Birthday Wishes and Messages for Cousin

Happy Birthday Cousin

Cousins are the best aren’t they? From the goofy way they become our extra siblings to the unforgettable moments we get to share with them. I wouldn’t trade any of my cousins for anything in the world, and I’m sure most of us can say the same because even though you might not like all your cousins; they are the persons that make the day better for you. Here are some wishes you can send your cousin on their birthdays:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin

  • Happy Birthday cousin, to many more years of goofing around. I love you so much, I hope we all get to enjoy this birthday!
  • Your presence in our family made you more than a brother to me. To my sweet cousin, I wish you have a long life to live joy and happiness more and more. Happy Birthday!
  • You are not only my cousin but you would be a life partner too. I love you so much. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  • Cousins are not just relatives. Cousins sometimes come closer than brothers. You are one of cousins who can spread the smile in the family. Happy Birthday cousin! Enjoy the party.
  • We have similar taste, same choice, and same thoughts. You are not only my cousin but my partner in crime too. I enjoy your company a lot. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Uncle/Aunt gave us a son/daughter. He/She has grown up to tell us that cousins are unbelievable persons who can inspire their relatives. Have a great birthday my cool cousin.


  • My cousin is growing older; I hope as you grow older, you grow wiser, happier, healthier and heartier. You are a person I can’t do without.
  • Happy Birthday my dear cousin, you are one of the most important people in my life and I have to celebrate your birthday in style. Enjoy each and every second of it. It’s your time.
  • We thank your parents for giving us a great person like you. You deserve the happiest of birthdays. Happy Birthday cousin.
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  • You are my best childhood playmate, to be with you is the most special time of my life. Happy Birthday, my dearest cousin.
  • You are my cousin, but you always behave like an enemy. 🙂 Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday cuz, you are an awesome lad and throwing you one of the biggest bestest parties is going to be my gift to you.

Birthday Cards for Cousin

  • Happiness is having the best cousin in your life. Happy Birthday.
  • You were always the kid who shared fun and toys with me. Now, you are the person who can handle my problems and share joys with me. Happy Birthday dear cousin.
  • I have the best cousin in my life who is more than a sibling. Have a wonderful evening. Happy Birthday.
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  • Happy Birthday cuz, you are like a brother to me and I respect and love you so much. May your wishes come true, now and always.
  • A glass of pure water can show you the purity of your heart. That heart has been powerful in bringing us joy. Happy Birthday and don’t forget rocking.
  • Time is spent so fast but the value of family increases with time. Wish you a wonderful day. Happy Birthday.


  • My favorite cousin, I wish you a fun filled birthday to keep you smile. I will always love you.
  • Happy Birthday dear cousin of mine, you are the only joy I need in my life and I’m happy to be sharing your birthday with you. You remain to be the most important, awesome and priceless to me.
  • You are my cute cousin, we are connected by heart and distance cannot tear us apart. I miss you so much and Happy Birthday.
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  • Dear cousin, may you have a birthday much better than others. May your dreams come true. Happy Birthday cousin.
  • You are the most recommended treatment to remove my boredom. Wish you a wonderful day ahead – Happy Birthday, my sweet cousin.
  • Happy Birthday cousin, it’s a day we are going to definitely remember after you see what I have planned for you. May this day live on!!
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Birthday Messages for Cousin

  • A very beautiful bouquet to a very beautiful cousin. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
  • A lot of gifts with billions of wishes are ready for you. I ask the God to give you all what you want in your life. Happy Birthday!
  • Don’t blame me when I say Happy Birthday brother; not cousin. What do you say?!
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  • Good morning beautiful cousin of mine, it is your birthday and since I love you so much, I just wish this day to be grand for you. Make memories, take selfies and always know I’m always here for you.
  • Enjoyment of life becomes double when you have a crazy cousin. Have a wonderful birthday honey.
  • You are my cousin whom I will protect when someone tries to kill you. Oh, don’t worry, no one will. Happy Birthday full of action.


