Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Sister

Birthday Wishes for a Friend's Sister

Anyone will tell you that they love their sister as if they were their second moms, and that is why we celebrate such women for their strength, beauty and kind hearts. When your friend’s sister has a birthday coming up, it is good to send them a little message to appreciate such women in our lives. Birthday wishes are the best way of showing how much someone means to you. You can send a birthday message to your friend’s sister to appreciate her and to show her that she matters to not only her family but to the world too. Send her one of these messages and see her smile:

Birthday Messages For A Sister Of A Friend

  • You are one of the most beautiful women I know and that is why I couldn’t let the day go by without wishing you a hearty birthday my friend’s sister.
  • Strong women such as you are the inspiration of many girls. Happy Birthday my friend’s sister, have a good one.
Happy Birthday to our stylish girl.

Happy Birthday to our stylish girl.


  • You treat me as though I was your own sister and for that, a million thank yous and I hope your birthday will be fun filled.
  • Young ladies have great challenge with loving themselves nowadays, don’t allow the society to affect you wrongly. Love and embrace yourself anywhere you are. Happy Birthday friend’s sister. Enjoy your special day.
  • Happy Birthday to you dear sister of my friend. Thank you for being a good sister to my good friend. She can never stop talking about you. I wish you happiness all through the year.
  • I hope my sister speaks highly of me as yours does about you, have a warm birthday cute lady.
  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful sister of my friend. Couldn’t help but remember when we were all growing up together. But now you’ve outgrown us in every way. 😀 Enjoy your special day.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


  • Your brother might not know how valuable it’s to have a younger sister. But I do know because I had none. I hope he treats you better always. Happy Birthday my friend’s sister.
  • I’m one of those lucky few to have a friend whose sister took me as idol. It’s a delight for me to know your family. I wish you a prosperous year. Happy Birthday friend’s sister.
  • May your joy become full and may life become an exciting journey as you keep developing. Happy Birthday friend’s sister. May God bless your new age with special gifts that befit you.
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  • I’m obviously not near to help you light up your birthday cake candles, but my heart is certainly there with you, I hope your special day will be very beautiful. Happy Birthday friend’s sister.
  • I will never forget how you always stand up for your brother every time he messed up, even though you were younger. 🙂 You will always be his hero. Happy Birthday friend’s sister and hero.
  • The best friend for any brother in a family is to have a sister, I’m so envious of my friend because he has a great sister like you. Happy Birthday friend’s sister.



Birthday Wishes For My Best Friend’s Sister

  • I’m certainly your brother’s best friend, but I’m sure I can’t be as dear to him as you are even if you don’t talk often. Blood is thicker than water. Happy Birthday friend’s sister.
  • Your brother often tells of how you enjoyed a lot of benefits more than he did, but I could finally support you because you surely look better than him. Hehehe. Happy Birthday friend’s sister.
  • It would have been pretty bad if my friend had been the only child, you are such a sister that befits him so much. Happy Birthday friend’s sister. Enjoy your special day.
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  • Do we have the best adjective to describe a sister like you? Surely, you’re beautiful, you are funny and smart, you’re fabulous and cute. I guess you should have it all. Happy Birthday friend’s sister.
  • Every time I come to your house, I always see the way mummy loves you so much and it often made my friend jealous. 😀 Happy Birthday precious friend’s sister.
May this birthday forever be engraved in your mind. Happy Birthday!

May this birthday forever be engraved in your mind. Happy Birthday!


  • Have I ever seen a love relationship between siblings like I have seen between you and your brother? No. I have learnt from you both how to relate with my siblings. Happy Birthday to my best friend’s sis.
  • Hip hip hip! Hurray!!! It’s my  best friend’s sister birthday. The girl is such a gorgeous lady rich in character. May you live long and in good health. Happy Birthday sister.
  • Many words don’t make wishes come true, you are really a special girl among every other girl out there, my best friend and I cherish you so much. Happy Birthday to you. Much love.
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  • May all your days be full of blessings that will always gladden your heart. You are such a virtuous lady and you deserve joy always. Happy Birthday sweet lady. Enjoy your special day.
  • If it hadn’t been your brother’s friend, I would have love to be your special man. Please don’t tell my friend. You’re such an amazing lady. Happy Birthday to the sister of my best friend.
  • I admire you in more ways than one, you not only are one of the strongest women I know but you are one of the wisest too, hearty birthday sweetie.
Happy Birthday! Love you.

Happy Birthday! Love you.


  • You are the cutest little girl that I know and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you cutie, hearty birthday sis, enjoy your day.
  • May this birthday forever be engraved in your mind friend’s sister, for you not only turn a new age; you turn into a queen too.
  • I hope to make this day as special as you, for no one makes me laugh like you do, always and forever in my heart. Happy Birthday to my best friend’s sister.
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  • Blow out the candles and make a wish, I assure you, it will come true. You deserve the very best sweetheart.
  • You’re so beautiful in all ways. I’m not sure I’ve met someone more beautiful. Please don’t tell my friend or he’ll kill me. 😀 Happy Birthday! I wish you all your heart desires.
  • Another year and you grow more beautiful than the last one, have a cheerful birthday princess, may you always grow strong and beautiful my friend’s sister.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Birthday Wishes For A Friend Like Sister

  • You make everything better with just a smile on your face, may you have a jovial birthday my dear friend.
  • An ebullient birthday to you my friend, you are one of the women who make my world go round!
  • You are not only my friend; you are a cheerful girl who deserves nothing but the best in this world. Have a cheerful birthday!
  • May this birthday be inhibited by positivity and graceful cheer. Heartfelt birthday wishes from me, my best friend.
  • May this be one of the liveliest birthdays you’ve ever had my precious friend, you are a truly the queen of this small castle.
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  • You were young and had no one to play with except me, we became friends. I’m glad we grew up together. Congratulations friend. Enjoy your day.
  • I wish only good things for you this birthday my sister, you are loving, kind and beautiful and I hope you grow so.
  • You may be the toughest girl I’ve ever known, but through your toughness I see a friend worth keeping for life. Have a great birthday my best friend.
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  • You are of good nature and there is nothing I’d love doing more today than sharing a piece of birthday cake with you dear friend.
  • I hope my singing doesn’t chase away your guests, happiest birthday my friend, may your birthday be one in a million.
  • Have a birthday worth remembering and one worth recreating, amazing birthday sis. Have fun on your special day.

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