Birthday Wishes for Daughter

 Everyone tries to find peace with others by strengthening relations in different occasions. Parents start readiness to choose the marvelous words that will please their daughters on their birthday. Nice wishes can be the perfect way to draw the smile on your little daughter’s face. Daughters wait their birthdays to feel their parents’ interest. They love to know daddy’s happy face and mommy’s kind emotions. Today, we will motivate the daughter to get her place among the wide range of birthday messages. Mothers and fathers need to be helped to reach the hearts of their daughters. This day should be memorable for all persons. As parents are always busy, so they’ll find some time difficulties to write a special card. You should try to plant this day in your daughter’s memory. You can reciprocate life events between you and your daughter. You can prepare breakfast this day by your hand to her. You can carry her to wake up fast for party stuff. You can spend some of your time to play with her. Finally, you can pick out one line of letters that can be enough to make this day wonderful. Here are many different styles to say Happy Birthday to your child:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughters

  • I wish you a Happy Birthday, my lovely daughter. I hope you celebrate for many coming years with your friends and loved ones. You will always be my beautiful princess.
  • Hey baby girl. Happy Birthday! You didn’t think we would forget this day, did you? Never. Let’s celebrate!
  • Happy Birthday my daughter. You grow more beautiful by the day and each year is a blessing. Enjoy this day. Being young doesn’t last forever.
  • May your dreams come true and may your birthday be full of joy and excitement. Happy Birthday, my daughter.
  • Give me a daughter and I give you the world. That’s what I said to your mother one day. Happy Birthday my world.
  • Happy Birthday to my shadow that shows my picture in my eyes.
  • After our marriage, you came to the life to complete our happiness. Your dad and mom are proud of you. Have a great birthday.


  • Although I didn’t give birth, you are a real daughter for me. Happy Birthday, daughter.
  • Happy Birthday to the angel that God has given to me. You are my blessing.
  • To my lovely daughter, I want you to know that we love you immensely. We all have our ups and downs but no one can say we don’t stick together. Happy Birthday.
  • It’s my wish that you get to taste the different varieties of life but still keep it humble. It is not easy to say that but we have to remember where we come from. Happy Birthday.
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  • Your parents faced some difficulties in their life. They try to keep you away of these obstacles in the life. Wishing you a very amazing birthday.
  • Sweet smile, simple word, innocent look. This’s my beautiful girl. Happy Birthday, sweetie!
  • You are my little copy in this world. Have a great birthday.


  • Continue in your success and do your best. We will always be here for you. Happy Bday.
  • Happy Birthday, daughter. Wishing you a new year full of optimism and happiness. I love to see you grow in front of my eyes. Happy B-day, sweetheart!
  • Wow! Another year and another birthday. You are growing up too fast! Such is life. Happy Birthday my daughter. You are a true gem.
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  • Have a great birthday full of candles blown out and chocolate in the tummy. :) It’s just a joke. Happy Birthday.
  • Don’t ever forget the valuable lessons we have taught you over the years. They are instrumental to a great life. Happy Birthday my daughter.
  • You are the bottle that I fill with love and kindness to drink pleasure and pride at the end. Happy B-day, daughter.


  • Happy Birthday! As parents to a lovely daughter, we want you to know that we will always be here for you. This is a promise.
  • You are the apple all try to reach. I’m the person that will eat you at the end. Happy Birthday, sweet girl.
  • When you were little, you used to cry for the littlest slights. You would have such a glare that would make us laugh so much. Happy Birthday you little crybaby.
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  • All love and respect will be just for the girl that made people utter my name because I’m her father. Happy Birthday, my precious girl.
  • I would never know what to do without you in my life. Happy Birthday my daughter. You have been such a blessing since day one.
  • I try to find joy and laughter. I can watch Harry Potter. Today, I will be a balloon shooter. Happy Birthday, daughter.

