Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from his Mother

A son is one of the most important people in any parent’s life, any parent will tell you raising a man isn’t easy especially for women. Whether you are a single mother or you have a husband to help you raise your boy, he needs to hear how important he is to you. Birthday wishes to your son showing him how much you appreciate him is really important. Share a message of love and appreciate your son for all he is on his birthday by sending one of these birthday messages, maybe they will inspire you with the prefect words for him;

Birthday Greeting Wishes for Son from Mother

  • I wish this son the best of all things in life, better than I was able to enjoy, a better home than mine, a better partner and a better life. Happy Birthday son.
  • I’m so pleased in and with everything you do, if it’s not something I like, I like it as long as it’s you that is doing it. Enjoy the new year ahead of you.
  • I was thinking about how lonely I’ve been, I looked at the people that have left my life, but I realize I have the best of them still with me. Happy Birthday son.
  • There are several words that I can say on this special day, but there’s a particular word that never fades and that is I love you so much till eternity. Happy Birthday son.
  • I gave birth to you, but without you I’m almost as good as nothing, you’re a gift to my world, you are the pillar that upholds my city. Happy Birthday good son.
  • I feel so lucky and blessed that you are mine, thank God that you came through. May our lives together as mother and son continue to be love filled. Happy Birthday my dear son.
A happy birthday card for son with yellow stars on a blue background

Happy Birthday my amazing son.


  • Nothing can happen to me outside that can get me bothered because I know I have a wise son to seek counsel from. Happy Birthday to you special son.
  • Your love filled me up and that can never let me forget the beautiful day that you were born. I wish you longevity of life and a happy soul to live it. Happy Birthday son.
  • A super-duper son clocks another landmark today, your growth is a delight as it makes me feel that someone can take care of me. Happy Birthday to you son.
  • The greatest wish of any mother is to develop a strong connection with her children, I’m glad to have developed a strong bond with you son, I hope it lasts forever. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  • You are a man I’m proud to call son, you have the greatest heart and the biggest of smiles on special occasions, I hope I get to see you smile for mommy on your birthday.
  • You are the greatest son ever and the only reason I have the smile I have today, you make me a happy woman and that is enough for me to wish you a million more years on earth my son. Hearty birthday.
A cute birthday celebration image yellow and green

Happy Birthday to you.


  • I can never trade you for all the gold in the world my son, I would rather die a poor woman because all I need to live is your love. Enjoy your birthday my boy.
  • You are the greatest gift the world could ever possibly give me, I love you and wish nothing but the best, have a fantastic birthday my son, you continue to make me a proud mother.
  • I’m happy that I have you my son, you are an awesome man and I hope and wish you nothing but good fortune as you celebrate your birthday, you will always be mama’s boy.
  • Ever since I was told I was pregnant with you my son, my life definitely changed, you are awesome and I hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest.
  • Having you as a son can never be compared to anything, I love you so much and wish you nothing but the best as you turn a new age. Have a blast.
  • You have always made me proud and I can never expect less, I hope your birthday opens more doors for you my son, as your mother, I will always be here for you.
  • You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, you are the son any mother can be proud of, enjoy each moment of the day my son. I love you.
A yellow gift box on an orange background | A birthday message for son.

Oh, really, your siblings said you’re fast growing up to be a man, I doubted it until I entered your room this morning, Oh, you’re really a man. 🙂 Happy Birthday dear son.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom

  • If you are a grown man, I’ll gladly fall in love with you. 🙂 Don’t tell your daddy. Happy Birthday dear son.
  • You aren’t just a boy to me, you are the man of my life, so tell that woman you’re marrying that you already have a wife and she’ll make it two. 🙂 Happy Birthday my joy.
  • Happy Birthday to the boy who tries to be taller than me. In your dreams baby. 🙂
  • To the little guy who loves to break things with his ball, have the happiest birthday.
  • I thought I love my husband, but when you appeared, I saw a new dimension of love. Please don’t tell your dad. 😀 Happy Birthday to you dear son.
A cute baby boy in a girly dress | funny birthday image.

Happy birthday!


Birthday Wishes for A School-Aged Son from Mom

  • Oh really, your siblings said you’re fast growing up to be a man, I doubted it until I entered your room this morning. Oh, you’re really a man. 🙂 Happy Birthday dear son.
  • Happy Birthday to a boy with a rational thinking right from early age, you’ve never given me any problem. You are genuinely a genius in all ways. Enjoy the beautiful year.
  • I turned the totality of my life to you, I swapped all my commitments for one commitment which is you. You’re my greatest investment and I hope you’ll make me proud someday. Happy Birthday son.
  • Every time a mother sees her child, happiness naturally flows from her within, but me seeing you making me laugh gives much more happiness. It’s like I’m in paradise. Happy Birthday delightful son.
  • Your sudden change from a disobedient boy to a blessed guy that has beautified my world is so surprising. I have peace since you changed for the better. Happy Birthday to you my son.
  • Our challenges while you were growing up toughened you up, now you’re taking care of me when you’ve barley grown up. I’m so proud of you son. Happy Birthday to you.
A brown cake with a birthday message on a green background.

Happy Birthday!


Birthday Wishes for A Married Son from Mom

  • The vows I made to myself to have a boy to protect him with my life is still intact even after your marriage. Thanks for giving us all joy. Happy Birthday to you sweet son.
  • Happy Birthday to the man that has my heart after his father, your father has to sometimes fight for his place because you’ve almost taken it all. I love you to the moon and back.
  • The best sons are the ones whose mothers can do anything for them irrespective of their location. Being far away from you makes me love you more. Happy Birthday great son.
  • I will never forget the first day we met, you were a perfect baby and still are the perfect man. I hope you enjoy your birthday my handsome son, mama loves you.
  • You are the perfect representation of what a real man should be. I’m proud to be the mother of someone as wonderful as you. Hearty birthday my boy.
  • Having you as a son makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive, so how lucky your wife is! Have the happiest birthday my boy, may today be a blessing to you.

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