12th Birthday Wishes for 12-Year-Olds

Happy 12th Birthday

Turning 12 is a big deal, 12 years has a lot of advantages and a lot of things just waiting for you. Turning older is a blessing most people get to enjoy and as a person close to a birthday boy or girl, it is your duty to make the moment unforgettable. Birthday messages go a long way in making special times more special. Words written are always better than words said since one can read the words over and over again and that can definitely make someone feel happy and lucky to have someone as caring close to them. Here are some birthday messages you can send to that special 12 year old to ensure their birthday is unforgettable;

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • You and 12 have these in common, every year has twelve months, the clock has 12 hours and now you are 12. You have a delightful family because you are awesome. Happy 12th Birthday.
  • Happy 12th Birthday my sweet girl, I pray that time will be a valuable asset in your life as you grow older. Enjoy your beautiful and awesome day.
  • A great start doesn’t necessarily guarantee a great end, but it’s very important in the journey to greatness. I hope you’ll be advantaged by your start. Happy 12th Birthday.
  • As young and as cool as you appear today, I can only compare you to a thing which is a Virgin gold mine, full of untapped gold. I wish well. Happy 12th Birthday.
  • You’re such a fantastic boy and every of your attributes as a young man doesn’t go against that. I hope you’ll enjoy this great year. Happy 12th Birthday boy.
  • There are laid down rules and regulations that men must follow to be obedient to God. I hope you’ll follow that as you grow up. It’ll make you become a good person. Happy 12th Birthday.


  • Ever since I grew up, I have always hopped for a niece like you, thanks to God for granting my wish, I really cherish every moment with you. Happy 12th Birthday niece.
  • Happy 12th Birthday boy, now I hope to see you have a taste of the world, so that you’ll decide who you wanna be. Enjoy your special day and I hope you’ll choose wisely.
  • I wanna wish you a prosperous 12th birthday, and I wanna pray from the depth of my heart that no obstacle will be able to hold you back from becoming great. Stay Blessed.
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  • Happy 12th Birthday my dear son, I hope you will keep seeing life through the eye of a kid that you are, it’ll bring you lots of joy. Enjoy the beauty of this age.
  • A twelve-year-old lady always looks attractive to anyone on any day. I hope to see you shine on every corner at this beautiful age. Happy 12th Birthday daughter. Daddy loves you.
  • Now you are getting too old for greeting cards and toys, it’s time for proper planning towards your interest and your future. I hope you’ll enjoy every month in the year. Happy 12th Birthday son.

12th Birthday Cards

  • I hope a change will be done on you to carve out properly your own part in life for you to be relevant in this generation. Happy 12th Birthday. Stay blessed.
  • I hope your creativity as a twelve-year-old boy will start taking a new shape, a shape tending towards professionalism. Happy 12th Birthday, keep moving forward boy, nothing is strong enough to stop you.
  • Ever since you have been with us, our whole world is known by three words, Joy! Happiness! And Love! May you never stop being a source of blessing. Happy 12th Birthday son. You’re loved.
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  • No matter what path you thread, no matter who you choose to be, your love is a thing that will forever glow in our hearts. Happy 12th Birthday daughter. Enjoy your special day.
  • The kind of delight I have after seeing you ride happily on a bicycle cannot be compared to anything in the whole world. You are my life. Happy 12th Birthday my boy. Remain blessed.
  • Our scolding was never meant to hurt you but to shape you. Happy 12th Birthday son. Enjoy this age.


  • Problems are not enough to stop me now, because I know whenever I get home from work, you’ll give me a greater trouble to forget all problems. 🙂 Happy 12th Birthday my cool troublesome boy.
  • Your dad and I love each other so much, but your birth brought us to be so close. You have been a blessing since day one. Happy 12th Birthday son.
  • Some sons are great and bring lots of pride to their parents, while some sons are like Sun that brings about the beauty of all things. You are our sun. Happy 12th Birthday to you.
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  • Best buddy, best brother and best friend, you have all three attributes in your personality which make me closer to you. Wish you a very happy 12th birthday. May you have a wonderful life.
  • The real journey of life starts after your teen age. Enjoy your life as much as you can. You are in the golden era of life. Have a tension free life. May you have a lifetime happiness. Happy 12th Birthday.
  • Feeling hotter as your 12 candles placed on the cake produce heat, so hurry up just blow them all and make all of us get relieved from this hotness. Happy 12th Birthday, my sweetest child. Love you!

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes

  • You have become the happiest and most exciting part of my life since we are new friends here but I feel I know you since ages. I love to enjoy with you. Happy 12th Birthday, my sweetest friend.
  • Stay lively, live longer. Have a magnificent birthday. Wish you a very happy 12th birthday.
  • How much do I love you?! I don’t know but it is confirmed that I cannot live without you. You are the beautiful chapter of my life. May your life brighten. Happy 12th Birthday, my heart.
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  • You will realize you are getting older when you start feeling the expensiveness of cake rather its taste. Be happy and enjoy your childhood to its fullest. Happy 12th Birthday.
  • Just live your life before your life leaves you. Enjoy every moment of it. I’m with you forever. May you have the exciting journey of life. Happy 12th Birthday.
  • keep smiling, stay tension free, feel joy, keep aside all worries, grasp the harmony, forget the pain and enjoy the life. Happy Birthday, my sweet baby. May you get your true love.


