The Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

A sister is the little girl you will always want to protect and the other mom you will always have in, a big sister or a small sister, sisters are for life and that is why it is important to never forget their birthdays and the special moments you can create together. Birthday wishes say more than spoken words do as they can last for a very long time.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest sister in the world.

This is a list of some birthday wishes you can send to your precious sister to thank her for being a part of your life and to also show her how much she means to you:

The Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • A sweet flower goes to the best sister in the world to kiss her. Happy Birthday, sis.
  • You are amazing, you are beautiful, you are my loving sister and I love you. Happy Birthday, great sis. Your shining light shall not go dim, enjoy this special day to the fullest.
  • Lift up your heart with songs and dancing, it’s your day of joy. May God grant you all of your heart desires. Stay happy charming little angel.
  • You were always beside me in my tough times. You always inspire me to do the best. Happy B-day sis.
  • Hey, Miss. You are the one whom I really miss. When you read this, I need a kiss. Happy Birthday, Sis.
  • A sister like a mother, the way our mother often feels relaxed when you’re home is just amazing. She’s so confident that you got her back. :) Enjoy your special day sis.
  • You’ve learnt the role of motherhood so much even when you’re a long way off it. :) You’re a lovely woman to be sister. Happy Birthday sister. Crack!
  • Rebuilding the house of the wonderful relationship that we enjoyed is my goal, because I missed that. I’m back on your side sister. Let’s achieve things we haven’t as siblings. Happy Birthday to you sis.
  • My dear sister, I want you to know today that you’re my heartbeat, everything I think of revolves around who you are to me. You’re more than just a sister.
  • Happiest of birthdays sister. Wishing you a wonderful day full of laughter and smiles.
  • I will be with you on your first birthday as a newlywed. I would love to attend it, to celebrate with my cute married sister.
  • I have many sweet memories, long fun time in my life. You are the person who shared these good moments with me. Thank you for all the happiness.
  • I think our crazy minds are enough to throw the craziest party today. You deserve it sis. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • While making your new hairstyle, try to count your hairs by unit. When you do that, you will know the number of our memories inside me. I love you, sis.
  • Dreams take people to amazing destination, and as you celebrate today, may your dreams take you through the glorious path to the land of fulfillment. Enjoy your birthday.
  • You’re not just a sister to me. You are my second mother who cared about me. Wishing you a birthday that would give you a part of the happiness I felt because of your kind efforts.
  • I’d never forget the times and events we have shared. I love you so much. Enjoy.
  • Having you as a sister is one of the best gifts God gave to me. Best Wishes, Sis!
  • May the most wonderful and the best things that life has to offer be yours as you clock another year today. Happy Birthday to the best sister.
  • Looking at the sky gives an impression about your presence in the life. You are like stars for me. An astonishing birthday to my amazing sister.
  • The cake represents your life. Cream is the sweet part. Chocolate is the best part. Candles are the life difficulties. So you burn the candles to erase all obstacles in your life. This birthday will be a new start for you.
  • My best wishes for the kind woman who did a lot for me. I always find you over my troubles. Have a birthday full of happiness.
  • Your engagement in lots of things makes me wonder how a woman can be so passionate about multitasking and yet achieve a lot. Keep enjoying on all sides.
  • Regardless the party events, I need to say that I will always be there for you, my little sister. We will always find each other to seek for bringing happiness for one another. Happy Birthday to you!
  • You make me laugh, although I’m very tired. You know how to make me talk while I don’t want. You are the cheery sister in my life. Have a nice birthday, sis.
  • May this birthday bring loads of fun for you and this year fulfill your dreams.
  • Despite all of our differences, it’s surprising that we could push through and become so good together. Enjoy your day. May your days be long on earth.
  • This heartfelt message from me goes to one of the most special hearts I have ever met. It will be absolutely for my only sister. Have a glorious birthday!
  • Oh my god. You are one more year older. I think I will present you a denture. :)
  • I lived alone till you came into this world. You filled my life with happiness and joy. Happy Birthday, little sister.
  • You are my favorite sister. I love you and wish you a wonderful birthday.
  • My sister is the kindest being, sent by God to earth, never have I ever seen, one with a pure heart. Virtuous like the celestial angels above. Have a good one loving sister. Enjoy your day.
  • You are an example for girls having good manners and quiet behavior towards most of their life events. You deserve to be called as the wise sister. Happy Birthday honey.
  • Regarding problems solving, you are brilliant. You bring happiness to all family members. All people love you.
  • I’m happy to be the shoulder you rely on over difficult moments. I’ll try to help you as you helped me throughout our life. I will share this birthday with you gladly. A cool birthday to my cool sister.
  • To me, you are the most beautiful lady I’ve known to date because beauty to me is what we possess on the inside that benefits our world. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister.
  • As you celebrate this golden age, I pray that all your days will be glorious as the sky in the morning.
  • Don’t utter. Sun rays begin to scatter. It doesn’t matter. Hold this cutter. Open the gift before watching Newsletter. You can share it on Twitter.
  • We get to make the greatest birthday for the best sister. May this day be a start to accomplish all what you hope.
  • The blind can see your kindness. The deaf can hear your warm heartbeat. All people love you once they get to know you. Happy Birthday, sis.
  • The way you make me feel is amazing, God sent you to this world and your contribution to my growth is unquestionable. Enjoy your special day to the fullest.
  • Don’t blow out the candles until I come. It’s your birthday and I’m so thrilled to be attending it. I love you, sis.
  • You always surprise me with things only an awesome sister can do. Love you and thank you so much. Happy Birthday, Sis.
  • People can take special places in our hearts but there is a spot for you, my amiable sister, you deserve to be called the good guardian. May you continue to shine.
  • When you are there, you bring out our advantages for being with us. We cherish you and are happy to share your birthday. Have a good one.
  • Every girl like you deserves a great interest. I wish you a new life full of happiness, riches and success. Somehow, I wish you a great complete life. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to you, my wonderful and rare sister, you are not only my sister by birth but through your genuine and emulable attitude. May God guide you jealously in all aspects of your life.
  • You defend me when dad is angry. You helped me to be the best one at school. You leave the work when I need you. You were always my shoulder to cry on. I appreciate all of that. Happy Birthday, my sis.
  • With all my heart, I can say: “You are the best friend for me besides being my sister”.
  • Although I was always angry with you and your talk, I know now how amazing it is to have a sister who gives useful advice to go on. I have never forgotten your favors and always appreciate them. I love you, sister.
  • Your sudden breakout in some aspects isn’t a surprise; I knew you had it within you all along. May God give you more room to explore your abilities. Happy Birthday, sister.
  • When you look at my eyes, I feel peace and safety. You are an amazing sister. I wish you a marvelous birthday.
  • You were the mother that did a lot for me. Without you, It would never have been easy to achieve the things that I have. It’s hard to imagine my life without you. I wish you an amazing birthday.
  • Everyone likes you because you have chosen to be friends with everyone that comes your way, what an attribute to possess. You always make people feel good, keep that up, sister.
  • Sis, You are awesome in every meaning of the word. Our parents are proud of you. You are my idol in the life. Happy Birthday!
  • This special day is made for you. These cakes are only for you. All gifts will be only for you. So enjoy every moment today.
  • This gorgeous girl has a birthday. Let’s all go celebrate. Oh my god, We forgot buying gifts. By finishing this message, everything will be okay. Best wishes for my dear sister.
  • We had played many times together. We watched many movies together. We laughed, quarreled and cried sometimes. I’m thankful for you because you were always my partner. Happy Birthday, my precious sister.
  • A nice cap for the girl who hates to be under the sunlight. Oh, I guess you are greedy enough to think I bought you a car. That’s in your dreams, sis. Happy Birthday!
  • I’ve always admired your kindness and nobility. May you continue to help us and be always by our side. Happy Birthday my cute sister. Enjoy!
  • I have lots of joy within me for having such an amazing human being as my sister. Your life is an example to emulate.
  • Happy Birthday, my twin, my soul mate, my only cute sister. I like you because you are the girl I can always rely on.
  • Hey sis, in this New Year, may the light in each new day make you always bright and the radiance of the Milky Way grants you repose on trying days. Happy Birthday sister.
  • There are several unmarked paths in life, they often lead to nowhere, let your imagination lead you until you reach a desired destination. A virtuous woman is what we want for you.
  • To the world maybe you are not some honored hero for posterity to revere, but to me you are the best companion and sister. Happy Birthday best friend and sister.
  • The only thing that I have always seen in you is a good person and a great human, no other person’s opinion can change that fact. May you have many more sis.

