Happy 41st Birthday Wishes

41 is such a big number, it’s the age where the person has passed through most of their life’s challenges and are cooling down waiting for the years to go by. Most likely, a 41-year-old has a family and loves them being around when they celebrate this special time. Some also are lucky enough to have their parents around. Having the people you love and adore around you as you grow old is definitely one of life’s biggest blessings. As a person in their lives, it is important to remind them how loved they are and also how appreciated they are. Sending them a birthday message can go a long way in putting a smile on their faces. Go ahead and send one of these messages and see them smile:

Happy 41st Birthday

41st Birthday Messages for 41-Year-Olds

  • Sharing my life with you has been an exciting experience and I will forever be grateful for that beautiful gift God gave me. Happy 41st Birthday dearie. Please don’t grow old.
  • You have never hesitated to always be there for others in their trying times, no one has been like you for the past few years that I know you. Happy 41st Birthday Sir. You’re Gold.
  • Emotionally I became very stable when I became your husband and you’ve never manipulated me to be what I couldn’t be unlike my previous experiences. Happy 41st Birthday wife. I love you so much.
  • My dreams are what I couldn’t explain to others because it’s not like every other person’s dream, so they may not get it. But thanks for all the support. Happy 41st Birthday dear.
  • Your way of telling truth to people is a comical one, but they often go home to reflect on what you say. You’re a knowledgeable man. Happy 41st Birthday role model.
  • The almighty God who has given the ones before you strength will give you strength and help you find motivation to keep living a good life. Happy 41st Birthday friend.


  • Happy 41st Birthday to you Dad, the way you lay emphasis on issues always matters and the way they come to pass makes me listen even more. Enjoy your special day sir.
  • To a man who is never shy of telling others about his mistake for them to learn from it, I celebrate your integrity sir. Enjoy your 41st adventure. We won’t ever stop learning from you.
  • Everyone admires intelligent people but I realize it’s better to admire kindhearted people like my father. Happy 41st Birthday kind dad. I love you a lot for all of your kindness towards everyone.
  • May every vein, artery, muscle, tendon and bone that hold you together never get old or weary. You shall wax from strength to strength. Happy 41st Birthday Dad.
  • I can’t forever throw off my thoughts of you because every time they come to my heart, they bring me joy and excitement. Thanks for doing so much for me. Happy 41st Birthday Sir.
  • You told us not to expect anything from anyone as through that, we’ll never feel saddened and frustrated. Thanks for always giving us such advice. Happy 41st Birthday mom.

41st Birthday Cards

  • After everything, we’ll realize that the ones we should spend most of our lives with are the ones who have done so much for us. Thanks mom and I wish you a prosperous 41st Birthday.
  • My joy will be full to marry a kind, fierce and brave man like my father. You’ve been more than a father to us. Happy 41st Birthday Dad.
  • When I had a challenge moving on, you told me to find a peace and love myself unconditionally. It was a breakthrough word for me. Thanks role model. Enjoy your 41st year.
  • You communed with us as friend with friend, it’s so much interesting to have a mother who does that without getting tired for once. Happy 41st Birthday mom. Keep living for us.
  • We suffered a fractured relationship at some point in our lives but I’m grateful that we could still push on with it. Thanks for the sacrifice. Happy 41st Birthday Aunt.
  • Your standing today is as a result of all that you’ve suffered and overcome. I’m happy you could pull it off. Happy 41st Birthday honey. Forever together with you.


  • Your voice never stopped telling of your love to me, it’s still a joy till date to journey my everlasting journey with you. Happy 41st Birthday husband.
  • There are truly some heights of joy that we can’t ever reach until we go away, but I’ve reached a great height of joy with you my love. Happy 41st Birthday to you.
  • Your words are obviously your most powerful weapon, but it’s surprising that you’ve never misused them in any way in the family. Thanks for elevating us with your words. Happy 41st Birthday Dad.
  • Honesty is now what people fake to have things done their way. But being an elderly man, you’ve never for once done that. You’ve always given us free will. Happy 41st Birthday Dad.
  • Just do what you want – you are in the middle age didn’t cross the platinum jubilee. Wishing you a very happy 41st birthday. May you have good looks again.
  • Don’t count your age, just celebrate it. Wishing you a very happy 41st birthday. May you have a wonderful life.

