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Happy 1st Birthday Baby

Babies are a blessing to each and every parent. They are the joy of continuity; the love you thought could only be shown by you. People love and appreciate a new born baby that is why on their very first birthdays everyone shows up with presents, to initiate the baby into their first year of birth. To show them that the love of the world and those around them are always with them. First birthdays should be memorable, cute and awesome, even if they are not fully aware of what is happening, the smiles on their faces shows it all. Here are some messages one can write to those cute little bundles of joy:

Birthday Wishes for cute One-Year-Old Babies

  • Like the spring of water, you’re the source of joy to our family. Happy 1st Birthday to our pretty and chubby daughter. May all of your days be filled with beauty of life.
  • Life is just so much of blend of wonders, no one thought I could conceive especially after waiting for a long time, but you’re the miracle in our world. Happy 1st Birthday son.
  • I really can’t wait to see you walk, run and become athletic because the rate at which you love to crawl is so alarming but yet interesting. Keep exercising those bones son. Happy 1st Birthday.
  • This is the first year in the world little baby. You have a long way to go but first we gotta change you out of these diapers. Happy Birthday baby!
  • Aww! You are one of the cutest little babies around. With your tiny little feet and your little fingers. Happy Birthday little one. You are so cute when you kick and flail around all excited.
  • Happy Birthday little baby. You are so cute. You make all these adorable little noises. You probably have no idea what is going on around you at all times, but it doesn’t matter. You are still really rad. I can’t wait to see what you are going to grow up as.


  • Happy Birthday baby. You are going to grow into someone amazing but for now diaper change!
  • Little bitty baby with little bitty toes, little bitty fingers, stumpy legs and big eyes. You are so cute! All the coos you sound off. Happy Birthday.
  • I can’t help but wonder what you are going to be like when you are older. But for now, let us enjoy these moments of you having to get your diaper changed. Happy Birthday little baby.
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  • To my little baby, happy first birthday! You have now been around for a year. How does that make you feel? It makes you want your bottle? OK!
  • I have the urge to protect you, love you and have you all to myself. It’s your first birthday and I hope you get the most out of it. Have a fantastic birthday dear.
  • Dear baby, you are one of the cutest babies around. I can’t help but smile every time I see you. You are just so adorable. Happy Birthday baby.

1st Birthday Cards

  • Happy Birthday baby! As the first year around, you get to enjoy many new things of life. Different diapers, different powders, funny showers, pooping on daddy, throwing up on mommy. Ahhhh some of the best times around. Let’s see what you do year 2!
  • Baby, you are one of the cutest babies around. I appreciate how much you brighten a room when you start giggling. It is one of the funniest moments around. Happy Birthday.
  • Little baby, it is time to celebrate your birthday! Do you know how excited everyone is to enjoy you being around for a year! It is time to have a great time while you drool over the cake.
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  • You are one of the cutest babies around. We can’t help but smile when we see you. Happy Birthday baby. We love you.
  • Let us enjoy the fact that you have been around for a year. Little one, you are going to grow into a fine human being. Happy Birthday baby.
  • Dear baby, I want you to save this wish so you can open up when you know what is going on. Happy Birthday little baby! You will always have your family here to love you no matter what.
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  • A wonderful birthday little one. I wish you another year of potty training, crawling and graduating to walking!
  • Let us remember how much you used to poop as you were a little baby. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone went through it. Happy Birthday young one.
  • Happy Birthday baby! It’s year one! You are officially a year full of experience. It may seem like a lifetime has passed for you. Trust me it’s all right. Let us cut this cake for you.
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  • Happy Birthday to you little beauty, I hope you grow wiser, happier, hearty and stronger. I love you baby, happy first birthday.
  • It’s your first birthday baby, you bring joy into our lives, you bring happiness and you make us complete. I hope you do enjoy this day dear little princess.
  • Oh my prince, you are growing up pretty quickly. You are an awesome addition to this family and to all of us. I hope you have fun. Happy Birthday!