Happy Birthday, my girl

  • Ever since you were brought into this family, things have been wildly fun and surprisingly tame. I couldn’t thank you enough for something like that. Happy Birthday baby.
  • You supported me in my illness moments. You were my sister in my despair times. You took the place of elder daughter among her sisters. I get relieved when I tell you my life stories. I wish you a great day. Happy Birthday, my cute daughter.
  • There is one thing that needs to be done today. And that is to make an awesome celebration out of your birthday! Happy Birthday my daughter!
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  • Holding a pen reminds me of your childhood when you loved learning. Now, you can teach us many precious things. Happy Birthday, honey.
  • I know that you say we are annoying and that we drive you crazy. But that’s what parents are for. Happy Birthday our lovely daughter! Never forget that we love you.
  • Every time I watch TV, I remember you sitting next to me. Have a birthday full of pleasure and fun.


  • This is going to be an awesome celebration as we have everything planned out for our little princess. Don’t you forget this day as everyone will be there for you!
  • People get proud of us when they know that you’re our daughter. You are our honor in the life. Happy Birthday, daughter.
  • I look forward to this day as this is the day a gift was brought to us. Happy Birthday baby girl. I can’t ever give a gift like the one you gave us.
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  • Don’t play outside the home. Don’t play with matches. Don’t be sad from me. Happy Birthday, my daughter.
  • Your style of care-taking makes us more excited even the smallest needs. We are so proud to have a great and sensible daughter. Have a great birthday, sweetie.
  • I wait your birthday to celebrate with my flower that grows up in my garden. When I irrigate it with tenderness, It surprises me with its essence. Happy Birthday, my flower.


  • Love to see you when you get worried about me. Your sense of responsibility is amazing. Happy Birthday, sweet daughter.
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  • When you were born, I loved to see your smile to smile with you. I feed you to feel replete. Your clothes make me feel warm. I get happy when I see you happy. I feel what you feel. Happy Birthday, Girl.
  • Show your humanity every time as it is the first exam of truly devoted person. Wish you good luck in your life, my dear daughter.
  • We gave you our kindness. We planted the good feelings in your heart. You are now neutralizing that and give us the feelings that we need. Happy Birthday, my daughter.
  • Never make your pride affect you, keep hardworking and let the success make the noise. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, my honey daughter.
  • You came to the life crying. We received you with a great smile. You were staring by kiddy witty eyes. Your eyes told us that we will be parents for the most beautiful angel. From mother and father, Happy B’day.


  • Be humble in any case; the best way to earn respect at every step of life. Happy Birthday, love.
  • Might the success make you proud but the failures make you so humble and kind. All my prayers are with you, wherever you live, stay blessed. Happy Birthday, my daughter.
  • Your beautiful smile is the source of our living. Happy Birthday, my beautiful daughter.
  • Roses are red, Colors are bright, waiting the day when my dear daughter will become a bride. Happy Birthday, my child. May God secure you.
  • You are the brightest part of our lives. We are so glad that God has bestowed such a beautiful doll at our home. Happy Birthday, my honey boney.
  • May all your wishes and dreams come true, may you find your dreamy boy, may the star of your fortune be always bright. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, my lovely daughter.
  • Daughters are the best gift of god, I’m so lucky to have a daughter who is no lesser than an angel. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • When you tease me, play with me, hug me, they are the most wonderful feelings I feel. Wish you good luck and Happy Birthday, my lovely daughter.
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  • Keep yourself silent and humble, it will increase your value as coins make noise but not paper money. Happy Birthday!
  • Contentment is the wealth of nature and you are my best source of contentment. Happy Birthday, my lovely daughter.
  • You are sweeter than sweets, brighter than stars, more beautiful than roses. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, my love, my world, my daughter.
  • Just stick to your dreams, only braves and hard workers can transform their dreams into reality. All best wishes and Happy Birthday.
  • In the circle of life, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn and sometimes you lose. But don’t worry, good times reduce the pain of every bad time. Have a wonderful day, Happy Birthday.
  • Life becomes more beautiful if you have a caring, loving, and humble daughter in your life. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, my dear daughter.
  • Happiness cannot be bought, it is born – you are the true happiness of my life. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, my precious diamond. Everything is worthless without you.
  • There is a reason for this celebration; my daughter has completed one year of her life. Happy Birthday.
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  • I want to achieve many accomplishments for you that I couldn’t make for me. Happy Birthday, my only daughter.
  • Never be worried about the mishaps of life, be bold and face it, they are just ash. Happy Birthday, my daughter.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl that brightens my life every moment I live. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
  • You are the best symbol of your parents’ love, may God bless you. Happy Birthday, my dear daughter.
  • May your time be full of vitality. May your day be full of laughter. You are my jewel in the life. Happy Bday.
  • Here are 24 hours of joy, happiness and love. Today, you can say goodbye to chores. Happy Birthday, my little daughter.
  • Full of life, spirit full, energetic, expressive, lively. I feel proud to have a smart and intelligent daughter. Happy Birthday.
  • I always see you with my heart. Eyes only reflect your face. From heart to heart, I love you. Happy Birthday, my daughter.
  • Thank you so much, my daughter for making my dream come true. Happy Birthday.
  • Whatever I give to you, all gifts won’t be enough for my love to you. Happy Birthday, my daughter. I wait to see you more successful next year.
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  • Never worry about any mishap, your papa is at your back. Happy Birthday, my sweetest daughter.
  • One candle has been blown out. Waiting for the candle #100. Happy Birthday, daughter.
  • I have a fear of everyone looks at you. I hope to be the one who sees your beauty. Happy Birthday, my darling.
  • It’s an honor for me to see my only daughter grow up. I’m happy to see you achieve your dreams and ambitions. It’s nice to see you defeat your competitors in your progress way. You deserve a lot from me on your birthday. Let’s make it fantastic.
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  • You make me worried about you while being at the school. You make me afraid to see you hurt or sad one day. I hope you are always in good health, honey. Happy Birthday, my precious daughter!
  • WOW! I have the most wonderful daughter in every way, so let’s throw the most wonderful party ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Oh! It’s another year to spend with my cute daughter, I’m so excited. Wishing you a birthday as cute as you are.
  • How lucky I’m to blow out the candles again with you! MY KISSES.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad

