Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes for Babies Turning 2

What’s different about 2nd birthdays? 2-year-old babies are the cutest, aren’t they! Their half smiles, and the way they pronounce those little words. How can you resist them whenever they ask for anything? They make you say yes to anything they want with those beautiful eyes of theirs. Two-year-olds are just one of a kind. What they love most is their birthday cakes.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

When a baby is turning 2, why not make their birthday a memorable one, a day they will forever remember?! You can send them one of these 2nd birthday wishes to show them how cute and funny they are.

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Here are some messages you could send to any baby on their second birthday.

  • Two front teeth, two wide eyes. This makes me freeze like ice. Happy Birthday, Eagle Eyes!
  • Two more centimetres and you can open all doors. Cutest wishes to my 2-year-old baby!
  • Today is your second birthday, enjoy every second of it.

Happy Second Birthday! Enjoy every second sweetie.

  • Wait a second, I want to use 60 seconds to wish you a happy 2nd birthday. Cheers, Pal!
  • Your friends and family wish you a happy 2nd birthday. We were here for your first, we’re here now and we’ll always be here.
  • Though it’s your second birthday, it’ll be second to none. It’s gonna be the best birthday ever.
  • ONE, TWO, THREE! Someone didn’t count to three; Oh this’s you,  just completed two years. Happy Second Birthday, Baby!
  • My adorable baby, may you grow up to be smart, wise and the best in everything. Your laughter lightens up my life. Enjoy your 2nd birthday!
  • Your second year is filled with a load of happiness and love as your first one did. I wish you a very bright 2nd birthday.

Happy Birthday, eagle eyes.

  • You were quiet the first year, but now, you’re the naughtiest two-year-old baby around. However, I love you!
  • You are the most adorable piece of beauty and the most beautiful flower of our family garden. The sweetest birthday to the sweetest baby.
  • Seeing you, I wish I were a 2-year-old. Cheers to your new age, pal.


Here are some funny birthday wishes for any baby turning 2.

  • It’s the season premiere of your third year in life, can’t bear to miss any moment. Be right back, let me grab my popcorn.
  • No birthday is like the second. Pretty sure I said this at your first, but I mean it this time.

No birthday is like the second.

  • Hey Pal, if you divulge our secret fun times to your mom, I’ll take all your candy. DEAL?!
  • If there’s anyone trying to be as cute as you, I’m sure they’ve given up by now. Happy Birthday, Champ!


Here are some 2nd birthday messages for a baby boy. For lots more ideas, see this list of birthday messages for a special boy.

  • I’m here to make sure your second birthday is done well. Oh God, I love this fantastic baby boy.
  • Although you are only two years old, you look smart. After eighteen years, you might be the most intelligent man. Enjoy, honey!
  • As you are growing up, your naughtiness is going on the peak. I love all your silly cute acts. Wishing you an astonishing 2nd birthday, baby.


Here are four sweet wishes for a special baby girl who is turning two. For more options, see this big collection of birthday wishes for a cute girl.

  • There is nothing cuter than your broken words. Happy second birthday to my cutie pie.
  • Hey, baby girl, wake up to hear this, I wish you turn a fine lucky woman in the future.
  • May your second birthday be filled with barbie dolls and toys.
  • I feel I want to steal you, lock you away and keep you all to myself, I love you so much and I would do anything in my power to see that pretty little smile on your face. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!


Here are some 2nd birthday messages crafted specifically for your son.

  • It’s 2 much joy 2 be the father of the best 2-year-old ever. Happy Birthday mate!
  • A two-year-old baby boy with two dimples is celebrating his birthday. He’s my very sweet son.

Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet son.

  • If you read this, you will know that your 2nd birthday was awesome, and your party was unique. I hope you feel cool now while you are a complete man.
  • It’s really difficult to believe that you are two today; the rate at which you learn how to speak, walk and jump is amazing. I’m happy to be your [mother/father].


Here are some cool words to send to your daughter who is turning 2.

  • When you turned 1, I thought I couldn’t be happier. I guess I was wrong because I’ve never been this happy. Cheers to turning 2, sweetie!
  • A soft touch of your palm trying to hold my finger expels my anger and makes me happy. Best wishes to my 2-year-old princess.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Daughter!

  • Thanks for adding sweetness into my life. You’re the most beautiful daughter, and I hope you grow up fast to understand these words.
  • Just like our love for you, you keep getting bigger. The best birthday to our angel who is turning 2.


here are some birthday messages for a sweet 2-year-old nephew.

  • you aren’t just 2, you are 2 sweet, 2 cute, 2 charming and 2 lovely. Love you, nephew.

Happy Birthday, nephew! Congrats on turning 2.

  • Two hands, Two legs! Two eyes, two ears! That’s my cute nephew who is always ready for the potty. Congrats on turning 2, sweetie!
  • Cute babies always get presents on their birthdays and you’re always cute. Your [uncle/aunt] Can’t wait to see how many presents you’ll get this time.


Here are some greetings for a niece turning 2. You might also want to check out these “Happy Birthday, Niece” messages.

  • It feels as if you have been with us for just 2 months. It was a big surprise when I knew that you’re already turning TWO. My sweet niece can eat the cake alone as she’s very big now.

Happy 2nd Birthday to the sweetest niece in the world.

  • May God save you from the evil eyes, may your cuteness and sweetness remain forever. Have a great second birthday, my wonderful niece.
  • At 2, you’re already the most beautiful girl I know. You’re the princess of babies kingdom. Love you, NIECE.


Here are TWO messages for a grandson who’s turning TWO.

  • If you hardly walk or heavily talk, today is a start to be a great runner and teller. Your [grandma/grandpa] is ready to teach you at the party.
  • You’re small but can control your big granny’s heart. It’s the first time to see a 2-year-old wizard. Love you, sweetheart.


here are some messages from a grandparent to a granddaughter on her 2nd birthday.

  • 2 years with you has been an adventure, it’s like I have my very own Dora the explorer. Thanks for the fun, my cute girl.
  • Life is truly worth living with the most beautiful 2-year-old girl in it. Happy 2nd Birthday to my amazing granddaughter!


Here are some special 2nd birthday wishes for a special brother.

  • How can you know where to get food when you are hungry?! My little brother is going to be the second detective Conan soon. By the way, Happy 2nd Birthday as well.
  • When you grow up, seeing these pictures will make you happy. See how you made your big brother/sister an idiot!


Here are two 2nd birthday messages for a special sister.

  • As you are growing teeth, make sure you don’t bite me while feeding you. A fantastic 2nd birthday to my cute sis.
  • Trust me, 2nd birthdays are the best, lots of fun and presents await. Let’s count them tonight together.


Number 2 is perfect for twins. Here are two creative messages for twins on their 2nd birthday.

  • 2 babies! 2-year-olds! 2 parties! Wait – What!! It’s just one party as we have twins here. Best wishes to the best twins.
  • A little while from now, I won’t be able to carry two of you in my arms again. Happy 2nd birthday to my heavy twins.

If  you want to send them a message next year, here are a special list of 3rd birthday messages.

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