  • You are the cutest baby I ever saw, I love the way you light up when you see something new and interesting, like today. I hope you have a blast on your first birthday darling, have a blast!!
  • Your first birthday should be the best; I hope this day makes your face bubble up with joy. I love you too much munchkin, have a great first birthday dear.
  • Happy Birthday dear, you are truly an addition to this family. An addition we all love and appreciate. Have a hearty first birthday babe, you are always a warmth in our hearts.
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  • Baby, you are the most fantastic addition life has to offer. You make me the happiest person just to have the chance to celebrate this first birthday with you. Have a great time little man.
  • What can I truly say to see that special smile you put on just for me. I love the fact that I will be able to see you grow into a fine person someday. Cheers, this is the first of many, baby. Happy Birthday!
  • You are our little queen, a baby we shower all our love and devotion to. You make us happy and I hope you have the most amazing time at your first birthday.
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  • I hope this is the first of many, I wish you all the good things life has to offer. I will always be by your side, as your guide, protector and personal advisor. Happy Birthday Baby.
  • You are the sweetest most intelligent baby I have seen in my day. Have a Happy Birthday baby. May all your wishes come true, now and then.
  • Darling, you deserve the best of everything, the best out of the people in your life. I hope you have a great first birthday. I love you.
  • I know I may not be the best, but for you I will. You are the new light that shines in my life, with you; I have a reason to try. Have a great first birthday dear.
  • It’s your birthday; I can only give thanks for your life. Thanks for the blessing of having such an awesome fella as part of my life. Have a great first bash baby.
  • Happy Birthday cute baby, I hope you enjoy your first birthday. I love you a lot. Kisses.

1st Birthday Greetings for Babies

  • Wishing you a very happy first birthday to my little angel, you are so cute, I love you so much my baby.
  • You have completed your one year of life in a blink of moment. This day is very special for me, you made my entity perfect. Happy Birthday my loving child. May God bless you.
  • Teddy bear, Donald duck, tweety bird, and minions all are saying a very happy first birthday.
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  • My life, my World, my Child these are interlinked with each other. A very Happy Birthday of my sweetest child, I wish you a long happy healthy life ahead.
  • You are still very small and don’t know what is happening around you, it’s your birthday, everyone is enjoying just because of you. Love you baby. Happy Birthday!
  • Even if I tensed so much, I just hold you and mount on my lap and start talking with you, your broken words and random acts give a lot of pleasure and bliss, my all stress is disappeared somewhere. Happy Birthday baby.


  • God has been kind to me and sent a beautiful child on this earth and that time I felt I found my whole world. You are very precious for our family. Wishing you a very happy first birthday.
  • Your innocence, broken words, glowing eyes and cute mischief make my heart and soul ecstatic. Happy Birthday my beloved child.
  • You brought the fountains of lightning in my desolate life and gave integrity to my existence. You are the love of my life. I wish you a very happy 1st birthday my baby.
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  • You are the shining star and apple of eyes of every member of our family. Happy first birthday cutie pie.
  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful child, you are nothing, but everything for me. You made my dreams come true. Have a lovely day ahead. Happy first birthday baby!
  • You are the flower of my garden whose fragrance is aromatizing in our hearts. Happy Birthday my dear child, this first birthday brings a lot of happiness in your life.
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First Birthday Wishes for Babies

  • My every breath comes when you take the breath. You are everything, my life, my world, and my happiness. Happy first birthday my adorable child.
  • I’m your sky and you are my clouds living inside me. Have a stunning and joyful birthday my child.
  • The fun is occurring at this boring place just because of you, all are saying a very happy first birthday to you.
  • Your infinite beauty and cuteness have the potential to make everyone do whatever you like. Wishing a very happy first birthday to the most attractive child of our family.
  • Your innocence and cuteness have the power to make room in everyone’s heart. You are my angel baby. Happy Birthday. May this first birthday bring lots of happiness and pleasure.
  • When you grow up, you have to know that your brothers were painting on your face on your birthday. 🙂 Happy Birthday cutie.


  • A new baby finally has a year on the world. You have no idea what is going on but you will have a long life filled with ups and downs. But your family is right here and we love you. Happy Birthday baby.
  • Dear little baby, you are going to have one of the biggest celebrations in all the world and you are going to have no clue what is going on. But it’s still going to be great. Happy Birthday. We will record this for you so you will see how cute you were when you were so little.
  • You act as a painkiller and hypertension pill to reduce the stress and tensions of every member of our family. Happy First birthday baby!
  • The first year in this beautiful world, I’m so certain you know nothing, you don’t know where you are or what you are. We are your guardian angels. Happy 1st Birthday to you son.
  • Hear me well son, you are 1 today and you just keep smiling, but I want you to play football always, it’s my unfulfilled dream, and I’m passing it to you. Happy 1st Birthday.
  • Happy 1st Birthday son, I wish I could have the awareness of an old man and yet receive all the love like you are presently receiving. Happy Birthday son. Keep growing.
  • I know you do not know how much this day is important for me, but I capture the memories of this day and one day I will show you that how much cute you were. Happy 1st Birthday baby!
  • Your arrival has introduced me to the very new world of mine. This is really an outstanding feeling when a baby aroused from my existence. Wishing you a very happy First birthday my child.
  • How cute you are looking when you put on a party cap on your little head and you get starting weeping. It’s so amazing. I love you my child. Happy first Birthday.

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