The Most Fantastic Birthday Wishes for Son

Celebrating someone as close as your son can be one of the greatest things you can ever experience. Birthdays come once every year but you can only turn a year older not younger in any lifetime. Son’s birthdays are important in that they remind you of the moment you met and fell in love with your spouse.

Happy Birthday to the coolest son. Best Wishes!

Send out a birthday message for your son, that speaks out what you really feel and mean with words never to be forgotten. Luckily, here are some wishes you can choose from for your son:

Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Son

  • I would never ask for a better son, your uniqueness gives us a lot of satisfaction. Happy Birthday, son!
  • You are always our little candle that lights up our way to the future. May you enjoy today!
  • May the joy I get from seeing you shine never end in my lifetime. Have a cool day, shining son.
  • A sweet birthday to the sweetest little hero in the world. I love you, honey.
  • From the little boy I knew to the young man you are now, I couldn’t be happier to be by your side. May you never lack the finest.
  • (For a married son) I hope your son grows up fast so he makes you proud as you did to me. A lovely birthday to my lovely son.
  • When you were born, there was a sense of eternal relief that rained down on me. May you be blessed all the days of your life.
  • Who could ever be so funny and stubborn at the same time except the son whom God has given me. Your life is beautiful to watch. Happy Birthday son!
  • Another celebration with you, this is surely a blessing to me, you’re the only man I look up to and the only man I’d direct. I love you.
  • When you were young, I told you to ask whatever you need, you ended up asking for a car at age 12. :D What a boy! Glad you now own a car. A marvelous birthday to my smart son.
  • (For elder son) You were always acting as a support for your siblings. You have been the first happiness in this home. Best wishes for my handsome boy.
  • I will say “Happy Birthday” after changing your diaper. Oh, you are not a kid anymore. Sorry!
  • Although you have made many troubles to neighbors, you are and will be always our naughty kid. Have the best birthday.
  • I promise to give you the best of everything my son, I will teach you, love you and cherish you.
  • Seeing a kid running and playing with their parents reminds me of us when I was carrying you and you insisted on running. Have a birthday full of cute memories.
  • We’ve been taking care of you since your birth, now you are 20, we’ll only take care of you for 5 more years and then, your turn to take care of us. Happy Birthday son!
  • To my only son, the only man I’m proud of and the man I raised, I’m proud to be a part of your life. May your wishes come true as you blow out these candles.
  • Dad and mom did a lot for you, but you did more for them. You are the best gift to us and your smile is enough to make us happy. May you have many more to come.
  • My best greetings to my cool son. Girls quarrel to talk to you. Take gifts from them and run away. A wonderful birthday to my son.
  • You were always dreaming of flying to the sky. I hope your dreams come true to fly in your future and do a great success in your life. Happy Bday!
  • Blessings and fantastic days to you, my little child.

Happy Birthday, Son!

  • When I see you all grown up, it brings tears of joy to my eyes, for I know you deserve the very best. You have a big heart, may it never shrink.
  • You are the treasure in my soul and you will grow up to be a very good husband because you understand me well even when your dad couldn’t. Happy Birthday to my dearest son.
  • You always make me happy, you always make me proud and you are the reason I’m glad today. Happy Birthday to you, may you out-live us all.
  • Another year passes, I’m so happy to see you grow in front of my eyes. Enjoy today honey.
  • Son, what comes fast goes away fast, so work hard for your needs. Have fun today.
  • Our friends always talk about your success. They make me feel pride in you. A special cake for my special son.
  • Save my card and add it to the other cards. One day, you will need to read them again and again to feel how much I love you. Happy Birthday, honey.
  • When you were a child, I loved your embrace. I found love and safety in it, although you were just a baby.
  • You are the reason behind my smile every morning and the reason I look forward to tomorrow, Have an unforgettable Bday, my boy!
  • What a fantastic day! It’s another year added to your age. Smile and enjoy, my lovely boy.
  • Today you won’t cry, you have balloons and cakes which can make you laugh all the time. An outstanding birthday to my cool son.
  • The day that you came into my life was the most wonderful day ever. Love you honey.
  • I’m the parent of the most amazing son in the world, you are royal, true and honest and I hope you grow older with those traits. My sincerest wishes.
  • The only one that I ask God to be better than me is you. You’re a precious boy.
  • Love is what some want, family is all that is ever important to others. I’m honored to have both and a wonderful son, whom we celebrate today. Happy Birthday dear son.
  • I look in your eyes and I see what you can become, but I don’t miss seeing what you are now, you are amazing and I love you so much son.
  • All parents pray for their children to grow up fast that they sometimes forget to live like they should. I’m glad you’re growing fast and I’m living fine too. Have fun.
  • I live in the life for only one purpose, do you know what’s that? I live only for you and for making a good person from you. Happy Birthday to you, baby!
  • The values of humanity that I could see in you makes me happy every time. You have grown up to be the son that I dreamt of having. You always deserve the best celebrations.
  • This is my ultimate blessing; Lord brought such an amazing person into my life. Happy Birthday my great son!!
  • My life lacked joy for a long time, but joy returned to me the day we gave birth to you. As I celebrate you, I celebrate my joy.
  • As you are a year older today, may the blessings that you’ve always desired for, come running at you. Enjoy your wonderful day!
  • I love my car so much, but now that you are 20, I guess I must love it less because you’ll need to drive it. Happy 20th birthday to my good boy.
  • I may not be worth looking up to, but you are worth being proud of, I love you son. Have a unique birthday!
  • The life of every child is important to every parent and thank God you’ve grown up living a good life. Enjoy your special day.
  • Special children are given by God to any parent, doesn’t matter the background or the location. I’m happy I have one of those special kids God dropped few years ago. Love you!
  • I would do just anything for you, I will never harm you, I will protect you, provide for you and get you what I can. Enjoy your Bday with us.
  • Few kids are really like you, you love to do things your colleagues wouldn’t do at home, like all those house chores. I’m really glad with the way you’re developing. Happy Birthday son!
  • You are an amazing young man and anyone with eyes can tell that you will be among the best, so have the best birthday.
  • Every parent loves a son that will make them proud every time, and I’m really a lucky parent, because you do that even when I don’t ask for it. Throw the best party, you deserve it.
  • Every good son is the pride of his father, I’m happy to have you as a son, you always make me proud. Happy Birthday to my precious son.
  • If I was half of what you are, I would really be proud of myself. You are the most amazing person I know of and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. I love you son.
  • My son, you came to this life for a reason. Don’t leave without knowing it and working hard for it. Happy Birthday, my lovely son.
  • Every opportunity I get to spend with you is important to me because you have a really bright mind and I hope you keep it that way. Happy Birthday bright son!
  • Today I raise a glass to the birthday of the most important man in my life.
  • It’s time to take that much deserved break and enjoy your birthday son. You are a fine young man and I’m proud to be part of your day.
  • Best wishes on your birthday! I hope it’s the happiest day for you.
  • My son is turning 13!! WOW! You finally did it. Time to get ready to be a naughty teenager.
  • My son, take heed to my word, the life you wanna have is at your fingertips, never relent in trying. Keep taking actions towards it, but don’t forget to have fun.
  • Best wishes for the child that will be the best man in the future. Your parents feel honored since the first day they knew they’d have you.
  • The only reason why we have underachievers is because we have people who give up easily, don’t ever be like that and keep trying. Happy Birthday son. You’re cherished and loved.
  • Your life is a few distance from being perfect. Sweep away some stuffs and burn them as chaff and you’ll be amazed. Happy Birthday my precious son.
  • I hope that starting from today, you’ll never be the same again, because the glory of God will fill every space and void in your life. Enjoy your day of glory.
  • Today all of my mind is with you son, and I pray for you that no mischief will ever come nigh you, because you’re a special guy. Have lots of fun.
  • I don’t want you to be anything like me my son, I want you to be better than me, be the man they all see and look up to. I love you, Happy Birthday!!

