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50th birthday Messages

Half a century!!! That’s a big number, no not big, huge. When someone turns 50, you know they have seen the world and all that it has to offer; they can give out great advice since they have been there long enough. Reaching fifty for anyone is a big deal and sharing their birthdays with them makes them feel a whole lot younger. Appreciate someone on their fiftieth birthday, birthdays are a great mark and should be treated as such. So what can you possibly do or say to make these fifty year olds welcome? If you are older than they are, writing up a birthday message for them won’t be as tricky as you see, here are messages you can send to someone turning 50 years old:

Birthday Wishes and Messages for 50-Year-Olds

  • I don’t know if there’s any man who has done so much for everyone he knows. But I know one man here who has done that, and he continues even at 50. Happy Golden jubilee.
  • Nothing else can mean victory in the history of a man than conquering everything there is to conquer at age 50. Happy Golden jubilee Dad. Keep getting stronger. We love you.
  • Your unselfish devotion to this family will be sung forever. You’re a real man by all of your deeds and we all hope to take after you. Happy 50th Birthday great Dad. You’re celebrated.
  • The easiest way of living a good life is just to overlook your age and remember your beautiful recollections and times. Happy 50th birthday, dearest father!
  • You have completed the half century of your life and I wish you may achieve all the happiness, success, pleasure and beauties of life in rest of your life’s years. Happy 50th birthday!
  • Old wine and old people have their own aroma. Do not worry about your age, you are older but you are wiser and better than us. Wishing you a very happy 50th birthday, may you have many more!


  • May Lord give you power and affluence to spend the other half of your life with health, wealth and prosperity. Happy 50th birthday, my dear father!
  • No one can even imagine that you are a fifty year old handsome man. You just look like twenty-five years old boy. May you all always maintain your health and opulence. Happy Birthday, my sweetest uncle.
  • This golden period of your life indicates that you have been loaded with thirty-two years of life’s experience that is good enough to achieve the mentoring abilities for teaching others. Happy Birthday, my sweet loving uncle.
  • Birthday Wishes for Elderly
  • You are turning to 50 but have an outlook of 30 and feelings of 20 years old boy. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May you have thousands of the happiest moments.
  • Say goodbye to the youth and enjoy the older phase of life. Happy 50th birthday, my dear elder brother.
  • You are not a young person indeed, but none can impede you from being wayward and natty. Do whatever you like. I wish you the stunning birthday. May your birthday wishes come true.

Happy 50th Birthday Greetings

  • It takes 50 years to complete this graceful personality from all aspects. Have a stunning 50th birthday.
  • This is the peak season of your life that you have learned the crucial lessons from life and you are capable enough of teaching the others. All the best for your present and future. Happy Birthday!
  • Forget all the sorrows and hardest moments that you have been spent in your past. Just take a fresh start and don’t care about the age. Wishing you a very happy 50th birthday!
  • Birthday Wishes for Father
  • Hopes, expectations, dreams, worries, optimism and pessimism, you have been crossed all these factors now. This is the time of your enjoyment with your family. Happy 50th birthday and enjoy the moments to its fullest.
  • The moments and days I’m spending with you are always in my heart, no matter we are the oldest friends, but whenever we two gathered, it takes thirty years back. I wish you the very happy 50th birthday, my dearest friend.
  • Turning fifty means getting the results of your sowing seeds whether it is fruitful or fruitless. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May you life become a high spirited-living.


  • Life is getting shorter after fifty, try to get the most out of it from your rest of days. Happy fiftieth birthday!
  • Do not think that you are old, you are young by heart and it’s the time to show the world about your enthusiasm. Have a joyous 50th birthday!
  • Life is not what we assume. It is the matter of responding the happenings. Happy 50th birthday. Hope this birthday will be the best in all.
  • Birthday Wishes for Mother
  • Happy 50th birthday to you sir, you have been a source of blessing and a father figure to many. May this golden year bring you closer to actualizing all of your life dreams. Enjoy the celebration.
  • 50 is a mark of something great and a mark of an indelible achievement. Happy Birthday to you, great heart and great mind. May this year bring you good health and sound mind.
  • Life is indeed like an adventure, reaching this stage is for sure a thing to be happy about. Thanks for everything you have been unto us. Happy 50th birthday, keep being young.

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

  • Can’t believe you are gonna be 50 tomorrow, I’m very happy to have been with you all this while, that it’s unnoticeable that you’re getting old. At 50 you look 30. Happy Birthday, sir. Stay young forever.
  • You always tell us that health up-keeping is the best thing a man can do unto himself, no wonder you are very young in appearance even at 50. Happy golden jubilee. Stay blessed.
  • You transformed our thoughts by your way of life, you have never for once scolded anyone by words but you bring us to the right path by your actions. Happy 50th birthday, sir, enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Birthday Wishes for Grandma
  • Your confidence and your assurance about your direction is always encouraging, you are always optimistic about every decision you make, thank you for rubbing that on us. Happy 50th birthday. Stay blessed.
  • You are not just a father; you are a mentor, a motivator and a spiritual helper. Thank you for being everything to us. Happy 50th birthday, sir.
  • I’m happy to have a mother like you and I am proud you are still very much with us at this beautiful age. You are such an affectionate mother and you are irreplaceable. Happy 50th birthday.


