Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mother

Happy Birthday Daughter from your Mom

A mother’s greatest gem and the mirror of her soul is her daughter. There is a special bond that passes between a mother and a daughter, a kind of bond that never breaks, never fades and is never forgotten. On your daughter’s birthday, you might think of the most perfect gift to give them or the greatest way you can show how much you love them, the perfect gift to her is you, and no matter how hard she may try and fight it sometimes, the best thing you can do for her on her birthday is send her a message reminding her of how much she means to you. Choose one of the messages below, they may convey the prefect words for your little girl:

Happy Birthday Messages for a Daughter from her Mom

  • You are not just the dearest daughter to me but you’re the dearest thing to me. I want you to take good care of yourself darling daughter. Happy Birthday to you sweet.
  • Happy Birthday to you my precious big princess, there’s absolutely no one that summarizes my life like you do, you’re just my cloned replica. Enjoy the beautiful day my daughter.
  • As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray that you and I will both enjoy long life, because you’ve grown fond of me and I can’t imagine a life without you. Happy Birthday daughter.
  • Every lady always desires to have special daughters, but I never imagined for a charm and excellent character like you. You make me glad in all you do. Happy Birthday to you darling daughter.
  • I always laugh when I imagine just how much we quarrel and resent each other, but yet no one loves you like I do and you love me like no one else. Happy Birthday daughter.


  • You are the funniest person I know on the surface of the earth, you are my greatest friend and yet my foe. Very funny how we act sometimes. But I love you. Happy Birthday daughter.
  • Happy Birthday sweetie, it’s difficult to think of the day you’ll be so grown, because I’ll miss all the things that make you unique now. But before then, I’ll enjoy your funny little personality.
  • Happy Birthday to you daughter, your fast growth rate is surprising, you have outgrown the clothes I bought for you just few months ago. 😀 Keep growing sweetheart. Enjoy your birthday.
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  • Happy Birthday to the most powerful force I’ve ever felt, your delightful gaze at me gives me courage and strength but your unhappy gaze breaks my heart. I love you so much daughter.
  • The world itself is not a great place, but it becomes very interesting when we have beautiful people to share our lives with. Happy Birthday to you dear daughter. Enjoy!

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

  • If the whole world can bring the perfect smile to your face, then I would labor and toil to deliver it to you. I’m glad you’re my daughter. Happy Birthday to you my world.
  • The feeling I got when you were dropped in my hands after delivery was great. It was a breakthrough period for me. You’ve always been a joy to me ever since then. Happy Birthday daughter.
  • I want to wish you success in all that you envision and propose to do in your heart. You are a wonderful daughter of mine and I’m well pleased. Happy Birthday daughter.
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  • As long as I exist, I will always love you, no matter how deviated you might be or how different you might be. Nothing will change the desire I have for you. Happy Birthday daughter.
  • The extremely wonderful surprises you brought me, I would never forget. You were so young and sweet that you kept making me happy. Thanks for the love you have for me. Happy Birthday to you daughter.


  • Now I’m growing really old and toothless, but my age doesn’t stop me from being a daughter to my mom, you’re beautiful and charming perhaps arrogant 😁but you are still my little baby. Happy Birthday daughter.
  • I hope you won’t bring too many men home when you grow up a bit more, because you look so beautiful even at this tender age of yours. Happy Birthday to you my dear daughter.
  • Your happiness means so much strength. I really hope you won’t have the need to be sad at any point. But if you’re sad, I’ll be there to give you strength. Happy Birthday daughter.
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  • Now your birthday is making more sense because you can make yourself beautiful even with the dresses of your choice. That’s less stress for me. Happy Birthday to you sweet daughter.
  • You are the mirror that reflects my soul my lovely daughter; there is not a day I don’t give thanks for being your mother. Enjoy your birthday.

Birthday Messages for Daughter from Mother

  • Never forget how much I love you my daughter, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you my little princess. You are your mother’s joy, enjoy your birthday.
  • You gave me the gift of being a mother and I’m blessed to have you as my daughter. I love you so much and wish you nothing but the best in your coming years.
  • There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do to see my beautiful daughter happy. Thank you for making me a mom and the greatest woman in the world.
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  • I’m a blessed mother because I have a daughter as outstanding as you. Enjoy your birthday pretty. I love you to the moon and back.
  • There is not a day I don’t think of ways to show you how much I love you my beautiful daughter. Have the happiest birthday; never forget the mother daughter bond we share.


  • You are unique, you are loved and you are your mother’s greatest gift my dear daughter. Have an unforgettable birthday, hearty times.
  • May this birthday be unforgettable for you my lovely daughter; you are the sun that shines on your mother’s face each morning, stay blessed. I love you!
  • You are my angel and no one is ever going to replace you from your mother’s heart. Have the happiest birthday my darling daughter, you are special to me.
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  • Have an awesome day as you celebrate your birthday mama’s girl. You are the most beautiful little princess this world has ever seen and I love you so much.
  • You are a blessing to your mother and I wouldn’t trade you for anything my daughter. I love you so much and wish you nothing but the best as you turn a new age.

Birthday Cards for Daughter from Mother

  • Being your mother is one of the best things I can account for in life. Have a blessed and fulfilling birthday my beautiful daughter.
  • Having a daughter as amazing as you is one of the greatest gifts I have received as a mother. Have an unforgettable birthday my sweet princess.
  • May this birthday shower more love, blessings and joy on you my dear daughter. Have a peaceful birthday, mama loves you very much.
  • Thank you for being the reason I live my daughter, I wish you the best birthday ever. Have a great and awesome birthday, I love you so much.
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  • A mother’s treasure is her daughter for she is the best symbol that her mom is now a woman someone else can look up to. Enjoy your birthday my sweet child.
  • A mother without her daughter is a broken woman, have the happiest of birthdays my dearest. You make me complete in each and every way.

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