16th Birthday Wishes for 16-Year-Olds

16th Birthday Wishes

Every new age is a gift and it should be celebrated. When someone is in their sweet 16, a birthday wish is important so as to make them feel special and loved. Below are some birthday wishes you can send to the special 16-year-old to show your love and care about them. It is nice to put a smile on someone special’s face so as to make them feel thought about and appreciated, I hope these messages will touch your special 16-year-old:

Happy 16th Birthday Messages

  • Happy Birthday my sweet sixteen year old cute son. May you become wiser and better in every of your dealings. Happy 16th Birthday.
  • I have taken exceptional measures to get you a good education and good moral training, keep growing in that path. Happy 16th Birthday son.
  • Life was really good while we were growing up, but now life is so better that it might be getting worse. I hope you’ll still live to become a good person. Happy 16th Birthday.
  • 16th Birthday begins the exposure into the public, I hope you’ll take every positive advantage of that. Happy 16th Birthday dear son.
  • Last year, we had a kid who liked playing in the gardens. Today, he is going to be called a teen with different character. Happy 16th Birthday, cutie.
  • If you found a great change in your thinking way, know that you are close to be 16 years old. If it’s your 16th birthday, sounds good! Happy Birthday.


  • Keep your faith in God while starting your teenage life. Trust yourself before reaching 20. Good luck to you, sweetie. Happy 16th Birthday!
  • You’re becoming an adult. You’re becoming a hero. You’re becoming the person we all love you to be. Happy 16th birthday special kid. The world will be proud of you soon.
  • Listen carefully, you are becoming a teenager and will love to drive on the road. Be careful, teenagers easily make traffic problems. Be safe, honey & Happy Birthday to you.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter
  • Look for the advantages of turning 16! You are no longer young like being ten years old; so people have to give you a special attention. Today is your special birthday. Live it freely and gladly.
  • Wait, you are not going to be old even if you are turning 16. You are still not 20 years old to worry about your actions and interests. Happy Birthday to the youngest woman!
  • Happy Birthday. Create the beginning of driving cars now. You are not a kid anymore. Happy 16th b-day.

16th Birthday Cards

  • About my car, you asked me many times about the keys. Now, keys will be yours as you are going to be a responsible one. Don’t make an accident. Happy safe birthday.
  • I call this sweet sixteen. It’s a stage where you’re waving at teenager and pointing at adulthood. I hope you’ll enjoy your 16th birthday. I wish you the best in the coming years.
  • The world needs you. Your family wants you. You need to be the change. You’re turning 16 and you need to keep your dreams alive. Happy Birthday kid. Remain blessed and special.
  • Birthday Wishes for Teenager
  • You are on your way to be responsible; take a deep breath and be patient. Every year you live, you get more experience and wisdom, so live it day by day. Happy Sixteenth Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday. 16 is just a number and not an age. Go into your world and be yourself.
  • It’s the first 16th birthday I attend and I’m sure you are the smartest 16-year-old I know of. Happy sweet sixteenth!


  • On your sixteenth birthday, I wish you a party full of friends & filled with balloons and candles that light up your dreams way. Happy sweet 16!
  • 16 is not just a number, it can be a car if we make it 4 x 4. 🙂 May you have the best car as you can drive now easily. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations on your big day! You are going to live adult life and say good-bye to kids’ life that’s full of orders. Happy Birthday to the cool person.
  • Now, you have your own decisions, your hairstyle, dress, makeup and all what you want to do will be in your hands. Happy Birthday, sweetie!
  • SMS Birthday Messages
  • For the cute bird, little teenager and the charming princess, I send you a bag of hugs on your 16th birthday. Have a marvelous day!
  • Slice this big cake to 16 slices after blowing out 16 candles to be eaten by 16 persons. Happy 16th birthday.
  • Riding bikes won’t be a hobby or sport anymore. Take driving cars as one of your top interests. Happy 16th birthday to you!
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16th Birthday Messages

  • You are now in this phase of life that’s characterized by the magnification of emotions like love and compassion. Keep training to control that and Happy Birthday to you!
  • For the cat that already left the childhood going to a new refreshed life of youth, Happy 16th Birthday!
  • It’s the time to change your medical glasses to the sunglasses. You don’t need to be the cultured student anymore. Happy Naughty Birthday!
  • Birthday Wishes for Son
  • It’s the end of acting like Supergirl and Catwoman. Now, take your time to be like Angelina Jolie. Happy sweet 16!
  • I wish you a great chance to have the best day ever. May your family pack a great surprise to you. Happy Sixteenth Birthday!
  • Congratulations on finishing 15 years of your life that’s full of fun and playing. Happy 16th birthday! Start acting like one-of-a-kind.