  • Far away from eyes, but close to my heart. I miss you a lot, my dear cousin. Happy Birthday.
  • My cousin is turning old; it’s the time of the year I always look forward to because you are such a great and awesome party thrower. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for this year.
  • Every family has a kind member whom all like much. You are this one in this family. Happy Birthday precious cousin.
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  • Your childhood will be awesome, if you have crazy cousins. Wish you a wonderful birthday my dear friend cousin.
  • Happy Birthday cousin, may all your wishes come true, may you grow older, happier, heartier, wealthier, healthier and with a lot of good fortune.
  • Cousins by luck, friends by heart and life partners by fate. Wish you a wonderful day – Happy Birthday, my sweet cousin and my husband.

Birthday Greetings for Cousin

  • When I feel lonely, cousins are wise persons to feel free when talking to them. Happy Birthday cousin.
  • You are my favorite kind of person because no matter the situation you are in; you put on a smile and handle your business. So Happy Birthday dear cousin, may your spirit live on.
  • Happy Birthday to the best friend and brother I ever have. Hope success for you, cousin.
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  • You are the beautiful memory of my childhood and a legend of my youth. I miss you. Happy Birthday, my sweet cousin.
  • Cousin, wait my wish till I come to the party. My mind is running out of words now. I can do it at the time. Happy Birthday my cousin.
  • You are good, you are kind, you are great and you are turning a year older today. Happy Birthday cousin, cheers to this and more.


  • You are the main reason my life is beautiful. Happy Birthday my cousin.
  • Thank you God for blessing me with such a humble, devoted and down to earth cousin, Happy Birthday!
  • You are a happy go lucky man who always tries to make others happy, that’s the best in you. Have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday, my dear cousin.
  • Cousins like you make people like us feel loved, accepted and humbled. So on your birthday, I will make you feel loved, accepted and humbled for that is what I love most about you.
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  • The greatest sweetener of my life is my cousin, I’m nothing without her. My wish for you is that the happiness you feel today may last you a lifetime. Happy Birthday.
  • You’re past the limit of an older brother’s control. You’re past the limit of a friend that doesn’t live with you among the family. You can be better than both. Have a great birthday dude.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin

