Happy Birthday, Nephew! The Best Wishes for Him

You should cherish your family every day. You can wish a happy birthday to anyone. They can be your grandma, pops, friends, girlfriend, wife or even your nephew. Your nephew deserves to feel the great happiness on his birthday as he gave you the title of uncle/aunt.

Happy Birthday to the best nephew in this world.

If you have a nephew who is turning a new age, here are some birthday wishes that you can use to make his day awesome.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • I wish you a happy birthday nephew. Hope you get all the success and money you desire. Make this life yours!
  • If anything stands in the way of your prosperity, get it away, you can’t be hold back on this journey nephew. Have fun sweetheart.
  • Happy Birthday nephew. You don’t get to choose your family. But your family gets to choose to love you. We will rise together and have each other’s back.
  • Never forget to work hard. If you work hard, you will be able to achieve anything you have ever desired. Now enjoy this day.
  • You never know when the last time to see your family or yourself in the mirror will be. So celebrate today my nephew. It’s your birthday after all.
  • I know you don’t like hearing my speeches and lessons. But one day you will understand why I do this. For now, Happy Birthday nephew. I love you.
  • Don’t ever doubt yourself my nephew. If you are going to go after anything in your life, you must go at it with 100 percent. Now let’s celebrate.
  • You are going to understand that life is not all fun and games. But when it is, remember to win!
  • A wonderful birthday nephew. You do a great job with everything you do. It’s fascinating as to how well you take care of things. Keep it up!
  • For every candle you light, may it light your ways and for every candle you blow, may it carry your sorrows. Have an amazing birthday nephew!
  • May you attain heights that are made for you to reach. I’m sure it’ll come to pass. A cool birthday to a cool nephew.
  • My nephew is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen. You made it your mission to achieve your goals with such a flourish, that makes you great.
  • We decided that if we are going to celebrate your birthday. It’s going to happen in style. Best Wishes dude!
  • Happy are those who enjoy and have fun on their birthdays. no one  parties like you nephew. May you live long.
  • The best birthday to the best nephew of all time. Yes, you are my only nephew but that doesn’t make a difference.
  • You can always come over and have some talks about life. I’m here for you my nephew. Enjoy your day.
  • You were such a troublemaker when I had to take care of you when you were little. Happy Birthday my love.
  • To this day and many more to come, I take this chance to wish you a fantastic birthday.
  • Dear nephew, wishing that you give the best to this world and the world lets you live to witness many more birthdays likes these. Enjoy!!
  • I used to take care of you when you were little. It was such a pain in my side when all you wanted to eat was cookies and junk. Happy Birthday brat.

From Uncle

  • Happy Birthday nephew! I want you to know that I will always treat you as if you were my son. I love you. Now go and enjoy your celebration. Make it the best one of all time.
  • You are one lucky kid you know that? You have a cool uncle and some really cool parents. A fabulous Bday to my amazing nephew!
  • Nephews are one of the best designations you can have. You are practically my son but I get to be cool without worrying about all the other details. Your father can handle that. Happy Birthday!
  • I know that you think that because I’m your uncle I have to be cool for you. The fact of the matter is you are right. A special birthday to my special nephew.
  • I will always be here to give you guidance and to pick you up when you fall down. You don’t have to quit. No one quits around here.
  • I know, you think your uncle is crazy and out of his mind half the time. But guess what, you rather have a crazy person on your side. May you have a crazy party too.

From Aunt

  • This is a message from your aunt, challenging you to launch yourself, crystallize your goals and then get started. No one will support you if you don’t kick start. Have fun.
  • I know of your story and what you’ve been through, but no one will hear your story if you haven’t climb the ladder of success to the top. Never stop climbing. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • You are very young and full of will, strength and agility. Don’t ever joke with anything that comes your way, take it with all seriousness. Enjoy your special day.
  • Youthfulness gives you the power and the time to shape your life, don’t toil with it, every choice you make today will affect your lineage to come. So make right choices. The happiest birthday to my nephew.
  • Some people are entrapped in their mind because they are scared of what they never know of. As you clock this age, be fearful for nothing. Be brave. Best wishes.
  • Break out from the poisonous mentality that holds you victim, and embrace the undeniable truth about your greatness, you’re not meant for a mundane and mediocre life. Have fun and enjoy your great day.

