Birthday Wishes for Grandson

Happy Birthday Grandson

Young or old, your grandson is the most spectacular young man you have ever met. He loves you unconditionally and always appreciates all that you do for him. You rarely forget their birthdays because they keep reminding you, with their huge smiles. You love having them around, so sending them a message on their birthday is truly a reminder of your love for them. They feel happy, special and loved by their grandparent. Here are some messages you can send to them to show them, even in your old age, you remember their birthdays and that you truly love them:

Birthday Messages for Grandson

  • At times it is difficult to breathe with you around, because you are always willing to play rough with me. Even though I enjoy it, it could kill me fast. 🙂 Happy Birthday grandson.
  • May only good things come your ways as you turn a new age grandson, always in my heart, enjoy your birthday.
  • I wish you a long life full of everlasting friends and amazing moments created together, may you grow older than the hills grandson, hearty birthday.
  • I wish I still had that young voice you have on you, I’d sing you a lovely birthday song you’ll never forget. Accept my warm birthday message grandson; I hope it makes you smile.
  • You always bring joy into my life grandson; I hope to always keep an eye on you as you grow older. You mean the world to me, hearty birthday.
  • With a grandson like you in my life, I feel 1,000,000 times younger, you are the only strength I need to go on, I love you and hearty birthday.
  • My bones may be weak, my vision blurred, but there is something in you that makes everything in me stand up and say I’m proud of you grandson. Have a blessed birthday.


  • You are never going to know how long a life will last. So you must make the best of it every day my grandson. Happy Birthday my dear. You will have an amazing birthday.
  • To my grandson, never forget how much your family loves you. There will be times when you fight an intense amount and have arguments. But you guys will always love each other. Happy Birthday.
  • To my grandson, I remember taking care of you when you were still in your diapers. Now you are walking on your own two feet. How the times change. Happy Birthday little one.
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  • My my, you have grown so much since your last birthday my grandson. Happy Birthday to you. Don’t ever forget about your grandparents you hear?
  • An amazing grandson, will have an amazing birthday party. We hope the best for you!
  • You are going to grow into a strong courageous man when you are older. We know it for fact. Happy Birthday my grandson.

Birthday Greetings for Grandson

  • Dear grandson, you are going to have one of the most fun days of all time today. A special day is in store for you since it is your birthday. I didn’t forget even though I am a bit old. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to an awesome grandson. You are a special part of this family as you represent the new youth which we pass over all the life lessons we can. I get the feeling that you will be an incredible student. Enjoy!
  • Today is a day for dance, music and cake my grandson! Just don’t ask me to dance too much. These hips may crack.
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  • What a time to be alive! I get to see my grandson have a wonderful birthday party. It still amazes me to see you grow so fast. You are an amazing individual that is only becoming better with each passing day. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday my grandson. You will know ups and downs in this life but you will always have family to support you. Don’t ever forget it!
  • You are someone who has learned to love life so quickly at such a young age. Don’t ever forget this fact about yourself. Many will try to take it from you. Happy Birthday my grandson.
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  • I always wondered what it would be like to be a grandparent. I’ll tell you though, it is quite difficult to keep up with someone like yourself. You bounce off walls and I can barely get up stairs! Happy Birthday little one.
  • Happy Birthday my grandson. Today is a day to celebrate when you were born. It is up to you to make sure you get the most out of this life. Enjoy!
  • Dear grandson, it is such an honor to be a grandparent to a wonderful child. You are well on your way to becoming someone incredible. Keep putting that work every day and it will not fail you. Happy Birthday.
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  • To a wonderful grandson, may this birthday be everything you could have imagined. Enjoy!
  • I can’t believe I have been blessed enough to share another birthday with you my grandson. I hope this day turns out to be splendid. Have a great birthday young man.
  • May all the wisdom, stories and care I have instilled in you grow as you grow older. Have a beautiful birthday dear. I love you grandson.

Birthday Messages for Grandson

  • I can never forget your birthday dear; you always have this special smile on your face on these days. Do have a great birthday grandson.
  • Oh my grandson, you turn a new age. Age is just but a number, to me, you are as young as you feel, so feel young today, have a great birthday dear.
  • Happy Birthday grandson, you are truly a man I am proud to relate to. Thank you for ever listening to me and for all your care. I hope you have a good one today.
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  • I surprised you, I hope. I remember your birthday, I am ancient but you make me feel young. I hope you have a beautiful birthday grandson.
  • My grandson is turning a new number; I hope you grow to be older than me. I love you so much, Happy Birthday.
  • I will always be here for you, just call out to me. I hope you have a lovely birthday dear grandson. You are my special boy.


