Birthday Wishes for Step Sister

Girls put in much work when it comes to their birthdays, so it is no exception that one’s step sister is different. They love feeling appreciated and remembered during this amazing time of celebration. It is important to make a girl feel like a princess on her birthday. Presents may be fantastic but what if you want their birthdays to stand out a little bit!

Happy Birthday to my amazing sister.

It is sweet to send your step sister a little message, just to prepare her for the day and if you’re not around, it shows that you still think of her deeply. Here are some examples of birthday wishes you can send to that beautiful girl:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Step-sister

  • Getting so close to you was not imaginable, but it has been a great blessing, even though I never wanted it, I wouldn’t have been better without it. Happy Birthday, step-sister, your worth is inestimable.
  • You are worth more than just a step-sister, you are part of my life because you keep contributing to my growth and development, Happy Birthday, step-sister. Enjoy every bit of it.
  • I needed a real sister, so I thought fate was cruel to give me a step sister, but today I’m glad I have a step sister in you. No sister could have been better. Happy Birthday lovely sis.
  • Can’t help but think of you as someone superior because I got on your nerves a lot of time, but you never acted strange to me. Happy Birthday step-sister.
  • You were the miraculous kind of sister I wanted for a very long time. Thanks for being my sister and my dearest friend. Happy Birthday step-sister.
  • We’ve pushed through a lot of hard times so I don’t think any tougher thing could come in between us good sister. Enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday step-sister.
  • What an important addition you are to this family, even though it was difficult to get along with you at first! Happy Birthday, step-sister. Have fun.
  • Your adoption to this family has brought my parent so much of fortune, that my father himself realized and admitted this. Happy Birthday, step-sister, May we spend more glorious time together.
  • You taught me how to love even though I never loved you. You taught me how to be considerate even though I never considered you for any good thing. Your attitude changed a lot about me. Happy Birthday, step-sister.
  • Thanks to God for that unwanted and unexpected scenario that brought us together, you are one of a kind. Happy Birthday, step-sister.
  • Knowing of your kindness makes me wonder why you are so different from us all, but I’m glad you are my step-sister. Happy Birthday.
  • It’s difficult to believe that the separation of my parent could be a blessing in disguise, because their separation has brought me close to a destiny friend and a sister. Happy Birthday, great step sister!
  • A lot has brought us together, may we never grow apart for anything. Happy Birthday, step sister.
  • If not for the fact that you are far away, I would have been the first to wish you a Happy Birthday by pouring water on you while asleep. :) I love you and I miss your presence, enjoy your beautiful day.
  • A good sister will share with you good and bad moments, but a great sister will share with you good, bad and awkward moments. :) You have been more than a sister. Happy Birthday, step sister, have a blast.
  • Today is a good day to remind you that I love you very much and there are a lot of things I won’t be able to do without you, like awkward things that will make me laugh till tears come out. :) Happy Birthday, step sister.
  • Today I want you to know that your pain brings me pain and your joy gives me joy, I am knitted to you, I feel you are part of me. Few things I can do without you, Happy Birthday, step-sister!
  • Even though the same blood doesn’t run through our veins, I will do for you more than I might do for anyone who shares my blood, you have become that to me. Happy Birthday, step sister.
  • Seeing you any day and any time will always put a smile on my face because I know when we see you are always going to pull off some naughty jokes! I miss you a lot. Happy Birthday, step-sister, see you soon.
  • The good and the awesome thing about having a sister is that you don’t just have a sister but a good friend as well. So I love you triple for being a sister, a friend and a family. Happy Birthday!
  • Not having you around makes me miss you a lot because you have always been my friend, my sister, my counselor, my mentor, my role model and my burden bearer. I miss you and can’t wait to have you back. Have a Happy Birthday, step-sister.
  • The bond that ties us is deep, the joy that flows when we are together is not measurable, and the love that we feel for each other is endless. Together forever able sister. Happy Birthday, have fun.
  • I always underestimate you, bother you by my shitty pranks and create fusions. I am sorry for all this non sense. Now no more jealousy, only love will exist between us. Happy Birthday, my step sister.
  • Happy Birthday, step sis, it’s your birthday and I wanted to wish you the very best on this day. Have fun my dear, I love you.

Happy Birthday to my sister who beautified my life.