  • Let the things happen and see what happens at the end. My all wishes are with you. Happy 12th Birthday, my boy.
  • Positive thoughts give the positive and bright future. Have a great day. Happy 12th Birthday.
  • Be relaxed and easy and feel who you are. You should be the best friend of yourself. Wish you a very happy 12th birthday.
  • Move on and grow stronger. Happy 12th Birthday.
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  • Make your goal to be happy in your life not just making money and be rich. Happy 12th Birthday to the beautiful child.
  • Tensions and worries just create a nest in the mind. So never be worried about anything. Be positive and always pay thanks to God. Happy 12th Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to you, living every time in the zoo which have monkeys and donkeys too and gorilla is totally like you. Happy Birthday to you.

12th Birthday greetings and messages

  • You have now full set of teeth and I want you to live to be old and toothless. Wish you the lifetime happiness and joy. Have a beautiful day ahead. Happy 12th Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, you are just 12, but your words are so sensible and you have the ability to think positive. Wishing you the happiness laden with unlimited fun and exciting events.
  • Keep smile as big as you can. You will look so cute. Happy 12th Birthday, my baby.
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  • You are the funny child and whenever you give company to me, my time is spent so beautiful and tension less. Happy 12th Birthday.
  • Minions, Tweety and Barbie doll all are saying to you, Happy Birthday to you.
  • Enjoy the beautiful journey of life as much as you can. May you have the bright future and wonderful life. Happy 12th Birthday.


  • Happy 12th Birthday my love, you are truly a ray of sunshine during each and every storm; I hope you live long, large and awesomely awesome. I love you.
  • May you grow wiser, healthier, cuter and intelligent as you turn 12 today, you are my hero, and I hope you know I always have your back, hearty birthday my love.
  • 12 is such a big number, I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown, I really am proud of you and hope to forever share in each and every birthday that comes your way. Enjoy dearest.
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  • Twelve is such a huge number for a girl, that seems as if she was just born yesterday. Your growth is faster than the speed of a Ferrari. Happy 12th Birthday little girl.
  • May your life be a wonderful one, and may your glory shine forth as you clock this beautiful age. Happy 12th Birthday good child, enjoy your special day.
  • To the best niece in the whole world, I hope your school teacher will always be kind to you because of your beauty. You are so pretty. Happy 12th Birthday Niece. Enjoy it.

  • Your birthday so much sticks to my head that I started remembering a month to it, because of the love I have for you. Happy 12th Birthday darling daughter. May it be a wonderful year.
  • It has been proven that we don’t just love people because they are family members, I can testify to it that I love you because of your smartness. Happy 12th Birthday nephew.
  • I have watched you grow into the fine young lass you are today and I still can’t believe how blessed I’m to be sharing your 12th birthday. I love you sweetie, I hope you grow older than the hills.
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  • Close your eyes and imagine the greatest gift, I hope you get that today. May your 12th birthday be more exciting than the last. Lots of love from your biggest fan.
  • You are a blessing in my life and I hope I forever get to share in your celebrations. You are an amazing 12 year old and I hope you get the best of everything. I love you my dear!
  • May the Lord continue blessing you, may He keep you safe and may He always grant your heart desires. Happy 12th Birthday dear one, a year older eh?


  • It is your day, you are turning 12 and I hope by now you realize nothing is too big for you. I hope you grow older than your grandpa and wiser than sages. I love you!
  • It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating a beautiful 12 year old’s birthday. I hope I never miss out on anything that involves you. I love you child!
  • You will always be my little angel, have fun on your 12th birthday and share the cake with those who love you.
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  • May this day bring more showers of blessings, you are an awesome 12 year old and I hope you get to enjoy each and every second of the day. I love you darling, you have my heart.
  • Happy 12th Birthday darling, it is a day to enjoy and make merry. May this day remind you of what you have and what you will always have, you are loved dear one.
  • Happy 12th Birthday, it is a day to enjoy and have fun, may you always get the best out of everything. I love you sweetheart!

12th Birthday Wishes

  • So far so good, I have a lot to be thankful about and I know I have the best with you. I will always be here and I hope your 12th birthday will be grand!
  • Happy 12th Birthday, may all your wishes come true and may the desires of your heart be fulfilled. I love you.
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  • Remember, whatever you want is just a stretch away, you can always get what you want if you believe in yourself. Have a hearty 12th birthday kiddo.
  • The world will be really awesome if every cousin has this special kind of relationship that we have. I hope we’ll keep growing in love. Happy 12th Birthday cousin.

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