Nice Birthday Messages for Sister from Brother

  • It’s an honor for me to be your favorite brother. You are the most supportive sister in the world. I’m strong as long as you are in my life. Have a perfect birthday, my perfect sister.
  • Your way of life makes me feel honored to be your brother. A sister like you is rare to find. And I really appreciate all that you have done in our home. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday, sister.
  • Many sisters are only sisters for their brothers. You are one of girls who can take many names other than “sister”. I appreciate you.
  • Don’t be so happy for your birthday. It’s not excessively special as you expect. A message from your bad brother.
  • I will be always your support in the life. You can count on me in many things without hesitation. Love you, my nice little sister. Enjoy today.
  • We are not just brother and sister. We are real friends who can spread joy and happiness throughout each other’s lives. Be close to me. Happy Birthday, Sis.

Cute Birthday Greetings for my best friend sister

  • You are the sister that doesn’t share my home. We don’t share parents, but you are a real sister to me. You are close to my heart. You are the only one whom I can tell my deepest secrets. My family is proud that I have you in my life. Happy Birthday, my best friend and sister.
  • I knew you a few years ago, However, you have become a dear friend to me. We started as classmates then friends and now we are real sisters. I love you so much.
  • I’m blessed to know you in my life. The day I met you is one of my happiest days. Let’s celebrate your birthday. I love you.
  • You are the sister that needs to sleep beside me every day. You are my favorite one. Happy Bday, girl.
  • Don’t try to steal my makeup box to be beautiful on your birthday. Actually, you are cute without it. You feel that it’s flattering, I see that. Yeah, It’s real, Don’t take mine or I will hit you.
  • May your birthday be a passage from bad to good, misery to happiness, failure to success. I wish you an awesome Bday that brings you laughter and fun.
  • It’s the time to inspire you with my first birthday message. You are my soul mate.

A very big bunch of Happy Birthday Wishes and Cards for All

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