Top 50 Wedding Wishes for Uncle

If there is a bunch that is interesting, I would have to say uncles, they are the extra fathers we have, the extra friends we get to make and be related to and they are generally awesome people, especially if your uncle is around your age. When they finally decide to settle down, I find sending them a message the best way to convey your happiness towards the joyous occasion.

I'm very lucky to witness my uncle's wedding. Congratulations!

Words are meaningful and sometimes actions don’t show as much, here are some wedding wishes you can send to your uncle on his special day to wish him the very best as he marries his beautiful wife:

Wedding Wishes and Congratulations Messages for Uncle

  • It feels nice witnessing the wedding ceremony of my beloved uncle, may you find happiness and true companionship in your marriage.
  • I waited inpatient for this day to come, it’s your unification of love ceremony and you look good in your suit. I never have seen my uncle so happy.
  • Weddings are awesome to behold especially when it is one’s uncle’s, I choose this day to inform you that I love your happiness and I’m glad you found it in your new bride.
  • Happy married life to the best of uncles to ever set foot on this earth, you have been amazing and I’m delighted for your married man status.
  • Marriage has its thicks and thins and even crash completely if not managed the right way, I’m counting on you uncle to overcome and make a success out of it.
  • Today is such a wonderful day for me, I get to eat loads of cake and stuff my belly without restrictions because it’s my uncle’s wedding today. Can we make the day last forever?!
  • I thought of the best gift that suits an uncle of your importance on his wedding and concluded it is the gift of well wishes, may you have the strength and endurance for a successful marriage.
  • We all crave for love and happiness as humans, today is your wedding dear uncle and I join a host of others to partake in your graceful wedding ceremony. Make it a day worth remembering.
  • Marriage is like an ocean, you can only see the beginning but not the end. I commend your boldness for taking this step of faith. I wish my uncle heavenly guidance through his marriage.
  • My dad’s brother is finally getting married today which gives me the right opportunity to take more pictures of happy family moments. Enjoy your honeymoon and the rest of your marriage.
  • Congratulations on the success of your wedding, you have sacrificed so much to make today’s event a success. I feel happy and joyous to be part of my uncle’s great wedding ceremony.
  • One live to enjoy or regret the decision of getting married, may your wedding bring only good memories. Happy Married life, Uncle.
  • Your bride brings out the best in you, her aura could be seen all over you, and I hope she keeps my uncle happy for a lifetime.
  • We opposed the law of Arithmetic today by summing you and your bride as one. May you remain one family and conquer the battles of life together. I wish my uncle a fulfilling married life.
  • You have been a great uncle to me, I can only rejoice with you on your wedding, make the most of today by having an unending gratitude and thanks to God for the success of the day.
  • A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step so is the journey of every marriage, I wish the best tidings on you and your bride. I celebrate with you uncle.
  • As we lay a foundation of your marriage today, may the wind and turbulent water of life not blow it down, I wish you Happy Married life because you are an uncle indeed.
  • Today marks the day I get to see my uncle ties the knot with his beautiful and amazing bride. I know you will make such a good and outstanding husband.
  • It couldn’t have happened at a better moment, the timing for your marriage is perfect and I’m glad you found a bride who is also close to perfection. Whatever makes my uncle happy delights me.
  • Seeing you marry the love of your life is definitely something to admire dear uncle, I hope your marriage flourishes. Enjoy each second of your wedding day. Wishing you a blessed marriage!
  • Congratulations uncle, I have learned that love really can strike twice, wishing you a happy day as you renew your vows to one another. You’re a couple I someday want to emulate when I get lucky.
  • Getting committed to someone as young as you are is admirable uncle, I wish you all the best in marriage life. It’s a beautiful wedding and just as perfect as the couple it’s for. Congratulations!
  • When I first heard about this I was surprised, my crazy uncle finally got someone to tame him and make him husband material. Congratulations, may happiness be bountiful in your life together.
  • You’ve always been my favorite uncle; you are fun and caring and I appreciate you so much. I’m happy that you get to marry the woman of your dreams today, wishing you joy as you tie the knot.
  • Congratulations to you my dear uncle, you are really an awesome man and the woman you get to marry is definitely lucky. I wish you all the joy and heartiness in the world. Have a joyous occasion!
  • You’ve always been lucky in love and it came as no surprise to me that you found a beautiful woman to marry. Can’t wait to get to know my new aunty, congratulations on your wedding uncle! Have fun.
  • You are a man I would want to emulate someday, I’m proud that you are my uncle and happy that I’m part of your wedding day. Have an awesome honeymoon and married life. I love you!
  • You have been waiting for a long time for the right one to come along dear uncle; I’m glad you finally found her and that you are now getting happily married. Congrats on your wedding.
  • The Lord sure did bless you with a fair maiden dear uncle, I hope your marriage lasts forever, may your wedding be all that you planned and so much more. Congratulations and be blessed.
  • Love grows as people get to know each other more dear uncle, your marriage may be arranged but I can tell she’s a very beautiful woman who deserves your love and devotion. Congratulations!!
  • You have been saving up and waiting for this day for as long as I can remember dear uncle, I’m glad you are finally doing the right thing and tying the knot to the mother of your kids. Congrats!
  • Moving on is the best thing you can do when you lose something precious to you. I hope you make each other happy dear uncle, congratulations and may your love grow fonder each day. I love you.
  • May each day bring a new reason to love each other dear uncle, congratulations on your wedding. I hope you’ll make each other extremely happy for the rest of your lives.

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