Birthday Wishes for Son’s Girlfriend

Birthday Wishes for the Girlfriend of your Son

We should have the basic understanding of recognizing a son’s girlfriend as an important person in our lives because whatever makes our kids happy should be our primary goal as parents. Come to think of a scenario whereby a hated or ignored lady eventually ties the knot with our son; it’ll bring about division and unsettlement in one’s family. To evade such embarrassment, it’s wise to build a relationship with our son’s girlfriend from the scratch to decipher her true nature and make marriage easy for one’s son. You should make her feel at home by sending her a goodwill and congratulatory message on her birthday and watch her relationship with your son attain greater heights than you’ve ever anticipated.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for the Girlfriend of your Son

  • It’s nice having you as a prospective daughter-in-law; you’re already exhibiting traits of a good wife. Happy Birthday to our beautiful princess.
  • You’ll be an excellent addition to our family, we all are eager for your wedding to our son to be announced, as for now, let’s celebrate your birthday in style and glamour.
  • We’re pleased with your birthday dear; we’re even more delighted with the way you’ve handled your commitment as a girlfriend to our son.
A cute giraffe with many balloons to make a party.

HAPPY Birthday!


  • You’ve always acted as a daughter to us and not as a son’s girlfriend, as such, we’ll have to celebrate your birthday with excitement and gratification.
  • Warm birthday wishes to my son’s girlfriend, we’re delighted with anyone that makes him happy, and you’ve successfully done that through your relationship with him.
  • You’re like another daughter to me, and I have no regrets ever since you’ve been dating my son, my birthday wishes to you is that your courtship transcends into marriage.
  • The joy of a parent is heightened when one has a mature and responsible lady as a probable daughter-in-law. Happy Birthday to the woman who makes our son smile daily.
  • You’ll have our full support and blessing if you eventually marry our son. The thought of leaving our son in safe hands made us happier for your birthday.
Happy Birthday to my son's future wife.

Happy Birthday to my son’s future wife.


  • How I wished my son has known you all his lifetime, you’ve been a supportive, upright, and virtuous woman. Make sure you eventually drag him to the wedding ring. Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for not giving up on our son despite his excesses, we also wouldn’t give up on making your birthday a wonderful and splendid one. We got you a lovely gift.
  • My prayer for you on your birthday is that your love for my son never comes to an end but improves and expands to the point of marriage. We’re thrilled to have you around.
  • I’ve always liked you from the moment my son introduced you as his girlfriend; your birthday serves as a reminder of my total support for your relationship.
  • I feel so blessed to have a son whose girlfriend is the most amazing lady alive. I admire the way you take care of my son. Today is your birthday. I wish you a Happy Birthday!
Two cupcakes with strawberry for a birthday card for son'r girlfriend.

Happy Birthday!


  • Happy Birthday to my son’s beautiful girlfriend. You guys are very nice couple. I pray for long life, good health and above all true love to fill your heart. Enjoy your day.
  • You complete our family. You are such a great gift from God. We are really proud to have a decent loving girlfriend like you. May your Happy Birthday be blessed.
  • Now that you’ve come along, everything looks very beautiful. He is a man now. You have completely changed my boy’s life. Wishing you a very happy birthday! Thank you.
  • We are proud to have a woman like you as our daughter-in-law. May your happy birthday be blessed and filled with all the best of wishes. May your heart be filled with joy and laughter.
  • Enjoy your day, let it bring lots of unforgettable memories! You deserve all the best and May your birthday bring you endless love. Happy Birthday to my son’s girlfriend.
The light of 3 lamps directed to the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".

Happy Birthday!


  • Our most heartfelt greetings on your special day, love! We are endlessly thankful for your wonderful care taking of our son. God richly bless your life. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  • Happy Birthday to our charming, kind and loving daughter-in-law! May your life be always rich with joy and happiness! Thank you for the love you show us and I say welcome to the family.
  • Our hearts are touched by the sweetness of your heart and you have a special place in our family. I wish you a bright future on this special day. Happy Birthday my son’s girlfriend.
  • Every member of our family is aware of your kind heart and what a beautiful inner person you have. You are simply the best of everything. Happy Birthday my sweetheart.
  • I will always be here with you, love you and protect you for all the love and care you give my son. My deepest gratitude and may you enjoy your wonderful day. Happy Birthday sweetie!
A cool purple drink for a birthday card.

Happy Birthday!


  • From the first day you stepped foot in my house, I realized what a classic woman you are. We are also lucky to have such a sweet daughter-in-law. Happy Birthday.
  • I can’t wait to see you marry my son. Everything he does is all about you. What a woman you are! Your spell is so amazing. Be blessed with love. Happy Birthday!
  • Enjoy this special day in abundance, smiles and love fill your heart. You are a blessing to my son. Just want to wish you a happy birthday with all the best of brighter future.
  • I celebrate with you with happiness and total love. You are such a prefect creation of what a real woman is to my son. I wish you a birthday with endless blessing. Happy Birthday!
  • My son’s world is not complete without you, beautiful woman. Your gentleness, warmth, welcoming and easy way of life touches my heart. I wish you a happy birthday my son’s Girlfriend.
Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


  • Dreams truly come true. May you always have that shining smile like today on your face forever. Happy Birthday to our beautiful and kindhearted daughter-in-law! Enjoy this moment to the fullest.
  • On this birthday of yours, I wish that you remain a part of our family forever. Happy Birthday!
  • The best always deserves the greatest gift of life. You are my son’s dream come true. I want to wish you a peaceful life. Happy Birthday sweet Lady.
  • We treasure your relationship with us as our son’s girlfriend, having loving people like you around us have made our life more lively and exciting. Your birthday is a special moment for us.
  • How I wished we had been involved with our son before now, things are more relaxed whenever you’re involved, and we can’t wait to have you as a daughter-in-law. Enjoy a magnificent birthday.
A pink tiger and a pink gift box.

My son’s girlfriend deserves the best gift. Happy Birthday!


  • What I love the most about you is the fact that you’re always there to give our son a helping hand in time of need. You’re a rare breed of a girlfriend and your birthday is significant to us.
  • You’ve built a strong bond with us even before your proposed marriage to our son, unlike most girls who distance themselves from family. We’re looking forward to being at your birthday party.
  • We enjoy seeing how in love you and our son are; your birthday is another opportunity to showcase your affection to the world since you both are yet to pick a wedding date.
  • I couldn’t have wished for another girlfriend for my son, both of you are perfect together, and I hope your relationship develops into an institution of marriage. Happy Birthday, my dear, you’re loved by all.
  • We’ve experienced our son seeing several girls, but you stand out amongst them all. Therefore, we are happy on this day, your birthday.
  • You being my son’s girlfriend makes you irreplaceable and indispensable, you’re special to me, how I wished you and my son have tied the knot already, nevertheless, I thank God for your birthday.

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