  • You make me happy, so happy whenever I see you come around. I know my generation will forever prevail. Have fun grandson; it’s your birthday after all.
  • You have sat with me many times, I have seen you grow into the man you are today and I must say; I am proud of you grandson. I love you dear. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday grandson, I get to share this day with you. This is your day and I wish you know how happy I am to be a part of it. Have a beautiful birthday dear.
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  • Grandson, your joy is mine, your tears are mine and your achievements will always make me proud. I hope you have a great birthday dear. I do love you.
  • Happy Birthday my dear grandson, you are a great man and I hope I always get to see you cheery. Have an awesome birthday dear.
  • This day is truly a blessing to me, I get to share in your joy, your dancing and that beautiful smile I love. Have a Happy Birthday and may you have many more like so.
  • Happy Birthday my beautiful grandson, you are growing into a strong man. I wish you all the joy, love and gratefulness in your life.
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Birthday Cards for Grandson

  • Grandson, it’s your birthday. I wish you all the peace in the world, for with peace, you will find all what your heart desires. Have a great one.
  • Happy Birthday dear grandson, you make me the proudest and the happiest person in the world. I thank you for letting me share this day with you today. I hope I bring much cheer and joy with my presence. Be blessed.
  • Having a cute and obedient grandson like you is a boon of God and you are my beloved one. Happy Birthday my little baby!
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  • When I hold you in my arms and make you sleep in my lap, I feel the whole world is in my grasp. This is an excellent feeling I experience. Happy Birthday my cute grandson.
  • The moment when I see your little cute mischief and when you get every time ready to go outside with me makes my heart so happy and cheerful. Happy Birthday my grandson.
  • You are the sweet son of my loving daughter and you have all qualities of my daughter. You have no difference. Happy Birthday dearest grandson!
  • For me, you are a little angel who is accountable for my smile, a relief in pain and momentous amusement. I feel joyous in your company. Happy Birthday baby!


  • Your materialistic parents do not care for me what I want from them, but you, my grandson, take good care of me and fulfill my all wishes which I expected from your father. Happy Birthday, dearest grandson, you live a long happy life.
  • I can never forget the moments that I jumped from father to grandfather. That was the amazing feeling and happiness which made me complete. Happy Birthday my grandchild.
  • You are my stubborn, but adorable grandchild and I love to carry out your all wanted or unwanted wishes. Happy Birthday my beloved grandchild.
  • It’s an honor and privilege for me to celebrate the very first birthday of my loving grandson.
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  • Though I am very strict and absolutist man, but when I am with you, my inner child comes out and I start acting whatever you want from me. Happy Birthday dear grandson.
  • You are nothing but everything for me. Have a stunning and joyous birthday.
  • For me, you are the pill of hypertension which controls my blood pressure level. Happy Birthday my sweet and naughty grandson.

Birthday Wishes for Grandson

  • You are the liveliness, happiness and peace of our family and everyone loves to play with you. Happy Birthday dear grandson!
  • Hope sustains life; never lose your hope when life clasped you the biggest trauma. Happy Birthday, enjoy your day.
  • Do something amazing in your life that people will always remember you in their hearts. Happy Birthday my sweet grandson!
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  • You are a complete package of sweetness, cuteness, cheerfulness, buoyancy, and naughtiness. Have an amazing birthday my sweet grandson.
  • You are the reward of any virtue of my son. Blessed by a very obedient, genius, and loyal child. Happy Birthday my ever sweet grandson!
  • Presenting this beautiful wrist watch for my lovely grandson. Happy Birthday my child, live your life with joy and prosperity.
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  • You are my life and only reason of my existence after your father passed away. Happy Birthday!
  • It feels so great when you wake up in the morning and go for jogging with me. Let’s celebrate your birthday in the cool and peaceful breeze of morning.
  • You live in my heart as the pearl enclosed in the shell whether you live with us or not, Happy Birthday and keep smiling wherever you are.
  • I see myself in you grandson, your curious nature will definitely come in handy as you grow older. I love you and wish you the best birthday yet.
  • As my Grandkid, you give me the perfect blend of joy, curiosity, warmth and eagerness to continue living, you never get tired of me. It makes me joyous. Happy Birthday grandson. Grow in grace.
  • When the time comes for me to move to the other life, I’m gonna miss you a lot, because I’ve developed such a strong bond with you. I hope you’ll keep moving on. Happy Birthday grandson.
  • Your heroic antics towards your mom will never stop to make me laugh, because you will end up leaving her someday, hopefully you’ll learn to cope with that. 🙂 Enjoy your childhood grandson. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to this awesome grandson, I have spent a lot of years thinking about a day like this and that’s why I’m glad God made me see this day. Enjoy your special day.
  • May this day bring you more enchantment that will be too difficult to forget even as you age. Happy Birthday grandson, may God guide you through your years.
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  • Happy Birthday my grandson, keep doing struggle until success speculates under your feet.
  • You are an apple of my eyes, your innocent broken words make me crazy all time. Happy Birthday grandson.
  • It’s an awesome feeling when we play hide and seek together. I really enjoy your company my loving grandson. Happy Birthday and enjoy your party.
  • Birthdays come and go each year. What remains are memories of it. Ensure that you have a blissful day. May God’s love remain with you. Happy Birthday dear grandson.
  • Do not think you are alone. I always have you in my heart even if distance seems a barrier. You are never forgotten. Happy birthday my sweet grandson.
  • Happy Birthday my grandson. You are going to grow up into such a strong handsome man. I hope you enjoy this wonderful day.
  • You are an amazing loving individual. You are going to be someone incredible when you are older. As of now, enjoy being a boy and playing all the time. Happy Birthday.
  • My grandson, I love you. I know you may see me like an old person but you would have me know I am younger than I look. I’m joking of course. Happy Birthday!
  • Your dad always tried to catch the fire of candles on his birthdays. Don’t be like him please. Happy Birthday honey.
  • Dear grandson, I’m so glad that I got a chance to meet you. You are a special child with a bright future. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to a loving grandson. You are an incredible individual for someone so young. Never stop improving. Never stop loving your family. And enjoy birthdays for the wonderful cake.

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