Birthday Wishes for Son from Dad

Being a parent is a gift no one can take for granted, and creating that special bond with your kid is definitely something to look forward to, something almost too good to be true and can’t be seen as little or insignificant. Every father wants to be close to his children, especially his sons, because there is a certain age your little man attains and you now see him as your equal, as a man. So why not send him one of the birthday messages below when his birthday comes around? Young or old, the right words can hold a lot of weight and they can be remembered for a very long time:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from his Father

  • Happy Birthday my son, you are one of the numerous blessings I thank God for every morning, may you live to witness more fulfilling years.
  • You added another year today son, I’m happy for you and proud to be the father of an intelligent and good mannered boy. Enjoy the rest of your day while it lasts.
  • Whenever I look at you I see a picture of myself many years back as a growing young man, you have emulated my good virtues and neglected my excesses. Happy Birthday to an attentive son.
  • I relish the opportunity of being your dad because I have always wished for son and it came true on this day. I got a strong, handsome and intelligent gentle man.
  • A father and son relationship is something anyone will want to experience, I enjoyed it with my father and I’m enjoying it with you my son. I feel excited for your birthday today.


  • Some sons are the shame of their fathers but you keep giving reasons to work harder at being a better man. On your Birthdays, I only picture how great you will become in life.
  • I’m grooving to a host of old school music in celebration of your Birthday, I hope you also having a great time where you are, never knew having a son was this sweet.
  • My dear son has not only grown taller in height and size, he has also achieved a lot of enviable achievements such as being a year older today.
  • Birthday Wishes for Son
  • You are the envy of every parent and I feel honored to be called your father, have a splendid life experience on your birthday and for years to come.
  • Having you as a son gives me the relief and confidence that the family will be safe when I depart. Your Birthday is a good opportunity to tell you this.
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Birthday Messages for Son from Dad

  • You have not changed over time despite your new age, I still see the little boy who stole my heart at the hospital of his birth, it’s years after and I feel the same way.
  • Special Birthday tidings to an outstanding son on his birthday, we surely will spend some father and son time to discuss how the day unfolded. Have fun and enjoy yourself.
  • I wish on my son an overflowing and bountiful heavenly blessings on his birthday because God has given me mine, by adding you to my family.
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  • I love you more than you can imagine even though my decisions are stiff and rigid at times, you are a son to me and I have to do what’s necessary. Have a wonderful birthday experience.
  • Only few people among the married lot are opportune to have a son and not all sons are worth the excitement, you have matched and surpassed my expectations and it’s nice celebrating your birth.


  • I’m always confident when away from home because I know a capable young man taking care of things in my absence. What more can I wish for in a son. Happy Birthday son.
  • You exhibit the trait of an alpha male just like your father and I wait patiently for you to attain full maturity, as of today, let’s celebrate because you are a year closer to achieving that feat.
  • May your expectations and aspirations never be cut short as you add another year today, you have been a source of joy to me and your mother and we are extremely happy we have a son.
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  • Happy Birthday to my young son waiting to conquer the world, may you achieve remarkable success throughout your lifetime. Make daddy proud.
  • From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew you made me a proud father, you are perfect in every way my son. Have the happiest birthday; I will always be here for you.
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Birthday Cards for Son from Dad

  • You don’t know how happy you made me when I heard you say my name for the first time my son, “papa” will always be here for you. Hope to see you blow a million and one more candles.
  • You are the son I have always wanted and I know I can never be a happier man. Have the greatest birthday little man, I hope you grow to be a better man than I am.
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  • You’re growing so fast my boy, you don’t know how much being your father means to me; I’m a blessed man for I see my son growing into the man I know he is. Hearty Birthday!
  • Even though you are going through your awkward years and hating everyone around, my love for you will never die son. I’m a proud father for I have a son as awesome as you. Enjoy your birthday!


  • They say the greatest joy of being a father is seeing his son grow into a gentleman that will make him proud every day. I’m glad to say you have never disappointed us. Have a blessed birthday my boy.
  • Days really do fly fast, just the other day you were my little man and I was holding you in my arms, now, we hold hands and I couldn’t be a more content father. Have a grand birthday my son.
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  • I have lived a long and worthwhile life, and it’s all because of you my son, you make me feel like the greatest father on earth and for that I’m forever grateful. May you outlive me with luck and love.
  • I’m now an old man, but that doesn’t mean I have stopped being your father, I still care for you my son and I wish you every ounce of happiness as you celebrate your birthday today.
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Birthday Wishes for Son from Dad

  • Getting to live as long as I have and share in all your joy, sorrow and success, I can truly say you’ve made me one of the happiest fathers in the world. Enjoy your birthday my son.
  • I count each day as a blessing and each moment I spend with you as an opportunity to know the man you’ve become. I’m proud of you son, thank you for making me a proud father. Enjoy your birthday.
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  • Happy Birthday to the man who takes care of me, watches over me and carries me in his arms, you are the son I have always wanted and the one who made me try to be the best father.
  • You are now almost as old as I’m dear son, I hope our journey never ends and creates in us a new light. Have an enjoyable birthday and may you be a prouder father.

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