  • It’s the time to be treated like a princess in her little kingdom. Happy sweet 16!
  • Do you know about how great you become?! Trust that you are the most beautiful 16-year-old in this universe. Have a great birthday!
  • Yesterday, you were just a little girl as I think. Today, you are a cute woman in our eyes. Happy Sixteenth Birthday!
  • Birthday Wishes and Messages for Cousin
  • We are probably waiting for your accomplishments after 16, but we’d definitely love to see you happy and inspired on your special day. Happy Birthday!
  • Hair color, dress fashions, lipstick and makeup ideas. We see a new teen girl who shows out her beauty more and more. Happy Birthday to the beautiful miss!
  • Opening windows today show the wonders of a great day. It’s the birthday of the sweet girl who took 16 years from being a cute baby. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Happy 16th Birthday

  • All neighbors today will know that it’s the big milestone when they see our girl grown up. Have a happy sixteenth birthday, darling!
  • May your birthday be free of simplicity and based on craze and spirit. Let’s dance together. Happy Birthday!
  • Like red flowers you keep growing up to reach the age of youth. Happy Birthday, my sweet flower.
  • Birthday Wishes for Girls
  • May your celebration be as fantastic as you are. Be happy!
  • Your real life is starting from this day. Keep ready and do your best to change your life. Have a wonderful day!
  • Writing a new congratulations’ message for a 16-year-old needs a unique idea. May you live these coming years in peace. Happy Birthday!
  • You were a perfect child and you can be a perfect guy. Have a good luck on your marvelous birthday. Happy sweet 16!


  • My sweetheart, open your heart and mind to accept being an adolescent. It’s easier after this amazing birthday. Happy Birthday, sweetie!
  • Start forgetting anxious and depressing moments. It’s your happy day that will change your entire life. Smile at the camera. Happy 16th birthday!
  • I wish you the most amusing birthday ever, you need some fun. Happy Birthday!
  • Cool Birthday Wishes
  • Sweetie, keep in mind that you are already out of preparatory school, but you aren’t still at the university age. Your body and brain are still developing to give us the best lady ever. Happy sweet 16th birthday!
  • Oh, what are these things? Kiddie stuff! You will switch them by teenage ones. Live your days as you are the first teenager in this universe. Happy sweet sixteenth birthday!
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16th Birthday Greetings

  • Your life has hundreds of pages. You have finished the childhood page. Now, you are going to start a new white page called teenagers. Happy sweet 16!
  • You are now in your teenage years, so you should find a detective to catch your future husband. Happy Birthday, honey!
  • You will need some space since you are not just growing up into a girl; you are turning into a woman who has her own life. Happy Birthday!
  • Last year and every year, we give you a great birthday, but this time it will be extraordinary. You should be ready for a cool one. Happy 16th Birthday.
  • Some people don’t have to be strong to keep living. Some cute girls can have the best life. May God give you all what you wish. Happy sweet 16!
  • How many times should I tell you that you are becoming more beautiful each year?! Happy Birthday to my sweetheart who’s turning 16!


  • My advice to a 16-year-old is to be careful in riding and swimming. You are still not old enough to do all things. Happy Birthday, sweetie!
  • Let’s hear a big round of applause for the girl who has reached 16 years old. Happy 16th Birthday!
  • In order to live among adults, you should be ready to reach 16. Being a teenager is a nice thing you should cherish. Happy Birthday!
  • Cute Birthday Wishes
  • Happy 16th birthday. I hope you achieve your goals and to be a senior lady.
  • You become a charming lady in the age of adolescence. Happy Birthday, girl!
  • Not so long ago you were a baby, but now you are an awesome adult. Hope you have a fun-filled day.
  • It’s not enough to say Happy Birthday in words. For 16th birthday, we should do our best to make it actually happy.