41st Birthday Messages

  • With your growing age, you are getting so crazy but I like this change in your personality. May you have the liveliest years ahead. Happy 41st Birthday.
  • Have the best period of maturity. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. May you have many more.
  • May all the happiness of your life come in this year and get multiplied again and again. Wishing you a birthday filled with infinite joy. Happy 41st year.
  • Have a fabulous 41st birthday. May your life become perfect for you.
  • The beginning of your 5th decade becomes more admirable and remarkable. Wishing you the 41st birthday laden with sweetness and happiness.
  • A new horizon of life more towards perfection. Happy 41st Birthday.
  • You are the man of his own words. That’s the worthiest point of your personality. Wishing you the best 41st birthday.


  • May all your dreams come true what you ever aspire for future. Wishing you a birthday filled with unconditional love and happiness.
  • You are standing on 41 but your grace is still mind-blowing. Have a wonderful birthday – the prettiest lady.
  • May all your sorrows turn into happiness and your tears into smile. I wish you a wonderful life with loads of exciting events. Happy 41st Birthday.
  • Don’t be so naughty if you have crossed forty. Wishing you the craziest 41st birthday. May you feel the beauty of life.
  • You are the greatest asset of my life. You have given me the knowledge, moral support, a new ocean of life. You are my mentor. I wish you a wonderful life. Happy 41st Birthday.
  • I can never forget your guidance. It always gives me a new direction where I get stuck. May God bless His mercy upon you. Happy 41st Birthday.

41st Birthday Greetings

  • Don’t worry about your growing age. It’s just a number. Enjoy your life man. Happy 41st Birthday.
  • Wishing you the best 41st year of your life. Take a moment and make it wonderful and the best ever.
  • Just open the door of your future. You are about to start a new journey of life. Happy 41st Birthday.
  • Your intelligence can be the beautiful masterpiece, just open it and share it with us. Wishing you a beautiful life. May you have a wonderful 41st birthday.
  • You have been created for a purpose, just find your own. Live up with intentions. Have a wonderful 41st year of life.
  • May you have the perfect life with a perfect wife. Wishing you that your 41st year will be filled with loads of desires, love, and happiness.
  • Just learn to trust on others, if you don’t understand them. Better for you and good for them. Happy 41st Birthday.


  • You are forty but still look you are twenty. Have a wonderful birthday, hotty.
  • May you have all time the immense joy, inner satisfaction, peace and true success. Happy 41st Birthday.
  • Live your everyday as you were born today no matter how old you are, as appreciation on every single moment facilitates rejuvenation. Happy 41st Birthday.
  • If it’s hard to reach the destination, just change your direction. Soon or later, you will reach there. Have a wonderful 41st birthday.
  • Your life’s journey is the best tutor that learns you about true directions and destinations. Have a fantastic 41st year of your life. May you have many more.
  • Happy 41st Birthday my dear, age is just a number and I hope you make the most out of the time given to you here on earth. Love you!
  • Make each day a blessing to someone else and see them blessing you every time. Have a grand 41st birthday my dear.

41st Birthday Wishes

  • May your 41st birthday be the greatest ever, may it open doors for you and give you the courage to do amazing things with your life!
  • Have a prosperous 41st birthday full of good cheer, hearty memories and family and friends who adore you. Age gracefully my dear friend!
  • When a mate like you grows older, I have no fear of growing old myself. You are my hope for amazing years ahead with giggles and cheer. Happy 41st my dearest friend!
  • I’m lucky to have you in my life, you have made each day awesome so far and I hope to always be another reason behind that smile. Enjoy your 41st.
  • May you be always hearty, may your heart be full of blessing and may everything you touch turn to gold. Have a beautiful 41st birthday beautiful!
  • You have always been lucky, but I hope your 41st birthday make you blessed. Have a great birthday my dear, you are priceless!


  • Have a great 41st birthday my dear friend, you are a great addition to my life and I hope you have fun as you celebrate this day. I love you!
  • 41 really does suit you, I can’t remember the last time I saw such a big smile on your face. Have fun as you celebrate this birthday and more to come!
  • You are as old as you feel not look or are. Have a fun filled 41st birthday, do all the things you never thought you’d do. And most of all live a little longer just for me!
  • You just made me want to be as old as you are; I have never seen a hearty 41-year-old such as you. I see you are already having fun, may it be so for the rest of your year.
  • This 41st birthday will surely make you glad. It will make you dance up with joy and I hope everlasting memories. Have a fun filled day my friend!
  • You mean a lot to me and I hope you have a great time as you celebrate this beautiful birthday. Have a great 41st birthday my dear, I love you!
  • The older you get the hotter you become. Have a fantastic unforgettable 41st birthday my dear. I’m glad to be growing old with you.
  • Have a great and awesome 41st birthday. Count your blessings and realize that you have so much to be thankful for.
  • Happy 41st Birthday. May all your wishes come true my dear. I love you!!!

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