Top 100 Birthday Wishes for Mom – Messages and Cards

Mother is not only the pride and joy in any family, but the woman who tries to see us all happy regardless of her own happiness. The world is a blessed place with your mom around and each year you celebrate a birthday with her, it is important to remind her you notice all the little things she does for you.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest mother.

Here are some birthday wishes carefully jotted down to appreciate the women who always nags to protect us and make sure we are safe. Let’s find the best way to say “Happy Birthday, Mom!”.


Here are some sincere and sweet messages for mom to touch her heart.

  • Your birthday has come. Look what you have become. Happy Birthday, Mom!
  • Dear mother, as you celebrated my first birthday that I don’t remember, I will give you one that will never be forgotten.
  • Mom, as you’re getting older, I wish your birthday candles burn with your pains, and balloons fly with your dreams.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

  • Mom, the first word I say when I need to eat, and the first word I think of when I need to be happy. Love you – and Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the woman who makes the best dinner ever. Oh, not just the dinner, you make the most delicious food.
  • Thank you mom for all hope and all great things you gave to me. You deserve to have a day as wonderful as you’re.
  • I’m grateful to dad for choosing you as a wife. I’m sure he knows that you’re the best wife and the best mother anyone could have. Happy Birthday, Best Mom!
  • God gave me a woman I love to grow up in her hands. She has a special name at home, we call her mom. Happy Birthday, dear mom!
  • Sending a special wish to the angel of mercy and the source of love. Happy Birthday, Mom!
  • Do you know what mom means? It means kindness, love, tenderness and mercy. Happy Birthday to the kindest creature.
  • Happy Birthday to the person whose arms make me feel safe and fine.
  • Every year, I think about what I can give you as a present, but I always fail; I would give you my soul. The coolest birthday to the coolest mother in the world.

Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world.

  • Nothing can stop my sweet words about my beautiful mom. Remember, I love you.
  • To my pretty mom, Happy Birthday to your pure heart and beautiful smile.
  • Your birthday is a chance to let me show what’s deep down in my heart. You are a rare jewel and I’m lucky you are my mother. Have a good one.
  • Happy Birthday to the lady who made my personality. I feel like I’m in your spell.
  • Best wishes to the reason that I’m here, and the reason that I’m still alive. Happy Birthday, my lovely mom!
  • To the woman who never lets me down at any point, hope your day won’t let you down.
  • Happy Birthday, Mom! Do you know that I have the world when I have you by my side? You’re the world’s best mom.
  • I remember the days you were always with me carrying me and playing with me. As I had fun because of you, you deserve to have fun today and every day. Happy Birthday to my amazing mom.
  • You’ve always been my guiding light. I hope you keep being that forever, mom. Now, enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom. I love you.

  • I imagine what it felt like carrying me for nine months. Or how much more it was to carry a load like me in your arms for 3 years. Have lots of fun; you deserve it.
  • My sweet mom, let’s rock your birthday just like you always rock my world.
  • Today is a good chance to thank you for all pieces of advice and all things you did for me. Love you, mom.
  • Happy Birthday to the lady I treasure and respect more than anyone else. Wishing you a day appreciating your efforts.


Make your mom smile by one of these funny birthday messages.

  • Happy Birthday to someone who gives me everything without waiting anything in return. Now, can you give me some cash?
  • Do you know that even if I never forget your birthday, I never know your age? Happy Bday, Mom!

From Son

Here are some birthday messages a son can send to his mother.

  • Happy Birthday to the woman who has the best son in the world.
  • You always find a way to mend my broken heart. I hope you find a way today to mend my empty pockets. Happy Birthday, from your broke son.
  • Any lady can be my wife, but my mother is just one woman – a wonderful woman. Happy Birthday, Dear Mom!
  • You have to find a cute bride for me and I need her to look like you. If you did that, I will buy a great gift for you. Have an outstanding day mother.
  • You taught me how to be a good man in this dark world. Every candle you put in my life is now ready to be blown out on your special day. My best wishes to the world’s best mom.
  • Happy Birthday, Mom! I can be stubborn, but can’t live without you. I love you more than words can say.

