Birthday Wishes for A Girl Crush

Doesn’t it hurt when you notice a beautiful girl that doesn’t notice you? Or being close to a lady you know doesn’t feel the same way you do about her? But how do we really know that! Sometimes, people need a push in the right direction, open their eyes to the possibility that you two could be happy together.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world.

Here are some birthday messages you can send to your crush, as a secret admirer who wants his secret come out, the worst she can say is no, trust me on this:


  • My nights are sleepless, my tongue is speechless. and you are just careless although your beauty is endless. Happy Birthday, Princess!
  • You were the cutest girl in class and everyone had a crush on you. Me included. Happy Birthday!
  • If Sushi is the best food, you are the best candy. Enjoy your birthday, sweetie.

If Sushi is the best food, you are the best candy. Enjoy your birthday, sweetie.

  • I’m in a rush to say Happy Birthday to my crush.
  • Happy Birthday! Damn. You are so so pretty.
  • My crush on you is terrific and I know you’ll always want to see me. To make that possible, you need to become mine. Have fun today, sweetie.
  • I’m invisible but follow you in silence for many years. Your Facebook Timeline is my other home. A great birthday to my inspiration.
  • What can I say? You are my favorite girl. Why? You are just so cute and I love seeing you blush. Happy Birthday, Girl!
  • Mom told me that talking to ladies may bring you troubles, but with you, I think getting troubles is the best idea. My sincerest wishes!
  • I know that I come across as a jerk sometimes, but you are my favorite girl.
  • Did you know that before you and I become a couple, I had the biggest crush on you? Funny how it all works out either way. Happy Birthday, my sweet lady.
  • You always asked me about the reason of my permanent smile; time to admit; I always smile when I talk to my crush. I love you and hope you do this to me one day.
  • You are something truly spectacular. I’m glad that I told you that you were my crush. Enjoy.
  • Best wishes for the most beautiful girl. You are one of my favorite girls around. I hope your birthday will be filled with fun and laughter.
  • A long time ago, we used to have class together. We were young but I used to have a big crush on you. It’s funny how time has brought us again together. Have fun today!
  • A charming birthday to the girl who made all my friends have a crush on her.
  • Moving closer to you made me realize that you’re adorable in and out. I’ll appreciate it if you become my wife someday.

Your smile is as attractive as chocolate is to a little kid. Happy Birthday to the cutest girl!

  • It has taken up all my courage to finally do this: Happy Birthday, My Crush! I like you a lot and wish you nothing but the best.
  • You are my secret crush, I have known you for a long time and I have never found the courage to say this to you. My deepest wishes!
  • Watching you for many years proves that I care. How attractive and charming you are! Time to tell you that you are my first and last crush.
  • I hope this feeling is mutual, we could make a great couple, Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl ever!
  • You have been there for me through each and every moment. I confess, I have a crush on you, because you are the girl that really completes me.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl who destroyed my mind by overthinking. Hope you calm my mind one day.
  • We could turn this little crush of mine into something real and wonderful, I long for the day you take my hand and forever be mine.
  • I’m too shy to speak and too scared to be rejected, but I have nothing to lose so here goes, I really like you, you are my crush, do you feel the same way too?
  • It’s the first time for me to have this talk with a pretty girl like you. All what I want to say is: I LOVE YOU & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • I may never measure up to your expectations but I hope you have a fabulous birthday!!
  • You are amazing and I hope you have an amazing birthday just like you.
  • I can’t hold it in anymore; you are the girl I have been crushing on since the first time I laid my eyes on you, so I always wish you the best.
  • I know we are friends for many years, but I have a feeling to you for 2 years. I tried to convince myself that this’s not true but really no way, I love you. Best wishes for the best girl.
  • I love your smile and your beautiful hair. Yes, you are the girl of my dreams, the only girl who’d make me happy. Wishing you the best.
  • It’s my pleasure to wish the most beautiful girl, who is really very special for me, a great day.
  • 24/7 I only think about you. You live in my thoughts. Happy Birthday, my one and only crush!
  • The day you said ‘Hi’ to me was the loveliest day of my life. Best wishes for the beautiful one.
  • I like flowers & blooming buds, I like music, I like nature but the thing I love most is only ‘You’. Happy Birthday – the paragon of beauty.
  • My heart starts beating whenever I see you. Did you know that?
  • Happy Birthday to the arrogant but cute girl, I wish I could ignore you as you always do.
  • Your beauty makes me crazy; I wish I could ever say, I love you. Have a fabulous day ahead.
  • Falling in the hopeless crush on a beautiful girl is the most painful thing. But, I will never lose hope. Enjoy!
  • I always want to see your beautiful face, love to hear your voice, hang out with you, make you laugh, talk to you day and night but the most of all, I just want to be ‘your boy’. Happy Birthday, Cute Girl!
  • When you text me, my lips go wider and eyes get filled with glitter. Happy Birthday, my first crush.
  • Hey, cute girl, I can’t stop myself from liking you. I just fount today is good to say that.
  • Thinking about you before sleeping and after waking up is my top priority. Happy Birthday – the sweetest lady.
  • Your smile is the real treasure, makes my day brighter, but not brighter than your birthday.
  • I got molten in the magic of your beauty. You are a high class lady. Happy Bday!
  • Everyone has a crush. You’re my secret crush. But it’s only a secret if we keep it between us. Happy Birthday, Cool Girl!
  • When I see you, my eyes keep talking with my heart. Hope one day, my tongue will tell you their secrets. An adorable birthday to the cutest girl.
  • People always say we would look so cute together. As you are my crush, so I thought it would work out well. Happiest of Birthdays!
  • You’re special among millions of ladies in the world. I hope to spend my life with you to be special like you. Happy Birthday!
  • The more I look at your eyes, the more I have a crush on you. Let’s slice the cake today without looking at each other. Happy Birthday, Cutie!
  • Your smile is as attractive as Chocolate is to a little kid. I hope you’ll keep that stunning smile that gives me joy. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
  • I always think about you, you are the girl I want to marry someday. Have a blessed birthday, my secret crush.

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