For Nephew Who is Far Away

  • I know we are far away from you, but don’t let this ruin your birthday!! Save my cake. Cheers nephew!!
  • Despite all that’s going on, let this day bring joy to you.
  • Seems you’ve outgrown toys for birthday gifts. Hope you’re enjoying your day. Coming to meet you soon.
  • You’ve always wanted to do more for our family. You never failed to show love to us. We all miss you.
  • I can try to imagine your Bday party, but still hope to attend. We are far away from each other but this can’t change that I adore you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEPHEW!

Funny Birthday Messages for Nephew

  • My dear nephew, I’m tired today, so please don’t pop many balloons as you always do in these times. Happy Birthday to the naughty boy.
  • You’re so cute dear, a friend of mine asked if she can take you to dinner. :D I told her to back off. You will keep attracting attention. Enjoy sweetie.
  • Sup nephew!! Hard to believe you’ve grown taller than me. Enjoy touching balloons.
  • A glorious birthday to my favorite nephew of all. Just don’t tell anyone or they will be jealous.
  • Happy Birthday my nephew. You are going to enjoy a wild life with ups and downs. When you are up, don’t forget about us. When you are down, forget us.
  • Hey nephew. If I were you, I’d never grow old. Happy Birthday!

Short & Sweet Bday Messages for Nephew

  • Happy Bday to someone who is small but has a huge heart. Enjoy it my nephew.
  • I bet the birds woke up singing of your greatness nephew. Celebrate well.
  • You’ll have one of the best birthdays of all time my nephew. Get ready.
  • My deepest wishes for a nephew that has a heart of gold. Stay 14k.
  • If you are going to eat cake, don’t do it alone. You will get fat. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • Growing up fast! Keep doing that.
  • Sincerest wishes to the best nephew. Live to blow many more candles. Cheers!
  • A thousand and one candles for you nephew. Enjoy honey.
  • My greatest wishes to you nephew. Lots of love!
  • Wishing you a birthday full of “Xs and Os.” Have a blast nephew!

Bday Greetings for Nephew By Age:

From the baby nephew till the adult one, we have a special list of wishes for your nephew according to his age:

For Turning 1

  • Hey baby!! Can you live to grow old like your uncle! Happy First Birthday!
  • I know it’s your first birthday but I hope to be here to see you take your first dance and read my messages. Happy Bday baby!

For Turning 2

  • Your birthday again?! Hope you enjoy this better than the first one.
  • When I count my blessings, I start with my 2-year-old nephew. Love you baby!

For Turning 3

  • 3 years! Seeing you grow this fast makes me realize how old I have become. Enjoy you day cutie.
  • After 2 years of walking, I hope you grow to be an amazing guy like your dad. Wishing you a superb 3rd birthday.

For Turning 4

  • Looking back, it’s hard to believe it’s you, we were changing your diapers last month!! Have a wonderful birthday cute nephew.
  • Two kisses + Two hugs = My Four Wishes for the best 4-year-old kid in this world, my sweet nephew.

For Turning 5

  • 5 years! At this rate you become a grand dad real soon. Enjoy your day sweetheart.
  • It’s amazing how cheerful you were the first time you saw me and knew that I’m your aunty. Keep making people happy with that golden smile. Happy 5th Birthday nephew.

For Turning 10

  • What did you think was going to happen today? Of course we got you cake and candles. You finally hit double digits in your age. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • If I had known that I would have a nephew like you, I would have gotten ready for a wild child 10 years ago. Have a special day!

For Turning 13

  • You will learn much about life my nephew. It’s filled with joy and pain. Just remember there will always be light at the end of the tunnel no matter where you are. Happy 13th Birthday.
  • I was giving your mom pieces of advice not to always spoil her future sons, but when you came to the life and we saw how cute you are, I canceled my advice. Happy Birthday to the spoiled 13-year-old nephew.

For Turning 16

  • There is always time to make memories with those you love. Now after turning 16, let’s make the best memories.
  • My nephew is going to grow up to be an incredible man. You must believe in yourself even when the clouds cover the sun. Happy 16th Birthday!

For Turning 18

  • Happy 18th Birthday my sweet nephew. Today you become a man. You will be one of the bravest men in all the land. You have a family who loves you. Never forget that.
  • I smile whenever I remember every moment I spent with you when you were a kid, they were moments full of cheers. Happy 18th Bday to the cleverest nephew!

For Turning 21

  • Success is certainly a few miles away, make sure you prepare yourself well before impact. I wanna wish you a prosperous year ahead. Happy 21st Birthday nephew.
  • My nephew is a confident man. You always go about your business making sure it’s done completely.
  • You dad was always angry at the noise you made when you were a little baby crying. I’m sure now he’s proud of the man you have become. Happy 21st Birthday dear nephew.

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