  • Happy Birthday for the girl that will still be a young child. This girl that loves lollipops and ride bikes with the other kids. Happy Birthday to the young girl that needs more time to get ready to be a wise wife. It was a stupid message from a hard father. Happy Birthday, my daughter.
  • Happy Birthday! Hopefully you won’t forget your old man as you get older my daughter. I would miss you. Enjoy this day my love.
  • Every time I open the fridge, I remember you. You were running fast next to my legs to see the food inside it. You loved to feel the cold air. When it rains, you run to get raindrops on your face. I have all of your memories. Happy Birthday, my cute daughter.
  • I bet you didn’t know that we had this awesome party planned for you baby girl. Happy Birthday my daughter! You will always be daddy’s little angel.
  • Your childhood made many troubles for me with neighbors. However, I was very happy with your vitality in walking. I never forget the moment when you very hardly walked on your feet for the first time. You are the precious daughter. Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad
  • I didn’t know what to expect when I became your dad. And feel so much love for you for was not expected but gradually wanted. I could never be happier with you. Happy Birthday my daughter.
  • You could have finished your homework before starting the party. Don’t be surprised, It’s your dad. Happy Birthday, cute girl.
  • I believe in you. I cherish being your dad. All family members should be thankful for you. You were always a helpful girl. Do me a favor and let me make a great surprise on your birthday. Happy Birthday, daughter.
  • You cried many times while we are standing in some toy stores. You always insisted choosing a certain toy when you were young. I was unable to say “NO” to you. I always loved to see you smile all the time. All toys and all love are just for you. Happy Birthday my daughter.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

  • I tried to be the perfect mom for you. I’m not sure if I was that, But I’m sure you’re the perfect daughter. Happy Birthday.
  • Mommy always said that this baby girl would become such an amazing woman. I had no idea how right I would be. Happy Birthday my daughter.
  • I won’t forget your innocent look that’s full of fear when you do a mistake. Before my reproach, I loved to hug you while you are afraid. So, today, you will get all hugs and happiness without mistakes. Happy Birthday, daughter.
  • Your day is my day. I’m proud to be your mom. With time, you become more beautiful and I also do by looking at your eyes all the time. Happy Birthday, my little girl.
  • People always talk about the mother bestowal for her sons. They don’t know the great bestowal of hope and happiness the daughters can give. My happiness for you while you’re getting lovelier and more beautiful with time will be enough. Happy Birthday, my prizewinner.
  • You become sweeter with time and your fans number increases. I’m afraid that They will share your love with me though I wait to see you the best bride. Happy Birthday, my little sweetie.

Birthday wishes for daughter

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