From Mother

Helpful ways for a mother to wish her son a happy birthday, you can also check this list of birthday wishes for a son from his mother.

  • You are the most important man in my life, you made me a proud mother and all I can wish you is an amazing celebration, may all your wishes come true.
  • Sending you lots of little kisses to fit your cute face. Enjoy your celebration baby.
  • Your birthday reminds me of when we dressed you up in a girl’s dress. This makes me laugh. Oh, don’t be sad. :)
  • Take your balloon & write your name and your mother’s on it. Don’t forget to type: I love you, mommy. :)
  • I will choose a cute girl for you to marry, but this will be after giving me my cake slice. Happy Birthday, cute son.
  • In your daddy’s absence, you get his place and act like a responsible one. I love you, my dear son.
  • To a precious son, I can’t forget moments when you find it difficult to sleep at night only because you needed mom’s cuddling. :) I always got you. :) Happy Birthday mom’s pet.
  • My friend’s daughter admires you. Wait her gift for your birthday and don’t let her kiss you. Have fun baby.
  • All sing, It’s my naughty son’s birthday. My warm wishes for the boy who was always breaking the kitchen utensils.
  • I’m your mother who cares about you, but you are my all especially when you smile. Happy Birthday.
  • No feeling can be stronger than that of a mother to her son, you changed my world when you came into it. Happy Birthday son, I love you forever.

From Dad

Here are some messages specifically from a dad, if you want a better message, you can also read these ones.

  • The joy of every father is to have a son that looks so much like him and perhaps better. I’m glad because you are very handsome just like me. :) Happy Birthday son.
  • I’ve been waiting for many years. I thought that you won’t come to my life, so my love for you is unbelievable. Have an incredible birthday.
  • Live your life with a goal. Don’t live it like a coincidence and do your best to reach your goal. The best birthday to the best son.
  • When you have a target, put a plan to reach it and know that you will do it gradually. Be motivated. Happy Birthday cool son.
  • I love you more than you can imagine and I want you to be a useful person to the society. Happy Bday son.
  • You turning 20 is really a great news for your mom and me, because that means less trouble and more maturity, I hope I’m right. :) Happy Birthday son.
  • Listen, we all have the energy to work, but some use it for good purposes and others in bad ones. Use your energy in a useful thing. Happy Birthday to my son.
  • You are the light that illuminates our life and makes us happy. Do that on your special day as well. Happy Birthday dude!
  • Time is like money so exploit your time in precious things you will be proud of finishing them. Happy Birthday to you.
  • We make the future by what we choose to do right now. Build your future well from now. Happy Birthday, son.
  • I was always your support in this life, it’s your time now to be mine. Happy Birthday my little man.
  • You couldn’t say “papa” 10 years ago, now you can play football like mini Ronaldo. Happy Birthday to my strong son.

If you have a stepson, you can check this unique list of birthday wishes for stepson.

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