Birthday Wishes for Friends

Happy Birthday Friend

There are many people we can show love to and that show love to us. We can forget what it’s like to show thanks to the people that matters the most. In a world where we are continuously busy and barely have room to breathe, it is invaluable to be able to thank those that we love the most. Some of these people are not our families. Some of them are our friends who might be there more for us than our families. It’s not the worst thing to happen. If anything, it shows us that love can come from unexpected places. Show them what they mean to you by giving them a great birthday wish. If you need some help, we got you covered.

Birthday Greeting Messages for Friends

  • Nowadays it’s very scarce to see people have friends, because betrayals has taken over friends affairs. But I’m glad I have a friend like you, you’ve proofed to be different. Happy Birthday friend.
  • The journey has been for so long and yet you’ve never stopped being my true friend. It’s a rare blessing that I’ve enjoyed, I hope to enjoy more of it. Happy Birthday buddy of life.
  • I can never imagine my life without a friend like you, you make everything complete, I hope you live longer than most of us, enjoy your birthday!
  • Only good things for a friend like you, you make every day shinier with just the smile on your face, never forget how much you mean to me even as you turn older.
  • I could sing you a song but then that would make you brag, so receive my birthday message instead, and eat some cake, you are growing old dear friend.
  • May this message reach you warmly, have an awesome birthday, more awesome than you dear friend and may all your weird wishes come to pass.


  • Happy Birthday to a friend of mine who is full of fun and totally divine. You are awesome!
  • There’s nothing say Happy Birthday more than I long tight hug. Wishing you a thousand hugs today. Happy Birthday dear friend.
  • Happy Birthday buddy! You are one of the best around. We are friends for life. Have a great day!
  • Some people make you want to go to them when you feel loneliness. Do you know that you are one of them? That’s real dude. Have the happiest of birthdays
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  • Happy Birthday to a great friend. You have been with me through the good and bad times. Thanks for all the help you have ever given me. I hope you enjoy your special day.
  • Happy Birthday! You are a great friend who shines on everyone. Stay bright.
  • Happy Birthday pal! Me and you have gone through many wild times together. The wild times will continue as long as me and you keep killing it.

Birthday Greetings for Friends

  • I hope we continue to be great friends over the long haul. You are one of the better individuals I have ever had the pleasure of being friends with. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to a friend that is beyond measure. You are one of the best people I have ever met. I am so thankful we have gotten to be great friends.
  • You are indeed a special character who allows everyone to have fun. Happy Birthday. I know today you will have an immense amount of fun.
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  • Happy Birthday my friend. We have known each other for so long, I can already predict what this day will be like. It will be awesome and filled with epic adventures.
  • I bet if you listen closely, you can hear the angels singing Happy Birthday songs to one of their own. Have a Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! Today is a day to let loose and to enjoy what life has to offer. I hope you enjoy this day to the fullest of its potential.


  • I hope you know you are like a therapeutic drug. Let this wish curve another smile on your beautiful face. Have a fantastic birthday.
  • Happy Birthday my friend. You have proven to be a true friend through thick and thin. Thanks for everything you have done for me. I will always have your back and I hope this friendship continues.
  • You must be heavens best export. For all the times you’ve been there for me, I want to thank you and wish you a Happy Birthday.
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  • You know there are many different ways to tell someone thanks for all everything they have done. You definitely have been a friend since day one. Thank you. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to one a great person that this world is lucky to have. You shine on everyone and are a blessing to be around. Stay great!
  • My friend, we have many moments where this friendship could have died. But it stayed strong through all the tough times. Happy Birthday pal!

Birthday Messages for Friends

  • Happy Birthday my friend. You know as time changes I will be around if you ever need something. Stay awesome!
  • I bet you’ll still look as good even in old age. You’re the true definition of eye candy. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.
  • Happy Birthday. You are a friend that always thinks with their heart and not with greed. You are one of the best.
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  • Happy Birthday to one of the best friends around. You are someone special in so many different ways, there aren’t enough words to describe you. I hope this year all your hopes and dreams come true.
  • My greatest joy will be to see you old, grumpy and toothless. I do hope that we will still be as good friends as we are. Love you buddy and have a Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to an awesome pal. You are someone who never fails to impress and amaze. Thank you for being such a wild individual. Let’s celebrate!


  • You are one of the blessings in my world. I hope we cherish this day together. Have a Happy Birthday. Have a blast.
  • Happy Birthday my friend. You are a wild time. I am happy to be friends with someone as cool as you. I hope you enjoy this wonderful day.
  • It’s only right that we celebrate you in this “old” age. I am Looking forward to seeing your head full of gray hair. Happy Birthday pal.
  • Happy Birthday to a great friend. You are special in so many ways. I cannot even fathom the words to express how I want to say how special you are. Let’s just party!
  • They say you choose friends and I am glad one way or another we choose each other. Today I choose to wish you a Happy Birthday.
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  • Happy Birthday buddy! You are indeed one of the coolest peeps around. No matter what is going on, you make sure you stay level. Keep it cool.