  • It’s your day, beautiful girl, I hope you have fun. I am glad I am part of your life; I get to share in all the cheer and celebration of this day. A wonderful birthday to you, step-sister.
  • You are the best sister in the world; I thank God every day for uniting our parents, now I get to experience the joy of having someone as pretty as you related to me. Have a great birthday, step-sister.
  • I wouldn’t like anything but the best for me. I hope this day brings you as much joy as it has me. Have a wonderful birthday, dear step-sister.
  • You are my crime partner, my bed mate, my midnight companion and my secret holder. Love you loads my buddy my step-sister. Happy SHappy Birthday.
  • You are too younger than me, you are my doll to whom I play daily no matter you are my step sister. But we are sisters by heart. Happy Birthday, my little cute sister.
  • Your unconditional love, immense gentleness, and your down to earth nature replaced my all negativity and bitterness which was against you. Happy Birthday, sweetest step-sister.
  • Love is always caring even at worst conditions and you prove it, no matter we are not real sisters but we bonded in a relation of love. Happy Birthday, step-sister.
  • I will always be there, whenever you are in need and I will take you through the fear and if you ever lose your way I will guide you. Because I am your even so step elder sister, Happy Birthday!
  • We always wasted our precious childhood in endless fighting, hatred and backbiting. But now we are grown up and don’t have intention to make life complicated ahead indulging in this bullshit. Let’s forget everything and enjoy the party. Happy Birthday, step-sister.
  • You are my best companion of my loneliness, Happy Birthday, step sister.
  • You are that beautiful flower of our home whose ecstatic fragrance gives a fresh breath to all of us. Happy Birthday to the most lively and cheerful lady – my step sister but my world.
  • Family doesn’t owe to genetics. It is build by unconditional love, care, devotions, sacrifice, capacities and tolerance for each other. Happy Birthday, my sweet step sister.
  • A special day like this deserves a beautiful woman like this. Have a blast today step sis, may you grow wiser, prettier and healthier with each passing day step sister. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • I always considered myself as a flower and you as thorns. But now we both are blooming buds of our parents. Happy Birthday, my cute step-sister.
  • You make me happy, you complete my full existence. I can’t imagine my life without you sis. The joining of our families not only brought happiness to our parents but to me. I hope you have a brilliant birthday, step sis.
  • You mean a lot to me, words alone cannot measure the magnitude of love my heart feels for you. I will forever be by your side, step sis. Have a wonderful day!
  • Wake up beautiful, it’s time to cut that cake and make merry to your honor. Thank you for accepting us into your family, I am truly proud to be your step sister. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish it were more, I wish I could give you the world just to show you how thankful I am that you are in my life. Have a blast step sis, you deserve the best today. Happy Birthday!
  • This is a beautiful day to celebrate the life of a beautiful girl such as you. I will always be here to protect, guide and love you. Have a blast baby sis. Happy Birthday!
  • I know you are thrilled to see what I have planned for you. Too bad you’ll have to wait a little bit longer, for now, Happy Birthday, sweet step sister.
  • I will sing for you, dance for you, fight for you, cry with you, we are sisters and I will forever keep you close. Have a fantastic birthday, step sister.
  • Have a beautiful birthday, step sis, I may not be close but I will surely try my best to give you the best time of your life.
  • This is a beautiful day to celebrate your birthday, may you grow healthier, wealthier, happier and sweeter. I love you to the moon and back.
  • I can’t believe I get to share in this beautiful celebration, I hope you do have fun, I love you a lot and would like nothing else but to see you happy. Have fun, dear.
  • Happy Birthday, step sister, May you have the best birthday so far. I love you so much.
  • No doubt, you are my step sister but always treat me as a close friend, who understands me, loves me, and always got on my back. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, my sweet sister.
  • Fortune escorted us together to live as sisters by heart, though we were not the sisters of same parents. Happy Birthday, my dearest step sister.
  • You are my sweet, naughty, crazy, talkative, lovable, jovial, more thrilling and understanding step sister. Happy Birthday, cutie pie!
  • Real sisters by marriage and step sisters by fate. Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl.
  • We are the sisters of different taste. Happy Birthday, my step but more than real sister.
  • Sister’s love is the true blessing, though I was single child of my parents but God bestows my papa another daughter that’s you my step sister. As we have same father but different mothers. Happy Birthday, my step sister.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Step Sister

  • You are as strong as I’m weak, you are as talkative as I’m calm and you are cheerful as I am boring. We are two sisters of opposite nature. Happy Birthday to the best step-sister ever.
  • I was always gotten jealous when people admire you more than me, as I am complete paragon of beauty but with time I realized superficial appearance has wings while inner beauty remains forever. And you are the queen of ethics. Happy Birthday, dear step sister.
  • Our home was empty without you. I don’t know how my life could have been if you weren’t here. I love you sis. Happy Birthday!
  • My biggest birthday wish for you is that you remain just as lovely as you are, don’t change for anything sis. Happy Birthday, step-sister. Go get some fun.
  • It is quite surprising how we managed to grow together and get along really well despite all the hurdles and restrictions. Keep growing sis. Happy Birthday to a wonderful step-sister!
  • Your kind of step-sister is very rare and hard to come-by, I am so honored that life brought us together and I feel proud to call you my sister. Happy Birthday, stay blessed.
  • Happy Birthday to the most constricted minded step-sister. Despite the fact I do love you.
  • Flowers, buds, winds and birds all are saying, you are only one in thousands. Happy Birthday!
  • An astonishing birthday to my step-sister who brought happiness to our home starting from toys of little girls till the cute dresses of young ladies. Wishing you a birthday as joyful as you deserve.
  • I have always wanted a sister and having you as my step-sister is truly a blessing to me and to us all. Love you loads, enjoy your birthday my beautiful sister.
  • The best thing that has ever happened to me is you my lovely step-sister, thank you for bringing life back to me, I hope you enjoy your birthday to the maximum.
  • I can never compare you to any other step-sister, you have been a friend, a colleague and mostly the only sister I have known so far, thank you and happy birthday.
  • I love you, step-sister. I thank God for choosing me to be my step. May this birthday be a start to catch your dreams. Have a happy one.
  • As a step-sister, you are so bad, but for a sister, you are so convenient to be a real sister to me. I’m proud of being your sister. Happy Birthday, dear!

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