful day.

A smart birthday message for crush.

  • I got intoxicated in the magic of your beauty. You are the lady with a class. Happy Birthday!
  • I am not afraid of any rejection, if you are beautiful then it’s not easy to ignore me and trust me as well! Happy Birthday, sweetie.
  • If Pizza is the best breakfast, you are the best candy. The best birthday to the lady whom I have crush on.
  • Mom told me that talking to ladies may bring you troubles, but with you I think getting troubles is the best idea. My deepest wishes.
  • I got something I got to tell you. But I don’t think it’s allowed to be on paper. Come find me and I’ll tell you in person. Happy Birthday.
  • Everyone has a crush. You’re my secret crush. But it’s only a secret if we keep it between us. Happy Birthday girl.
  • When I see you, my eyes and heart keep talking together. Hope one day my tongue will tell you their secrets. An adorable birthday to the cutest girl.
  • You were always picking on me and trying to get my attention. I always thought it was so cute when you do that. Little did you know that you were my crush.
  • People would always say we would look so cute together. I would have to agree. You were my crush so I thought it would work out well. Happy Birthday girl.
  • I have an immediate weakness in my spirit any time I think about you, it shows the gravity of my love. I know someday you’ll appreciate having me around you. Happy Birthday my desired lady.
  • You’re very different among millions of ladies in the world. Nothing has ever gone strange with you. I hope to spend my life with you. Happy Birthday dream girl.
  • The more I look at your eyes, the more I have crush on you. Let’s slice the cake today without looking at each other. Happy Birthday cutie.
  • I have been having a crush on you for the longest time and thought this would be the perfect day to tell you how I feel. I hope we can meet so I can express myself.
  • You’re such a gem and your smile is as attractive as chocolate is to a little kid. I hope you’ll keep that stunning smile that gives me joy. Happy Birthday my crush.
  • Some crushes just never go away, they turn into something permanent, obsessive and all consuming, you are my crush girl, and I can’t wait to make you mine, a beautiful birthday to you.
  • Sometimes I just can’t ignore the way I feel when I see you smile, have the best birthday my beautiful crush, you are the queen of my heart.
  • Your eyes make me shy, and I’m still waiting for the courage I need to tell you how I feel princess, for now, enjoy your birthday crush.
  • I think about you constantly, whether it’s with my mind or my heart, you are the one I want to make my wife someday. Have a blessed birthday my crush.
  • I like her because she smiles at me and means it, that is why you are my crush, have a day as beautiful as you’re.
  • I have always admired you, and now I am not ashamed to say this, I think you are pretty awesome and I like you a lot. Happiest of birthdays.
  • You not only rock my world, you rock my day and every time that I get near you I feel weak. Happy Birthday my crush, please allow me to take you on a birthday date!

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