  • You have been very tough and so stern but if I have the power of choice over who my father should be, I would choose you again and again. Happy 50th birthday, sir.
  • I’m deep in love with you, my precious father, you are my first love and I will forever love you even when I’m far away from you. Happy 50th birthday, sir. May you stay young forever.
  • The way you father me is something I really love, the way you correct, the way you care, it’s all a child can ever ask for. Happy 50th birthday, sir. May God keep you in good mind and good health.
  • Half a century is a significant number and we rejoice with you for witnessing this huge number in the years of your existence, who says you can’t reach a century, let’s go for it. Happy 50th birthday.
  • Happy golden jubilee to you, it is one of the milestone birthdays to celebrate in a massive way. We thank God for preserving you till now. Happy 50th birthday to you. I wish you many more adventurous years.
  • Happy 50th birthday to you, it’s an age where we always want more hair on our head, but obviously, we’ll start having less. Be satisfied with what comes, sir. 🙂 Enjoy the celebration, love you.

50th Birthday Cards

  • At fifty, you are still sharp and witty, strong and sporty, sound and intelligent. May you never grow old because we always want to have you around with us. Happy 50th birthday.
  • Sometimes it is really difficult to feel like a youth at your age but partying once in a while won’t be a bad idea. 🙂 Happy 50th birthday. Stay strong for long.
  • It is a great privilege for me to wish you a Happy Birthday, because I’ve been part of the beautiful years you have spent on earth and they are indeed wonderful. Happy 50th birthday.
  • You have been such an amazing and influential figure in my life, we have shared a lot of moments together but I have nothing but great respect for you. Happy 50th birthday, I wish you all the best.
  • Five decades are enough for you to count every great thing you did in your life. You can start by building a great family that’s lucky to have you as a big leader. Happy 50th birthday, buddy!
  • Birthday Wishes for Grandpa
  • Happy Birthday and congratulations to you on clocking this milestone of age, for some it’s an age to retire at home, but for you sir, never stop affecting life like you has always been doing. Happy 50th birthday.


  • You are now 50 years old; I can’t seem to wrap my mind around that. I have seen you grow to the person you are and I can tell you grow livelier as each birthday passes. Cheers, and May this day bring you a lot of wonderful surprises.
  • When I heard it was your birthday I was super excited, knowing you for as long as I have and having the chance to share your fiftieth birthday with you. I can tell it means a lot to you to have those closest people to you near. Enjoy.
  • You could have fooled us all with your age, you don’t look a day over thirty, and I am happy to be sharing such a splendid day with you and hope to be a great addition as you embark on your new journey. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 50th birthday, mate, you are a joyous person and I can only wish you the best from this day and all the birthdays that come your way. Have a blast.
  • My baby is now 50, I remember when I was that age once upon a time, you have seen enough to know when to be careful and when to let new things in. embrace your age, my dear, there is nothing as beautiful as your day. Happy Birthday!
  • Words alone cannot be able to describe the joy I feel as I watch you turn 50. I am glad you get to share your wisdom with me. Happy Birthday and I love you.

50th birthday wishes

  • Regardless of where I am, how our relationship is or how the world turns out, I will always be here to celebrate your birthday with you. Happy 50th birthday, my dear, I hope you have a fantastic time.
  • You are a great person and only great people get to live as long as you have, I wish you many more years so I can get to make more special memories with you. Have a great birthday.
  • Growing older is not a big deal, but getting older by heart is sometimes a big dilemma. Take a long breath and start a fresh start. I wish you a very happy 50th birthday.
  • I wish you a bombarded 50th birthday, may you get happiness and intimate pleasure in the rest of your life.
  • They say reaching half a century years is when you truly know you have conquered half of the world. I hope you conquer the whole universe, have a great birthday.
  • I am so proud of you, the person you have become through great determination, persistence and struggle. You enjoy today because you deserve the little break. Have a Happy Birthday, pal.
  • 400 Birthday Wishes
  • To be by your side is the greatest gift I can offer during this time as you turn 50, you have truly changed my life and I can never find a replacement for you. Happy Birthday!!
  • Happy golden jubilee, may your latter days be greater than your former. More blessings as you age in favor and grace.
  • Wow! You’ve achieved a landmark today. To have spent 50 years in this unsecured world is worth celebrating. You’re worth all the celebration.
  • Most people aren’t opportune to see their 50th birthday, you’ve crossed the hurdle and we look forward to spending more years with you.
  • No one will ever believe you’ve clocked 50 years already because you look younger than your age. I wish to share in this remarkable fate of yours, happy 50th Birthday once again.
  • Is that half century? Oh My God! You are a great person to live all those years and face all obstacles in life. Happy 50th Birthday!
  • Where do I start thanking you for the protection, unconditional love and care? You are one in a million and I hope you enjoy each and every second of your birthday. Happy 50th dear.
  • Throughout the time I have spent with you, there is nothing I appreciate more than having a great friend by my side. I love and appreciate you and hope you have the most spectacular 50th birthday in history.

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