Birthday Cards for Friends

  • Feels like you are my greatest asset in this world. Wishing you a long happy life. Happy Birthday dear buddy.
  • Happy Birthday my friend. Today is a day to party like the animals we are. I hope you enjoy this day like I plan to enjoy it. Let’s get crunk.
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  • I don’t have many friends as I am very choosy. But you stuck around in my inner circle. Thanks for being an incredible person. Happy Birthday friend!
  • Many people try to make it difficult for others in order to be friends. However, you and I have become very fond of our friendship. Happy Birthday friend.
  • Do you think the world is the way it is because friendship is hard to find? If it is, then let’s keep this friendship strong. Happy Birthday my friend!
  • Happy Birthday dude. There are many different ways to stay friends over time. However, let’s just keep it simple. Time to party!


  • Let this day bring to you strength to pursue your dreams and make the world a better place. Happy Birthday and have a fruitful life ahead.
  • Happy Birthday to one of the greatest friends in the world! OK, maybe that was a bit dramatic. But that doesn’t make it less true. I hope you enjoy your special day fully and wholly.
  • I am hoping for cakes, candies and chocolate. Wishing you a Happy Birthday with lots of fun and merry.
  • Happy Birthday! Today, you have become a year older. Now you know what it means to become more mature. Maybe not, it doesn’t matter. Time to let loose!
  • If people were ready to boogie, then your birthday is the place to be at. I know you are going to boogie all night. Happy Birthday my friend!
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  • Happy Birthday to someone I would call a friend. There are not many people I would call a friend but you get that title easily. Thanks for being there for me. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Birthday Wishes for Friends

  • May this day bring the smiles out of you. Be happy and remember to celebrate. Wishing you a Happy Birthday friend.
  • Happy Birthday my friend. You are easily one of the coolest people I met. Stay awesome my friend.
  • I know this is just the beginning of happy days to come for both of us. Let this be a toast to our great friendship. Happy Birthday dear.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who is actually true to their word. Someone like you is a rare find on this huge planet. Thanks for being such a great friend.
  • Since the first time I met you I knew we would be weird together forever, lots of love and wonderful wishes on your birthday my friend.
  • You are the reason I believe in true friendship. May we live forever. Happy Birthday to a true friend.


  • Happy Birthday to an awesome friend. Friendship is hard to come by in a world full of fakes. I need to thank you for being such a true person.
  • Been around the world and I haven’t met a friend like you. You are one of a kind. Have a fantastic birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who knows the definition of friendship. I know we have our differences but we can put it aside to create something awesome. Stay great.
  • Happy Birthday to a dear friend of mine. I hope you make all your dreams come true this year.
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  • Time of the year to blow candles again. It’s a pleasure that I have been there to witness you become this beautiful. Happy Birthday buddy!
  • Happy Birthday friend. We have made many memories together. All of them have been absolutely crazy. I appreciate all the time we have spent together. Have a great day.
  • Happy Birthday my dear friend. I need to tell you something very important. You are going to have an awesome birthday. Why? Because I am here to make sure it is the best! Have a great day.
  • You have been someone important to my life. I thank you for everything you have done for me. It means more to me than you can ever know. Happy Birthday my friend.
  • Happy Birthday dear friend. I am hoping you will have a fabulous day full of merry.
  • Friends like you are worth all the wishes. It’s been a pleasure to have you as a friend and I hope we live through many more birthdays.
  • I bring with me a thousand wishes. I am hoping you live longer than the vampires. Grow old gracefully. Happy Birthday pal!
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  • Just want to see you blow many ore candles or even a bonfire. Live to grow old and strong as a stallion.
  • It’s not by accident that you are in this world. I value our friendship and I hope we can live through the end of days. Happy Birthday buddy.
  • Cheers buddy on your birthday. Enjoy this day and many more to come. Have a Happy Birthday.
  • I am looking forward to having an enjoyable time with you.  Have a Happy Birthday.
  • Happy is what you make me feel when am around you. I hope we stay friends forever. Happy Birthday dear friend.
  • I hope the world will talk of our friendship long after we are gone. You are the true definition of a true friend. This is my way of saying how much I treasure you. Happy Birthday pal.
  • Have a great and memorable birthday my friend. I hope to be part of the day so I can get to share in your fun filled day.
  • I wish you nothing but the best as you celebrate another year of life, you are an awesome friend and I hold you in high regards.
  • I think things became easier when I got you as friends. It’s really great to plan my life with you. May nothing have the capability to separate us. Happy Birthday friend.
  • The naughtiness of our friendship is directly proportional to the love we share in it. Having love and naughtiness makes life delirious. Happy Birthday good friend. May you be blessed today and forever.
  • I really can’t choose a day to be the best day of my life, because when you became my friend, everyday became the best day of my life. You’re so important. Happy Birthday friend.
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  • Your availability for me always has been a positive influence on me. There are times when I almost lost it completely, but before I knew it, you were there. Happy Birthday Ever present friend.
  • Happy Birthday buddy! Me and you have caused an insane amount of mayhem together. It is not shocking that on today of all days we make it so we can tear it up and party! Let’s boogie!
  • There is a saying that friends aren’t forever. But apparently they have never met friends like you. Happy Birthday!
  • You are one of the greatest friends I have had in my life. You have proven yourself invaluable time and time again. Happy Birthday buddy!

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