Sweet 16th Birthday Wishes

  • A new nature is starting to show on your face. You are starting to be a young woman. Have a wonderful birthday as you are turning 16!
  • Turn your dreams into facts as you are in the required age. Happy Birthday, girl!
  • You’re getting older so your needs will increase. When you need anything, I’m always here. Let’s celebrate!
  • Your beautiful eyes make the day shiny and lighten the party. Happy 16th Birthday!
  • You are in a new and important stage of your life. Take care, sweetie! Happy Birthday.
  • To the sweetest sixteen girl in the whole world, we have a high level of excitement to see you get wise and matured. Happy sixteenth Birthday to you daughter. With lots of love from parent.
  • It is the year that begins the most important phase of maturity, as much as it’s beautiful, don’t ever forget to learn well at this age, and be a responsible man. Happy 16th Birthday Son.
  • Happy 16th Birthday to you daughter, I’m so sure of one thing, my love for you can never end and I hope that you will always win in all of your dealings. Enjoy your day.
  • At sixteen, do all things that you need and want because after that you will be so busy. Happy 16th Birthday!
  • All of us hope to return to your age, so be proud and ready to be the super 16-year-old. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 16th birthday. You can paint on paper to show your dreams at the beginning of your teenage life. Happy curious birthday.
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Sweet 16th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

  • Love you, sweetie. You look now like a moon. Happy 16th birthday!
  • When I see you grow up, my heart glows. Happy sweet sixteen!
  • You are growing up to be like a clear sky that enchants people. You are my star. Happy Sixteenth Birthday!
  • Your heart is so clear. Your face is so shiny. You are a 16-year-old angel. Happy Birthday!
  • My beautiful wishes for you, I ask God to save you for me to one million years. Happy 16th Birthday!
  • As I’m watching you, I love to spend my life with you to see your life change. Happy Birthday to you!
  • I have made a fantastic decoration that will enhance your new ladies mood. Let’s celebrate, darling!
  • Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend
  • I spare two tickets to spend 3 days together out of this place; days full of happiness and fun. Happy Birthday, my love!
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?! I do and I actually did. It’s my great luck to love a girl going to be a 16-year-old. Happy Birthday!
  • I fell in love with you since we were children. Hope that our love gives that day more fun. Happy 16th birthday!
  • Six, ten, sixteen. Oh, you run fast in age. Take care, baby and be safe for me. Happy sweet 16!
  • Do you ever feel like a baby flying by daddy’s hand?! I need to give you that feeling for what you did. You are 16 now, Happy Birthday!
  • I live by your name. My legs move to you and for you. Today, My body will do everything just for your 16th birthday. Happy Birthday, honey.
  • I breathe the oxygen surrounding you. I smile by seeing your face. Your 16-year-old smile makes me fly. Happy 16th Birthday!
  • You are like the moon as we all like to look at your face most of time. Happy Birthday!
  • You are like a star that all people try to reach. I’m happy to be one of those who did that. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Let’s do something great. Let’s make the day different and suitable for the best 16-year-old. Happy Birthday to you, cutie!
  • The sunlight starts with one ray. Love starts with one word. Sixteenth birthday starts with the most beautiful teen girl. Happy Birthday!
  • Look at me. Your eyes are still so attractive just as they were when we were children. Happy Birthday to the cutest 16-year-old!
  • My sweet girl deserves to be the princess of Hollywood. Media would have been proud of you. Happy 16th Birthday!
  • What a beautiful face I look at every day! Not a surprise; it’s your picture. Happy sweet 16!
  • I’m happy to meet a fantastic girl like you in my life. You are an amazing child turning 16. Happy Birthday!
  • I can’t pass a day without speaking with you. You are my fuel. Happy Birthday to the little lady!
  • Two days I never forget; the day when I met you for the first time and you can guess the other one. Happy 16th Birthday!
  • I hope you will be always happy in your life, even after turning 50. Happy Birthday, darling!
  • I’m so lucky to be with a beautiful girl like you. Have a glorious birthday.
  • The guys got angry of me when they knew that I’m one of your party guests. You are the coming Cinderella. Happy sweet 16!
  • I will fight for you, not just because of my love for you, but also because I will never find a lady like you. Have a great birthday!

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