From Daughter

Here are some messages a daughter can send to her mom.

  • Happy Birthday, Mom! By the way, when I was a little girl, my greatest wish was to grow up and become a cool woman like you. So what about your childhood wish, mom?
  • Thanks for coming to this world to make me the luckiest lady by being my Mom. Happy Birthday!
  • It’s time to change the rules. Tonight, I’m going to make a special dinner for my special mom on her special day. Have it cool and exciting.
  • A big kiss to my beautiful mom. Will I be as beautiful as you soon?
  • A daughter could never have a better mother, who loves her, who prays for her success, and see the best in her… even when others see the worst. A lovely birthday to my lovely mom.
  • Happy Birthday to my Number One Friend and the world’s Number One Mom!
  • Happy Birthday to my mother who believed in me when others made fun of me. You’re the greatest woman in my life.


  • If I have to choose one person to encourage me to go on, I will choose my mom. The date of your birth is one of my best days.
  • You quickly fall in love. You easily make friendship. To have a great mom is not the normal gift that God gives. My best wishes, dear, mother.
  • You are the only person that always lets me feel I’m still a child. I got relieved when I put my head on your legs. Happy Birthday, precious mom.
  • No one can ever give me the warmth I feel with you. As long as you’re here, everything will be okay. My heartfelt wishes, mom.
  • Thanks for all chocolate and lollipops. May your birthday be full of cakes.
  • I hope to see your heart effect on all people. We will see the goodness and purity over the world.
  • You are the only person I can’t lose. Please be here always to help me in life’s obstacles. I love you and Happy Birthday.
  • In the past, you made me the best cakes. Today, you would eat one of special cakes made for the biggest heart. Thank you, mom!
  • I know that the best gifts in this world are nothing if compared to your presence in our life. I hope that my little gift will do something good for you. Happy Birthday Mom.
  • The peace you have planted in my blood will come out today to surprise you on your Bday. Let’s celebrate, my sweet mother.
  • Motherhood is not a profession you get. It’s the originality of mothers to do their best for sons. Have a special birthday mom!
  • Asking you about a gift for a mother’s birthdays is not peculiar. I found myself with millions of gift ideas. Nothing can fit your price. My sincerest wishes!
  • Clouds will shape your name letters if they know that it’s your birthday. I love you, mom.
  • Happy Birthday to the lady who plays many roles in my life even when I didn’t notice. You are the perfect mother who deserves to have a book of her achievements.
  • Every time I get tired, you stay with me and spend the nights next to me to be sure I get relieved. If I said more, I never stop. You deserve the best wishes today.
  • Mom, I want to wish you an astonishing day and say how much you become sweet while you are getting older. Thanks for being my mother.
  • If everyone had a mother like you, they would be proud of having the greatest diamond. Let’s celebrate your birthday and make it funny.
  • Your effect in my life is priceless. Your efforts are countless. I appreciate having a great mother like you.
  • I hope you have a birthday as awesome as the person you made in me.
  • A mother will take pain for the child if she could, she will help the child bear problems if she could, a mother conceals anguish for everyone. Mothers are jewels. Happy Birthday mom.
  • Friends mean well even when they do bad to you, but a mother will never do bad even when she’s sad. Thanks for your love and care mom that rain down on me. Enjoy today.
  • I always have pity on people who lose their mothers early, and I wonder how it feels, because mothers are home away from home. I’m glad to still have mine. Happy Birthday sweet mom.
  • There are two things you’re sure a mother will never do to you. She’ll never be angry at you or jealous of you. The world will be great if it’s full of mothers.
  • I have never learnt enough anywhere than with my mother, all that I know that has transformed my life are from my mother. She’s the greatest school to me. An amazing Bday to an amazing mother.
  • The wind is so calm and the heaven is so pure. What an amazing day! It’s my mom’s birthday. Have it glorious.
  • Super heroes can do amazing things, but they can’t do what you do. Without you, I’m lost. Happy Birthday mom.
  • To the best mom in this world, I wish you will receive the biggest desire of your dreams soon. Have a wonderful birthday mommy.

If she’s your stepmom, you can wish her a happy birthday by one of these messages.

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