  • The true enjoyment comes when we two are united. We have two hearts but one soul. Happy Birthday, my best cousin.
  • I would give you the world if I could, buy you a car for your birthday like you always cry for, but I’m your broke cousin and I just wish you a good time as you celebrate your birthday.
  • Cousins are like the sky and swimming pools. You can’t feel the beauty of water without the color of the sky. Happy Birthday dear cousin.
  • Life is pain and you are my pain killer. Happy Birthday, my energetic cousin.
  • Cousins are gifts. You are a blessing from God to spread happiness in my heart. Happy Birthday my dear cousin.
  • It’s your day cuz, your own special day and no one or nothing is going to change that. Live today like there is no tomorrow, live love and have fun. Happy Birthday cuz!!
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  • You are one of those people who can make any moment best for anyone. Somewhat like live for others. Happy Birthday, my cousin.
  • Even though we don’t get to see each other as much as we want, you are always in my mind, my best cousin. On this special day of yours, I wish you a happy birthday.
  • Cousins are next to one’s heart, you are one to me. We’ve grown to become more than siblings but nevertheless, we are and would still be cousins for life. Happy Birthday dear. I love you!
  • Sometimes, I wonder why we aren’t siblings but even as cousins, we share bonds that mouth can’t tell. You’ll always have my back anytime any day. Happy Birthday and enjoy your day dear cousin.
  • East or West, North or South, home and abroad, on the land or the sea, dark or light, known and unknown, we will always remain cousins for life. Happy Birthday dear, have prosperous years ahead.
  • Happy Birthday to my wonderful cousin. Today is your day and we send you nice wishes. You are smart, funny and beautiful too. I’m so thankful to have a cousin like you. Much love.
  • Family or not, I will always love and cherish you because you are a very sweet person to live the whole of life with. Happy Birthday cousin. I love you.
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  • You are a cool guy and the popular figure among girls. I’m proud to have a handsome cousin like you. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday cuz, you are amazing and I know you are going to have a blast on this birthday. Have a great time dear, I love you.
  • I wish your fictions turn to facts and your dreams come true. Happy Birthday!
  • The only profit I earned from life is in the form of you. You are my big asset. Happy Birthday my cousin.
  • Cousin is brother. Love you and hope you find your future darling. Happy Birthday, bro.
  • Happy Birthday cuz, you are amazing in each and every way and I love that I get to be part of this day. May my present to you, bring a smile upon your face.
  • Cousins are those who can never leave you upset in harsh conditions. Thank you so much my sweet cousin for making me happy by being with me. Happy Birthday.
  • I have no sister from my parents, but you are my sister, cousin. Happy Birthday sis.
  • You are an incredible energizer of my spirit. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, my darling cousin.
  • It’s a day to be loved, to be gifted, to be happy and to have fun, so stop hiding under the covers cuz, get out and enjoy your birthday!
  • Time passes fast with good people, so hope your birthday party won’t end fast. Happy Birthday cousin.
  • My cousin is the beautiful chapter of my life which I want to read daily. Happy Birthday.
  • You have a beautiful and good heart. I like speaking with you on your birthday and any other day.
  • Happy Birthday cuz, you are amazing and I love you so much. May this day bring you a lot of joy!
  • You are so kind, so good, so beautiful. Hope you have a birthday full of cake slices.
  • Your birthday is not your own day. It’s also mine. Happy Birthday cousin.
  • That is your day. Shall we make it an awesome one! Happy Birthday bro.
  • You, on your birthday, are more beautiful than the rainbow. You are so cute. Happy Birthday sweet cousin.
  • I’m so happy to share with you one powerful moment. Let’s take our chance! Have a great birthday cousin.
  • Happy Birthday dear cousin, just the other day you were a tiny little baby and now, you are growing up into a person we all love and adore so much. Have fun on your birthday cuz, don’t let it pass you by!
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  • The best days of my childhood are those that I spent with you dear cousin. Let’s enjoy a greater birthday.
  • Hey, I have the balloons. Let’s celebrate dear cousin.
  • When I want to talk to someone, you are the first one I think of dear cousin. Happy Birthday dear.
  • Grow up, baby. You are so cute, so petty. I love you so much. Happy Birthday baby cousin!
  • What a fantastic day! Let’s slice the cake. Pick up the slice you love to take. I know you prefer chocolate cute cousin. 🙂
  • Any time you need a friend to talk, you will find a close one. Do you know who?! Whatever, Happy Birthday cousin!
  • You are a clever boy with a fantastic social status and smiley face. Happy Birthday dear cousin!
  • Let’s change the decoration and make the day more fun. Have a wonderful day cousin!
  • I placed the candles on the cake. Let’s play the music and dance. Happy Birthday cool cousin.
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  • Some people were born to absorb the pain of others and make them happy by drawing the smile on the lips. You are the top of the list. Have a birthday as cool as you cousin.
  • Dad and mom always tell me to be beside you in happiness and sadness, but I tell them that you always start that with me. Happy Birthday to the best cousin ever!
  • That one special day is here again. The day to celebrate you and you alone. You’ve been a source of inspiration to me and many others. Accept my little birthday wish because you deserve more dear cousin.
  • This is the best time to sit back, relax and reflect on yester-year with a hope of a better future. Your best is yet to come, Happy birthday with lovely cousin.
  • As the morning breaks into a beautiful sunshine. So will this day sparkle in your life. We have had little fights but sure you are a family to me and I love you, Happy Birthday cousin.
  • My Sweetest cousin, we have made a lot of memories together during our childhood days growing up. Now I’m not worried about this great big world because we have each other for life. Happy Birthday to you my buddy.
  • A few months ago, you were standing by me celebrating with me. I felt so good knowing you’re always here with me. I’m here standing right beside you as always. Happy Birthday, the cousin I love always.
  • Cousin, on your birthday I will do my best to make your day amazing and special. Every day is a new day to us all, but today is not only special but a Happy Birthday!
  • I would spend a lifetime writing down all my wishes for you cousin. As we are growing up, to me, you are my dearest, smartest and truest of my friends. A Happy Birthday to you sweet cousin.
  • My beloved cousin, as you start a new year today. I always keep you in my prayers and may you grow to live your life to the fullest. May your wishes come true. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the smartest cousin I have ever seen, I’m sure you made a great plan and tricks that will make your day best fun. Best wishes!
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